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Updated on 2023-06-14


Solshine Energy is a small enterprise that provides a full-service of electrical and solar electric contracting services for homes and businesses based in Roanoke and the New River Valley of Virginia. Solshine Energy was founded in 2010. The team consists of 6 employees and generates less than $5 million in revenue.   

The company caters to homes and businesses by providing renewable energy as well as electrical contracting services like residential wiring, service upgrades, and troubleshooting and repairs. Solshine Energy has earned high praise from its customers in Virginia for its quality of work, installations, service, professionalism, and reasonable prices. In addition, they received a 5-star rating from the customer reviews. 

Solshine Energy Alternatives services and features:

Solshine Energy View Products:

Our company specializes in Portable Solar Electric Generators, Small-Scale Photovoltaic (Solar Electric) Installations, Solar Electric Installations, and Residential Electrical. 

We offer small and large-scale photovoltaic installations as well as consultation services for homeowners who would like to do the installation themselves, upgrading any existing installation and site analysis to ensure the home is suitable for solar electric systems. Solshine Energy offers: 

Solar Installations 

We offer the design and installation of photovoltaic systems that can be grid-tied, grid-tied with a battery backup, or off-grid. 

Solar Consultations 

Solshine Energy offers consulting services for homeowners who want to install solar power in their homes so that the photovoltaic system is designed and installed to meet the safety and code requirements. 

Smart Home Technology 

Smart home products can monitor a condition in your home or change the environment. The element that makes the products “smart” is the web or network connectivity that controls them remotely. This service includes: 

  • The Smart Home Hub and Voice Assistants
  • Climate-Control Thermostats 
  • Lighting 
  • Smart Plugs
  • Security 
  • Smart gardens
  • Appliances 

Solshine Energy Costs:

The module installation price is less than $0.75 a watt, and many homeowners qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit until December 2022. 

Customers have reflected in reviews that the prices have been very fair with no additional charges due to unforeseen challenges.

Solshine Energy offers two types of loans through third-party lenders.

Solshine Energy Legitimacy:

The company is not BBB accredited. 

Solshine is a highly legitimate company with the following accreditations:  

  • Licensed and insured: class “A” license 2705147660
  • VA Master Electrician 2710062762
  • NABCEP Certified Photovoltaic Installation Professional 110112-21

The company is a licensed, broad-certified, and insured contracting company that adheres to the National Electric Code. 

Solshine is a REC Certified Installer and carries the ProTrust warranty. 

Solshine Energy Maintenance:

Solshine Energy offers repair and maintenance services for all existing photovoltaic systems, specializing in troubleshooting system failures and inefficiencies of grid-tie and off-grid systems. 

They will assist with the health of your system components to determine if the photovoltaic is underperforming and make recommendations to enhance efficiency. 

Solar systems have several components but no moving parts, so they are relatively maintenance-free. However, there are a few factors that play into the lifespan of your system. Solshine Energy solar panels carry a 25-year warranty. 

Solshine Energy also offers scheduled preventative maintenance services as well as cleaning the modules. However, long periods of no precipitation can cause dust and dirt to accumulate and reduce the system’s efficiency.

When SolarEmpower emailed to ask about whether company representatives would be on-site, SolShine Energy Alternatives told us:
Someone from our team would be present during the inspection.
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This was a great sign. It’s crucial to have company representatives on-site during inspections.


The SolarEmpower View

Overall, Solshine Energy appears to provide an excellent service with good quality products. Solshine Energy also provides alternate services as well as helpful consultations, as reflected in the reviews from the customers who have dealt with the company. In addition, the price per watt is reasonable, making this a significant long-term investment.


Contact details: (540) 235-3095

General Inquiries: [email protected] 

Address: 5670 Starkey Rd • Roanoke, VA 24018

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Solshine Energy worth it?

Yes, the energy produced from a solar system is used to power the household, thereby offsetting usage from the grid. This will result in an immediate reduction in your utility bill. The amount saved will depend on the size of the system you install. There is also a process called "net-metering," where you are able to send any unused solar power back to your local utility company for credits that will help offset your bill.

Does Solshine Energy provide good service?

Yes, the customer reviews have been extremely favorable, with customers saying that the experience was "executed with courteous professionalism" and "great system, great design, great ongoing availability for my follow-up questions."

Is Solshine Energy trustworthy?

Solshine Energy is not BBB accredited but has received high praise from its past customers and has multiple accreditations.

Can I cancel a contract with Solshine Energy?

According to the law, you can not generally cancel a contract with a company.

Once you have signed it, if you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been

signed, you can contact Solshine Energy or an attorney directly.

