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Updated on 2023-04-13

Solar Nova Overview:

Solar Nova is a medium-sized solar panel installation company located in Hamilton, Virginia. The company was established in 2015, but it has shown tremendous growth since then. The company uses modern technology for its installation and monitoring system, making its services relatively expensive. 

Currently, the company’s primary concern is its residential and commercial customers around its principal office in Hamilton, near Saint Paul Street. Its business model is based on continuous referrals and establishing a strong relationship with its customers. The company’s customer relations are reflected by the reviews we collected from various sites. Solar Nova gained over twenty reviews on various sites with an average of 4.8 stars rating. 



Solar Nova Services and Features

Solar Nova Products:

Solar Nova is a solar installation company that provides all the necessary services ancillary to solar installation. The company offers:

Solar Panels: Solar Nova offers various types of photovoltaic panels according to the needs and requirements of individual customers. 

Roofing: Solar Nova can install new roofs and repair them if you wish to continue with your old roof. They have experts in roof replacement whose services are praised by multiple customers. 

Solar Nova services are mostly catered to customers in Hamilton, Virginia. However, the company is expanding its commercial services statewide. The company also buys back the extra energy produced by the customer, hence helping them in cutting the cost. 


Solar Nova Costs:

Solar Nova customers report that the company offers competitive prices for its services and products. At the same time, the company acknowledges the costs and argues that it focuses on its product quality and customers’ quality of life rather than cost. Having said that, the company is flexible in its pricing, and it can offer a reasonable price with a little negotiation. The company adds value  with its quality services, well-trained and efficient staff and workers, and best pricing. The company also has a financing facility; if you are struggling to pay the up-front costs, you can avail of their financing support. Further, the company’s solar panels and roofing are eligible for the federal tax credit. We analyzed the customer feedback and recommended the company despite the high cost. 


Solar Nova Legitimacy:

Solar Nova is a legitimate company. Here are some of its accreditations;

  • The company is established and registered in the state of Virginia
  • The company is listed in the Better Business Bureau database; however, it is not rated.
  • The company was the winner of 2016 Loudoun’s Favorite award
  • The company is transparent about its contact details. It has provided its contact number, email address, location, and social media account links on its website for ease of contact. 
  • The company is offering initial feasibility reports for free
  • Our expert review of the company found it to be a good service provider. The company is headed by its founder Joe Seraphin, who is a passionate environmentalist. Through his expertise and experience, Joe is taking the company to new peaks. 


Solar Nova Maintenance: 

The company provides quality maintenance and continuous care for its home and commercial installations. Customers consider the company easy to contact and its workers highly professional. The company’s quality services are reflected in its customer reviews. The only two complaints received were around rearranging installation dates. 

The company follows up on its free quotations and its comprehensive installation promises. The company provides a 24/7 monitoring system using its cutting-edge technology and highly professional technical support team. The customers found the company’s inspection, proposal preparation, and initial installation easy and smooth. 




Overall, Solar Nova is an excellent service provider with high-quality products but at a cost. Despite its high cost, the company’s service increases the overall value of going solar. The excellent feedback from customers and accreditation matches its legitimacy. Based on our review, we recommend the company for your energy solutions.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Solar Nova worth it?

Yes, our experts view the company as an excellent service provider with high-quality continued care.

Is Solar Nova trustworthy?

Yes, Solar Nova is a registered company and has won the Loudoun’s Favorite award.

Is Solar Nova good to work for?

Solar Nova comprises 26 employees working in a close team. At this time, we do not have enough information to make any firm judgment about its work culture.

Can I sell the extra energy back to the company?

Yes, under VA section 57 to 594, Virginia residents can sell their extra energy back to the grid.

SolarNova Solar Details

200 S Saint Paul St
Hamilton VA

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Ed Brandmark
Ed Brandmark
April 6, 2023
NOVA did a great job…
NOVA did a great job and has been and continues to be very responsive. Having Solar is great.
Josh West
Josh West
April 4, 2023
These guys at Nova Solar…
These guys at Nova Solar are absolutely AWESOME! I searched everywhere for a solar company, through dozens in fact; all of which made me feel as if I was just dollar signs to them, and they seemed somewhat shady. Nova Solar did not make me feel that way at all. They were knowledgeable, up front, and honest the whole way through. They were super professional, friendly, easy to work with, and their care and attention to detail is impeccable. Nova Solar even took the time to hide all the wiring in the attic (which most solar companies charge more for). Nova Solar installers actually told me they would treat my home as it was their own, and they absolutely did. Solar is going up all over my neighborhood, but my home has the cleanest install of them all. Everyone else has metal conduit across their roofs or down the entire side of their home (or both) from the attic down to the outside meter; I don't. My solar array done by Nova Solar by looks better by far than any install I've seen in my neighborhood. Nova Solar is an awesome company, and the best part, they're local to Northern VA, and they do not subcontract out anything; it's all in house. I highly, highly, highly recommend these guys to anyone who's interested in solar.
April 2, 2023
After getting estimates from several…
After getting estimates from several solar companies, we chose Nova Solar for our project, which is now complete, and operating well. We were completely happy with all their work throughout the process and especially happy with how well they communicated with us to keep us informed of progress all along the way. Particularly noteworthy was the performance of the electrician who cleaned up a lot of the work done by previous technicians. His comment was, I can't stand to leave a job where the finished work would reflect poorly on me - a refreshing perspective when viewed against the work of most cable installers!

