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Updated on 2023-01-31

Solaron Pool Heating Inc Overview

Solaron Pool Heating Inc is a medium-sized company that is located in Sacramento, California. They were established in 1994 by Ron Harbeck, who obtained his contractor’s license in 1989 and turned his attention to solar heating in 1994. Since its establishment, Solaron Pool Heating Inc has grown every year and has three locations in California: Rancho Cordova, Pleasanton, and Fremont. With their success, they have amassed a revenue of $10 million.

They offer solar products and installation services, specializing in swimming pool solar heating and solar electricity. Solaron Pool Heating Inc is a proud distributor and dealer of what’s regarded as the best panels in the marketplace, SunPower photovoltaic products, Heliocol swimming pool panels, and Pentair pool products. With two decades in the business, they are confident in providing the best solar experience in the Sacramento and Bay Area.



Services offered by Solaron Pool Heating

Solar Electricity: Solaron Pool Heating Inc primarily offers SunPower’s photovoltaic panels or modules as a solar system option for their residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Specifically, they offer SunPower X21 solar panels. 

These panels use the highest grade monocrystalline silicon and the Maxeon cell technology. They are made of durable solar cells built on a solid copper foundation, with anti-reflective glass that reduces glare and improves light absorption. 

The SunPower X21 has superior construction that prevents corrosion and cracking, which is the common cause of degradation in other solar panels. Purchasing these panels comes with a 25-year performance guarantee.


Solar Pool Heating: Solaron Pool Heating Inc offers customers systems that allow them to experience better pool temperatures and save a lot of money over time. These systems help to improve the environment and decrease maintenance issues. 

Specifically, Solaron Pool Heating offers solar panels from Heliocol, the worldwide leader in swimming pool heating, with more annually installed systems than any other manufacturer. Heliocol solar panels have a low profile, making them look aesthetically pleasing on any surface, and are highly wind resistant.

With Solaron Pool Heating, Heliocol offers a 12-year warranty, and its cost includes the parts and labor. Heliocol also offers replacement parts, even after the warranty has expired. Upon component failure due to manufacturing defects after 12 years, Heliocol replaces it at 50% of the cost. This gives customers more options should a product become faulty.


Commercial Solar Pool Heating: Solaron Pool Heating also offers systems for businesses, such as apartment complexes, condominiums, motels, hotels, schools, parks, and fitness centers. Their offered Heliocol heating systems offset utility costs and provide clean energy.

Solaron Pool Heating allows commercial customers to take advantage of solar pool heating rebates.



Installation Cost and Process


Solaron Pool Heating Inc’s offered prices are not available anywhere online. Customers who are interested in their solar systems can avail of a free solar analysis, which comes with a no-obligation quote for the home or business. This is available on their website. Alternatively, customers can choose to contact them with their phone numbers and email addresses. 

According to customers, Solaron Pool Heating Inc offers solar systems at competitive prices. They are described as a no-pressure team that gives good service at a relatively lower cost when compared to other companies. Furthermore, customers can avail of the Federal Tax Credit at 26% to Solaron Pool Heating Inc’s system. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, customers can apply for the Solar Incentive Tax Credit for ten years at 30%. 



Solaron Pool Heating Inc prides itself on having excellent customer service, honesty, and loyalty, providing the best products on the market. This is reflected in their decades of experience and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their licensing in their state of operation, as well as their verification, are not specified. Aside from SunPower and Heliocol, no other companies are listed as partners. As an established, medium-sized company, their legitimacy should be more evident.



When it comes to Solaron Pool Heating Inc’s maintenance, customers are generally happy, but improvements could be made. Their scheduling is good, with customers describing them to finish services within a reasonable timeframe. They are also highly rated when it comes to their sales process and after-sales support.

Furthermore, they are said to provide guidance and thorough explanations. Solaron Pool Heating Inc also offers a 25-year solar panel performance warranty. However, a few customers were unhappy with their services, rating their installation incredibly low. Others describe their materials to be of terrible quality, and some systems aren’t efficient as they were in the beginning. There are also reports of screws and hardware coming off due to poor installation.



The SolarEmpower View

Solaron Pool Heating Inc is a long-established, medium-sized company that prides itself on having excellent customer service, honesty, the best products, and knowledgeable staff. They are partners with two companies, but other partnerships (if they exist) are not made public. Their legitimacy needs improvement, as well as their online presence. Most customers describe them as working well and at a reasonable time. Their staff is also lauded for being very helpful. However, they have a significant amount of negative critiques due to bad service and terrible product quality. 

💲 Financial Plan: 10/10 ✅ Legitimacy: 5/10
⭐️ Product Quality: 7/10 📞 Customer Service: 7/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar

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Does Solaron Pool Heating Inc provide a good service?

For the most part, Solaron Pool Heating Inc provides good customer service.

Does Solaron Pool Heating Inc provide a free consultation?

Yes, Solaron Pool Heating Inc provides a free consultation. Customers can avail of this through the website, and they'll only need to fill up a few details on a form.

Is Solaron Pool Heating Inc trustworthy?

As per most customer reviews, Solaron Pool Heating Inc is generally trustworthy. However, they do have negative reviews, and their legitimacy needs improvement.

Is Solaron Pool Heating Inc recommended?

Yes, Solaron Pool Heating Inc is mostly recommended by their customers.

Solaron Pool Heating, Inc. Solar Details

Licensing Information

CSLB# 561720

3203 Luyung Drive
Rancho Cordova CA

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