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Solaura Solar is a privately-owned company having a small-sized structure, which focuses on solar power installations while having its site of operation in Atlanta, Georgia. It was set up in 2019 and has gradually attained recognition in its region of operation and neighboring states. They have an expected turnout of $2 million – $3 million in annual revenue while keeping a tightly knitted employee portfolio of diligent and hardworking individuals.

Solaura Solar offers a broad spectrum of improved energy services, providing easy-to-use and affordable solar systems for residential areas, industries, etc. They are driven by the desire to enable their customers to have the best solar power experience, offering excellent services and creating great customer relations in the process.

Solaura Solar Services and Specifics:

Solaura Solar Services:

Solaura Solar offers their customers various solar system services, including solar panel installations and their repairs, inverter services, virtual consultation, off-grid solar system services and ground-mounted systems. All these services are performed by highly skilled professionals, ensuring their customers are fully satisfied.

Specific Solar Panel Offered:

  • Monocrystalline solar panels: Solaura solar panels are mostly monocrystalline, resulting in a life span of 25+ years. They can attract light from high and low-voltage outlets effectively. They are also very proficient in service delivery, with a 20% rating above other panels. It requires minimal room space for its set-up.

Specific Types of Solar Offered:

  • Grid-Tie Solar:  Generally, this type of solar functions by using energy from the power grid to produce electricity. It is pocket-friendly, with its only limitation resting on the failure of the power grid.
  • Off-grid Solar: Just as its name implies, this is a solar panel system independent of a community’s power grid.  Its operations are not affected by power grid failure. There is a limited period for the battery function, which results in more money being spent to acquire more batteries.
  • Hybrid Solar: This solar panel system adopts grid-tie and off-grid principles. It attracts energy from the power grid and sun and has a backup battery to store the energy for later consumption. They are quite expensive.

Solaura Solar Cost:

Solaura solar has a solar panel system suitable for everyone based on their budget.  The option of a yearly payment plan is also made available to their customers. Customers are guaranteed high-quality services as well-educated, highly trained experts perform these solar system installations. In addition, Solaura solar is a good bet for individuals looking to diversify by acquiring solar power services.

Solaura Solar Legitimacy:

Solaura Solar is evidently a legitimate company:

  • Solaura solar is fully licensed to ply its trade in the state of Georgia and its surrounding communities.
  • They are also duly recognized by the Solar Energy Industries Association.
  • Having a healthy relationship with its customers is also a strong indicator of Solaura solar’s legitimacy. The relationship with its customers allows for easy communication with its staff via calls, email, etc., further ensuring transparency.
  • In a bid to give their customers the best services, Solaura solar has partnered with various experts in different fields that will further boost the quality of service they provide. 

Solaura Solar Maintenance:

Solaura solar pays attention to the maintenance of their solar panel systems. They have software in place which they use to monitor the activities of the solar panel systems. All their customers have full access to them in the event of any emergency or complications because they have made themselves easy to get in touch with due to their flexible customer relations.

They have a very responsive customer service that replies to calls and emails communications, which is always a good sign

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Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

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Are Solaura Solar Trustworthy?

Solaura solar is a trustworthy company.

Are Solaura Solar good to work for?

Yes, Solaura are a good company to work for, based on employee reviews. 

Do Solaura Solar provide a good service?

They seem committed to giving all of their customers excellent services.

Will Solaura Solar provide proper maintenance?

Solaura solar has created software through which they can monitor the activities of the solar system. 

Is Solaura Solar recommended?

Solaura Solar is well recommended and backed by BBB and SEIA for their work.

Does Solaura Solar provide a free consultation?

Fortunately, individuals seeking to acquire their services will benefit from a free consultation with professionals helping them conclude their choice of the solar panel system.

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6075 Barfield Rd
Atlanta GA

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