Solshine Energy Alternatives Solar Details

542 Diamond Knob Road NE
Check VA

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Donald Witt
Donald Witt
March 27, 2023
Solshine was very responsive to…
Solshine was very responsive to my questions, and I was very comfortable with the quality and expertise of the personnel and company as a whole. The company guided me through some of the paperwork and even apprised me of an additional financial perk that I was not aware of. Construction was swift, clean and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone considering solar system.
Jim Dixon
Jim Dixon
March 26, 2023
Great communication, very organized and…
Great communication, very organized and professional. The system documentation provided was very helpful as was their guidance, as I'm new to solar. A contractor who communicates and meets project goals is rare nowadays! I highly recommend Rick and his team.
Joe Bryson
Joe Bryson
March 25, 2023
I highly recommend Rick and…
I highly recommend Rick and the SolShine crew for solar and EV charger purchase and installation. They know their business, are expert at their work, and care about doing a quality job. My 8.1 kW system has cut my ApCo bills to under $20 for the first two months and I expect it will cut my annual electricity bill by 80% or more. Think twice before opting for a larger solar company with local crews that are unlikely to match the expertise and commitment to quality work that SolShine provides.
The Richardsons
The Richardsons
March 21, 2023
We have nothing but praise…
We have nothing but praise for the crew at SolShine.

We wound up going through them for a roof-top solar array and an EV charger installed in the garage. It was the best decision we could have made for both the crew chosen and the cost-savings of the switch to solar.

Every step of the way, from initial site inspection to the final walkthrough after installation, the SolShine team made sure we understood the process and took the time to answer our questions. Moreover (and extremely important to us considering how radio silent some contractors can be), SolShine leadership was always an email or phone call away. It was a breath of fresh air to receive updates from *them* as opposed to us having to chase them down ourselves.

During the installation phase, the team members were respectful of our time and our home, and completed the project quickly and efficiently. It was evident from the Project Kickoff meeting that the Project Manager, Gus, and his team were extremely proficient at solar installations and we enjoyed chatting with them as they moved through the process.

I cannot recommend them enough for any solar installation project you may be considering.
Jon Metro
Jon Metro
February 28, 2023
I honestly cannot say enough…
I honestly cannot say enough great things about this company. From start to finish, top to bottom everyone was courteous, responsive and professional. The attention to detail and communication throughout was spot on. I have had my system in place for almost one year and I have only had to pay the $8 connection fee each month to AEP. This was incredible especially after hearing how high everyone's electric bills have been over this past winter. Best decision I have made and going with Solshine ensured that.
Timothy Carr
Timothy Carr
January 18, 2023
SolShine does good work and…
SolShine does good work and has a well-deserved local reputation. It's a small company with a small but efficient crew. It occupies that niche of a reasonably-priced, locally-rooted company that stands behind its work. Rick Brown has extensive installation experience with a good set of solar products (from basic string inverters to microinverters to my personal favorite, the Sol-Ark hybrid string inverter) - not to mention an array of battery and EV products. I hope to see SolShine grow and succeed in the future.
Kevin Rooney
Kevin Rooney
December 29, 2022
We knew from the very…
We knew from the very first meeting on site with Rick that he was "our guy". He knew the answers to almost all of our questions, and the ones he didn't he found the answers. Solshine offers the best knowledge applied to installing the best equipment, for the most reasonable price. Plus, the best crew ever! Thanks to Rob, Lewis, Gus, and Caleb for their professional installation, attention to detail, customer service, and pride in their work. Thanks to Jim for getting us through the business end of interconnects, permits, etc. Everything went as smooth as it could have. Our expectations were surpassed, and our system is working flawlessly. I also feel confident, after getting to know this team, that they will be there if there's ever any issue. Thanks again Rick Brown!
Karma Castleberry
Karma Castleberry
September 13, 2022
SolShine installed my solar system…
SolShine installed my solar system in 2019, a decision I’d never regret! Rick and his crew were outstanding and responsive.
Hope Shand
Hope Shand
September 8, 2022
SolShine installed our solar panels…
SolShine installed our solar panels in the summer of 2021 and we had an excellent experience. The SolShine staff takes time to get to know and understand their clients needs. They showed up and they did what they said they would do. They always informed us if there was any reason that they couldn't be there as planned. They answered all our questions and made sure we understood every step in the process. Excellent customer service and relations.
John McEnhill
John McEnhill
September 5, 2022
I was very pleased with…
I was very pleased with the solar system that Rick and his crew installed for us over three years ago. It has met our expectations and Rick is very responsive and proactive.

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