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Updated on 2023-02-01



SolarVN Inc is a renowned company in the renewable energy field that spreads across America. The headquarters is located in Hamilton, Campbell. Other branches are in Houston, Texas, Northern California, and Southern California. SolarVN was established in 2009. The company includes first-class scientific leadership, cutting-edge technological expertise, suitable tools, and complete one-stop service.

The company’s top priorities are selling, maintaining, and installing solar panels. SolarVN creates and carries out projects for integrated solar energy systems into buildings and different types of solar water heaters. Following an International Quality Management System, they are firmly devoted to maintaining quality. In the public and home sector, the company has strived to establish a strong service and sales network with the motto people first, honesty, and leading technology.

SolarVN Solar Panel services and features:

SolarVN Products:

SolarVN assumes management of the entire production process for your solar installation because it is vertically integrated. The company builds solar panel production from wafers to modules. They offer the installation of public projects like traffic and street lights as well as the installation of massive projects like a solar farm. Additionally, they sell solar items like LED lights, solar cells, and solar panels. They also sell and build inverters. Below are the major services they offer:

SolarVN’s Turnkey Services

SolarVN has a team of professional experts that help manufacture turnkey, which is used in producing solar panels and photovoltaic solar cells. They provide complete field services, training, spare parts, and technical support.

SolarVN provides complete instruction in process technology installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. There are also optional service contracts and extended equipment warranties. They can deliver worldwide and provide a quick response.

SolarVN’s Wholesale and Retail Services

SolarVN provides solar panels and every piece of equipment required by installation businesses. They can give you access to numerous well-known solar manufacturers around the world where you eventually make the most suitable choice for your project.

The company offers all kinds of high-quality LEDs such as street lights, garden lights, and bulbs at a competitive and reasonable price. They also provide inverters like True or Modified Sine Wave, or they can build it to suit your taste, such as 50hz, 60hz, 110V, 220V, and DC.

SolarVN’s Installation Services

SolarVN installs PV electricity for residential, commercial, and governmental buildings around the United States of America. They can install solar swimming pools in any environment. The company also installs solar air conditioners and solar water heaters.

The company has experts that can help if your roof is too flimsy. A free estimate from their engineer will be competitive with other official quotes. Their services are available throughout the United States.

Despite all these positives, we did find their company website very outdated and little recent information about them online. We dropped them an email to ask whether they are still running, and we’ll let you know if there are any updates on this front. 

SolarVN Legitimacy:

Although SolarVN is not accredited by BBB, it is still accredited by other organizations. Below are some of its recent accreditation: 

  • The company handles professional Solar Installation certification (C-46) and has many years of trading and technology business worldwide.
  • For ease of communication and a 24-hour support line for its customers, SolarVN is open about its contact information, posting its address, email address, and phone number on its website.
  • We found a few renowned solar manufacturers worldwide which have direct distributorships with SolarVN Inc. 
  • For 15 years, the company offers a Warranty Certificate of Power Efficiency with a 90% rating, and for 25 years from their selected manufacturers.

SolarVN Maintenance:

SolarVN provides ongoing technical assistance, warranties, and a 24-hour monitoring system in addition to its free estimate and complete installations. However, we couldn’t find any customer reviews on whether they provided excellent service or not. 

The SolarEmpower view:

Overall, SolarVN appears to provide workable services. However, the company’s lack of customer reviews and outdated website is a cause for concern.


Contact Details

Phone: (510) 396 – 4001

Address: 900 E. Hamilton Ave # 100. Campbell, CA 95008.

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar

Service Areas

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Is SolarVN Worth it?

Yes, according to our data, SolarVN is a top provider of solar panel installations. Asides from that, they also offer other amazing services like building inverters, installations of street and traffic lights, and so on.

Are SolarVN Good to Work With?

A modest business with a close-knit crew, SolarVN. However, there isn't enough information available to draw a firm conclusion about the workplace culture of the company.

Is SolarVN Trustworthy?

We can’t be so sure since they are not accredited by BBB and Florida State Authorities but they are accredited by other organizations.

Can I Cancel a Contract With SolarVN?

Florida State law states that after you have signed a contract with a business, you generally cannot get out of it. You can get further information about whether a contract has been signed by getting in touch with SolarVN or an attorney directly.

SolarVN Inc Solar Details

Licensing Information

C46 : 941035

900 E. Hamilton Ave
Campbell CA

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