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Updated on 2023-01-31

Steiner’s Solar LLC Overview

Steiner’s Solar LLC is a small company specializing in providing solar solutions. Founded in 1981 in Sacramento, California, United States, it has carried out thousands of solar installation and maintenance services across the state, making it one of the most experienced solar installation companies in California. The company currently has a staff strength of between 30 and 50 employees and annual revenue of five to nine million dollars (USD). 


Steiner’s Solar provides solar system installation services to residential and commercial properties throughout Sacramento and Northern California. They are also experienced in the installation of solar pool systems, a service they took on in 1995. Most customer reviews maintain that their cost is quite reasonable. Some other reviews also lauded their customer service responsiveness.



Steiner’s Solar Services and Specifics

Solar Panels offered by Steiner’s Solar

The company doesn’t state the exact solar panels it uses for its installations. However, it makes it clear that it uses the best equipment and offers custom installations to meet the specific needs and requirements of its various customers. 


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Residential Solar: The provision of solar electric PV systems to residential homes probably ranks among the company’s earliest services. Over the years, the company has installed thousands of residential PV systems all over Sacramento and Northern California. 


Commercial Solar: The Company’s solar system installation services aren’t confined to just residential properties. Several medium and small-sized businesses have benefited from their services. These include hotels, schools, restaurants, etc. 


Pool Solar Systems: Although it is pretty similar to solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, pool solar systems are different in purpose and design. Unlike the solar PV system, which channels solar energy towards the provision of electricity in buildings, the pool solar system channels solar energy toward heating a pool of water. The company stands out as one of the biggest installers of solar pool systems in Northern California and Sacramento and has been installing many pool solar systems since 1995. 


Rooftop mount: Rooftop mount solar panel installation is common in most parts of the world. Most customers who desire to get any sort of solar system would likely opt for this option. Since the company began operating in the 1980s, it has overseen thousands of rooftop installations and prides itself in ensuring the long life of customers’ collectors and roofs. It claims that it uses its custom-manufactured and designed no-holes brackets to prevent roof penetrations. 


Ground mount: Ground mount is another common solar panel placement option in installing solar systems. Given Steiner’s Solar’s adoption of a custom-tailored approach to meeting customers’ specific requirements, the ground mount approach may be ideal for meeting the unique needs of certain customers. 


Grid-tied solar system: The grid-tied option may be most preferred for certain customers, depending on their specific needs. For instance, customers in smaller homes or urban areas may prefer grid-tied solar. 


Off-grid solar system: As the direct alternative to a grid-tied solar power system, the off-grid system can be ideal for meeting the needs of certain customers. It’s an option available to all potential customers of Steiner’s Solar. 



Installation Costs and Process


Steiner’s solar hasn’t publicly declared the cost of its services. However, going by customer reviews indicate that its price ranges from very competitive (low cost) to mid-range. Most reviews conclude that the company’s pricing is worth the quality of service it offers.



Steiner’s Solar is believed to be legitimate for the following reasons:

The company is incorporated in California with license numbers 887507 and 647341.
It has its contact information (phone number, email, and address) posted on its website and all its profile pages online.
The company has been in business for over forty years and has built a reputation in Sacramento and Northern California.
It currently has over forty 5-star reviews across several review platforms.
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While previous customers laud Steiner’s Solar for the cost-worthy value of its services, the company doesn’t state if it offers any form of warranty. Perhaps, some warranty would come with the purchase of solar panels (since most solar panel manufacturers offer customers 20 to 25 years warranty on their products). However, we can’t be absolutely sure of this since the company doesn’t expressly state it. 


Many of the five-star customer reviews on the company highlighted the responsiveness of the company’s customer service operations. Some others expressly stated that the customer service officials were very professional and knowledgeable. A few reviews also lauded the installation team for their punctuality. 


Steiner’s Solar currently offers a promo package tagged “refer a friend & receive $200.” This package makes anyone eligible to receive a $200 cash offer for every customer they refer to purchase any of the company’s installation services. Interested participants can get involved in this promo by downloading the promo form on the company’s website.



The SolarEmpower View

Having been operating for over forty years, Steiner’s Solar is probably one of the most experienced solar installation companies in the state of California. The company, however, doesn’t have the reputation and certifications that one would expect from a company that has existed for that long. Nevertheless, the 5-star customer reviews and ratings from its previous customers, among other factors, lend some credence to Steiner’s Solar’s image.

💲Cost 6/10 ✅Legitimacy 6/10
⭐Quality 7/10 📞Customer Service 7/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar

Service Areas

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Does Steiner’s Solar provide good service?

Yes. It’s reasonable to believe that they provide good service, going by the reviews from their previous customers.

How long has Steiner’s Solar been in operation?

Steiner’s Solar has been in operation since 1981. This makes it forty-one years since the company has been in operation.

Will Steiner’s Solar provide proper maintenance?

Steiner’s Solar doesn’t say much about its maintenance services. However, it’s reasonable to believe that they provide good maintenance services, going by the top quality of their installation services and good customer care services.

Steiner’s Solar operates in which states?

Steiner’s Solar operates in the state of California, but its services are confined to Northern California and Sacramento.

Steiners Solar Service Solar Details

Licensing Information

CA License #887507

9900 Firstone Drive
Sacramento CA

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