Nova Solar did an excellent job and had very competent staff.
Gregory Bissonette
Gregory Bissonette
March 16, 2023
What a fantastic company. We…
What a fantastic company. We had a unique situation and still wanted to add solar to our yard. Most companies wouldn't even get past their automatic google/satellite image before rejecting us as potential clients. Nova Solar took the time to listen to our project description, work through some options and found solutions for every issue. They got us the solar system we wanted, and now we have this awesome backyard solar pavilion; generating electricity and creating a shaded backyard hangout spot. We just passed out first megawatt hour production and look forward to many more to come.

As a company, Nova Solar does not work the 'hard sell' that a lot of companies do. They're open, thoughtful, creative, honest and direct. They're also very accessible, and answered many emails and phone calls with questions throughout.

I'll circle back in a few months once I finish the landscaping beneath it to post photos, but it truly is excellent. Nova Solar coordinated with 3rd party companies, worked through the permitting seamlessly and handled all aspects of the paperwork, from start to finish: even giving clear directions to set up the SREC accounts. They were the right fit for us, and I'm sure they'll be the right fit for you.
Doug Toombs
Doug Toombs
February 21, 2023
I basically never write online…
I basically never write online reviews, but really needed to do one for Trip and the whole team at Nova Solar - they were absolutely amazing! There is a LOT of push in the solar space to try to acquire clients, so as a result there are a plethora of vendors out there who are not high quality. I experienced everything when I started looking - responses in broken english, proposals that had a price-per-watt way above industry norms, etc.

Nova Solar was absolutely the complete opposite. Everything about the initial proposal and configuration process was very straightforward and I got clear answers to my questions. Pricing was competitive per-watt based on national averages. And the contracting, paperwork, and project management processes along the way were top notch. It was great to see that the person I first started talking with (Trip) was actually on my roof the day of the installation, making sure everything was done just right. Extremely happy with our installation and the entire process, I would recommend them to anyone.
Michelle Zebrowski
Michelle Zebrowski
January 24, 2023
Nova Solar did an outstanding…
Nova Solar did an outstanding job from start to finish. The communication was excellent, and they ensured every step was monitored throughout the process until project completion. I would recommend them for anyone looking to go solar.
Tim Bach
Tim Bach
January 17, 2023
I could not be happier…
I could not be happier with both the process of working with Nova Solar (LB as our PM specifically) or the end result. From the very beginning of the quote process, they were incredibly helpful with my many questions, and ultimately designed a system that fit as many panels as possible in our space to maximize output.

The entire design, permitting, and approval process was handled by LB with minimal effort required from me, and he kept us updated every step of the way. On installation day, he and the team were amazing, and the installation went very quickly, even though they were also installing monitoring hardware and working in a very tightly packed electrical panel.

The final approval and turning on of the system were equally smooth, and everything immediately worked. Despite going operational in a time of year with minimal sun, we've already seen several days where we are net-positive generation or close to it. As part of the wrap up, LB also sent us several pictures of the installation and final system, which was a nice touch that means I won't have to get out a ladder to satisfy my curiosity later.

Thanks to LB and the whole team - if we ever try to expand the system or move somewhere else in the future, I would work with them again without question!
Dawn Straitz
Dawn Straitz
January 4, 2023
Everyone at Nova Solar was…
Everyone at Nova Solar was knowledgable, kind and communicative. Had a fantastic experience from beginning (with all my questions) to the end. Highly recommend!
Sabine Mullin
Sabine Mullin
December 6, 2022
The team at NOVA Solar…
The team at NOVA Solar goes above and beyond consistently. I have been a happy customer since 2020 and could not ask for a better solar company. All representatives are prompt, professional, courteous and have outstanding communication skills. Every employee I have met is a true ambassador of NOVA Solar.
victoria s andrews
victoria s andrews
October 28, 2022
Guys did a great job…
Guys did a great job and were super friendly and at the same time very professional. Answered all questions big and small without eye rolling. Took care and respected the integrity of our roof during installation. Would highly recommend using Nova Solar.

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