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Updated on 2023-04-13


SunGrid Solar is a family business and a leader in the solar industry. The company is located in Irvine, California and provides solar services and products. They’ve been in business since 2017. SunGrid Solar offers many different solar options for people that would like to improve their energy situations, production, and usage.

SunGrid Solar provides services to residential and commercial customers. One of their goals is to help people save money while getting life-changing solar products in the process. They are experienced in the field of solar and have completed over a thousand installations. And they make it a point to provide excellent service to the people and businesses that they assist.



SunGrid Solar Services and Features

SunGrid Solar Products

SunGrid Solar offers a variety of effective products and services for renewable energy:


Solar Installation: SunGrid Solar can install solar products on the roof or on the ground, depending on the customer’s needs or preferences. They can also install solar on different types of roofs as well.


Solar Batteries: Having a solar battery can allow you to have a backup source of energy when you need it. The battery options that SunGrid Solar provide are less noisy and safer than some other energy backup alternatives.


Roofing: Problems with roofing can make things like home temperature harder to manage. SunGrid Solar can install metal, shingle, EPDM and tile roofing.


Solar Carports: Solar carports can help keep cars shaded and protected from the heat of the sun. This solar company can design and engineer solar carports to fit your needs.


System Monitoring: SunGrid Solar can also provide monitoring of your solar system production and can send reports every month so that you are informed about your system’s performance.


Orange County solar professionals from SunGrid Solar can come out and install a quality solar product to address your unique energy needs. They service areas including San Diego, Los Angeles, Kern County, and some other surrounding areas.



SunGrid Solar Cost and Process

SunGrid Solar Costs

SunGrid Solar shows customers how they can reduce their electric bills. SunGrid Solar also makes trying their services out affordable, so that people can get started with them with little to no money. SunGrid Solar also provides financing and allows customers to make payments on products – making it a lot easier for people to get the services that can improve the way that they live. 

SunGrid Solar simplifies the process from start to finish. The company offers people a free evaluation and quote, so that they can be on their way to enjoying their new system. The process can take anywhere from about 30 to 45 days. And they walk customers through every step of the process – from consultation, all the way to installation and inspection. The company will also work with people to find solutions that work best for them. They will also help people to come up with a plan for figuring out the right route to take when it comes to getting solar equipment installed.


SunGrid Solar Legitimacy

SunGrid Solar is a legitimate solar power company

  • The company is registered in California.
  • They are accredited by the BBB and have an A+ rating.
  • SunGrid Solar is licensed in the state of California.
  • SunGrid Solar offers good communication and makes it easy to get in contact with them. They have contact details such as a phone number and a contact form on their website. They also have a presence on various social media sites – allowing more chances to connect with them.
  • SunGrid Solar is verified across multiple platforms, including being verified by Yelp.


SunGrid Solar Maintenance

SunGrid has a 25-year warranty for their products. They make things as easy as possible for people as they make their way to getting solar. Building trust through communication is an important part of their process as well. SunGrid Solar can be available to help customers before, during, and after any services are provided.

People have had very good things to say about SunGrid Solar. One review mentioned that the company was very responsive. The speed with which the company acted was also a highlight. Also, the services of SunGrid Solar are recommended by some of the people that have had a chance to work with them. A lot of people that reviewed their services seemed impressed with the company.


The SolarEmpower View

SunGrid Solar excel in nearly all of the important aspects of solar service and offer superior performance as well, with great reviews to match.



Company Contact Details:

Phone: 949-309-2453

Address: 18271 W McDurmott, Suite E., Irvine, CA 92614

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is SunGrid Solar trustworthy?

Yes, SunGrid Solar is a trustworthy company. They are legitimate, transparent, and are well-known as being a trusted provider of solar products.

Do SunGrid Solar offer a good service?

Yes, in our opinion SunGrid Solar offer a great service.

SunGrid Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

CSLB 1037212

18271 W McDurmott, Suite E
Irvine, CA

SunGrid Solar User Reviews

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April 1, 2023
I appreciate working with a…
I appreciate working with a small business / local firm. However, there were growing pains and difficulties that took persistent communication to be addressed, and they were! Do you your homework, ask lots of questions and research. Aaron was excellent as our representative during the estimate and did not over sell or push a sale. The technicians were attentive and performed well, Enfase customer service was excellent. Ask for additional panel placement options before you make a decision, a clear scope of work and timeline. Look for consistency in individual panel output. If there is any variation in output per panel, have it addressed right away. We had panels and microinveter with issues at installation that needed to be replaced.
Dan Cooper
Dan Cooper
March 22, 2023
I am having the same…
I am having the same problems as the other review on here. No one is answering my call and my funding is about to get cut.
Kristina Renee
Kristina Renee
March 13, 2023
I would like to personally…
I would like to personally thank two individuals that were key in my solar and roof project - specifically Gavin (Energy Specialist) and Drea (who was on top of operations and final permit to operate). Considering we were able to get both a complete re-roof AND solar in between our record rains in Los Angeles is impressive. Once the reroof and solar was complete, it took Edison about 2-3 weeks to provide Notice to Operate. The timing of the process was reasonable.

I appreciate the professionalism and having a specific contact walk through the process with me from signing the docs to the completion of the project. This personalized attention helped understand the process.

I did wait to write this review until I received my first electric bill after installation. I am excited to share that the solar is working perfectly and with my very first electric bill, it is so awesome to see credits instead of charges on my electric bill!

Finally, the best incentive to combine my reroof, solar project and EV Charger together as all part of the basis for the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Increased home value and decreased costs is a win!
Trojan Alum
Trojan Alum
February 25, 2023
2/25/23 – I would like…
2/25/23 - I would like to raise the stars on this review, but nobody at this company is helping... I started my project in August of 2022 and paid the deposit. Five months later, I am still waiting the project to start. Lately, nobody is answering my call or text. What is going on here?
Brian W
Brian W
June 28, 2022
Great installers. The company made…
Great installers. The company made sure that I was happy with the final outcome and they lived up to every promise.
George White Sponsorship
George White Sponsorship
June 23, 2022
Thank you for supporting our…
Thank you for supporting our community! Happy to work with Sungrid Solar for many years to come!
Ninred Lopez
Ninred Lopez
June 15, 2022
Andrew was great and very…
Andrew was great and very responsive. Every time I reached out to him, things got done fast and effective. Made sure I was satisfied with the service. I recommended to my sister in law and we both now have SunGrid Solar. Definitely a must.
Frank Jimenez
Frank Jimenez
April 18, 2022
The whole process was fast….
The whole process was fast. The crew came out and installed my panels and were very clean. They didnt leave any trash laying around, very professional. The city came out shortly after and signed off on the installation. At that point it was 3 days of waiting for Edison to grant permission to operate. Once that was completed i was able to hit the breaker and start generating power. Thanks Sungrid Solar for helping me!

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