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Southface Energy LLC Overview:

Southface Solar & Electric is a solar company located in Phoenix, Arizona. This small company was founded in 2008 and has grown to become one of the leaders of designing, engineering and installing solar products in the state of Arizona.


Southface Solar & Electric services both residential and business customers. This company takes pride in offering excellent customer service throughout every phase of the process. SouthFace Solar also aspires to offer low costs while providing high quality results at the same time.



Southface Solar & Electric Services and Features: 

Southface Solar & Electric Products: 

Southface Solar & Electric features a lot of useful and critical energy products and services:

Solar Systems and Installation: Southface Solar & Electric can install grid-tied solar systems, as well as off-grid solar systems. The grid-tied solar systems include solar panels, an inverter, and an interconnection meter. The off-grid solar systems come with solar panels, an inverter and a storage bank.

Solar Batteries: Solar batteries store energy for both immediate and later use. These backup systems can be a necessity during emergencies or other times when there are problems with power.

Generators: Some of the generators Southface Solar & Electric offer range anywhere from 1 kilowatt to 20 kilowatts and higher – depending on factors such as size and quality. Brands of generators include Generac and Kohler – among others.

Energy Monitoring: Southface Solar & Electric provides monitoring of energy production and usage – allowing customers to keep track of solar production from their computer or smartphone as it occurs.


Southface Solar & Electric offers a great selection of products and services for people to choose from. And Phoenix installers with Southface Solar & Electric service the whole state of Arizona – expanding their products and services to places within the state that need it most.


Southface Solar & Electric Costs:  

Southface Solar & Electric recognizes the importance of saving money when it comes to solar installation. They place emphasis on helping people lower their bills while still getting the energy and power that they need. Furthermore, customers get a great return on the investment made on the solar systems that they have installed. Southface Solar & Electric also has a process where they calculate the cost of solar panels by using information such as a utility bill and service provider. Southface Solar & Electric also offers multiple financing options for residential customers – making getting the solar products that they need much more possible and within reach to accomplish.

Southface Solar & Electric offers a free analysis for customers to get started. An expert from the company will come out and give customers an evaluation to see how to best address their energy needs. During consultations, solar experts address questions that customers may have. They also give customers a customized solution to ensure the best outcome possible.


Southface Solar & Electric Legitimacy: 

Southface Solar & Electric seems to be a legitimate solar company:

  • Although we couldn’t find much info on registration or licensing of the company, there were other things that contribute to their legitimacy.
  • Southface Solar & Electric has multiple good reviews from satisfied customers about their services and products.
  • They’ve serviced many customers over the years.
  • Southface Solar & Electric also makes communication easy and maintains great communication throughout the process so that customers are fully informed.
  • Southface Solar & Electric has an address, phone, and email where they can be reached at.


Southface Solar & Electric Maintenance: 

One of the highlights that customers had with their experience was that Southface Solar & Electric was friendly and professional. 

There were a few negative reviews that critiqued things including customer service and problems with installation. However, many customers seemed pleased with Southface Solar & Electric and recommended using their services. 
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Southface Solar & Electric is detailed when it comes to not only the function of the products but aesthetics as well. Southface Solar & Electric helps people not only before and during the solar installation process, but also looks forward to assisting them with future energy needs whenever they may arise.


Southface Solar & Electric is also continually working on improving and bettering experiences for people. This company is focused on creating a good experience well after the installation and service has been provided. Furthermore, they make sure that customers continue to have monitoring of systems that they’ve installed for as long as the systems last. 


Their energy systems also offer little to no maintenance – making them a prime choice among solar products. The quality of work that Southface Solar & Electric produces is high quality. They also offer a 25-year warranty on solar panels.



The SolarEmpower View

Southface Solar & Electric is dedicated to providing customers with a great installation experience – along with the savings to make the experience even better. Thus, this would be a good solar company to try for your energy needs.


Company Contact Details:

Address: 2122 W. Lone Cactus Dr., Suite 4 Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone:  480-636-1800

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Is Southface Solar & Electric trustworthy?

Southface Solar & Electric has experts that are knowledgeable with many years of experience. And they have a track record of providing superior service to many customers. Therefore, Southface Solar & Electric seems to be trustworthy.

Is Southface Solar & Electric good to work for?

We found one review that was mostly good and had good things to say about the pay and friendliness of the other workers. But the reviewer also says that there was trouble with being paid for travel time. As such, it seems as if Southface Solar & Electric could be a good place to work, however all of the ins and outs should be reviewed before working for this company.

Can I cancel a contract with Southface Solar & Electric?

There wasn’t any information that we could find about how Southface Solar & Electric handles contracts. Thus, inquiring about whether or not contracts with this company can be canceled would be the way to go.

Southface Solar Electric Solar Details

Licensing Information


2122 w lone cactus dr
Phoenix AZ

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