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Solaria Energy Solutions Overview

Solaria Energy Solutions claims to be the best solar panel installation company in Central Florida. With a 5-star rating, they boast that they focus on customer service, quality, and cost-effective solutions. They are a small family owned company that offers residential and commercial solar panel installation.

They cover all areas in Florida, including Apopka, Davenport, and Lakeland. They boast that they can offer you the best package deal regardless of your residence’s location. They are a new company established in just 2020. However, they already have an array of reviews and a relatively established portfolio.



Solaria Energy Solutions Services and Specifics

Solaria Energy Solutions take pride in the fact that they take full responsibility for all their installations. They take care of everything from start to finish, including permits, material delivery, and installations. They have even advertised solar for pools on their website.


Solaria Energy Solutions Services

Engineering site visit: This will assess and evaluate the electrical status of your property and ensure that it is compatible with your roof. They will also decide the size of your system.


Permits and documentation: To get a solar panel installation, you must get HOA approval and Permit approval. Solaria Energy Solutions does all the work for this process.


Ordering equipment: Solaria Energy Solutions orders all the equipment and prepares the panels and inverters for your home.


Solar panel installation: This is the installation of your solar energy system.


Approval and interconnection: They test and dry-run your installation to ensure that everything is running as it should.


Energy auditing: Ensuring you get the best energy deals for your home.


Solar repair and maintenance: As Solaria Energy Solutions complete all its own installations, they are able to complete any repairs and upkeep their systems.


Specific Solar Panels Offered By Solaria Energy Solutions 

Solaria Energy Solutions states that they only offer the best panels from the most respected manufacturers in the market. This includes:

  • Q CELLS 
  • Pro Pink
  • Mission Solar
  • LG Solar
  • Ironridge 
  • Gulf Stream
  • Enphase
  • Solar Edge 
  • SMA
  • Sense
  • Rheem

These respected manufacturers inevitably make their systems reliable and respected.



Installation Costs and Processes


Solaria Energy Solutions states that now is the best time to invest in solar panel installation. The cost of a solar system has decreased as the panels become easier and cheaper to produce as a result of higher demand. It isn’t clear what Solaria Energy Solutions actually charges for their solar systems, but they claim to offer competitive prices, which would put their systems at anywhere between $9,000 and $12,000 depending on the size and what you choose to include in your system.

Solaria Energy Solutions also notes that state funding and incentives have made solar panel systems much more affordable for consumers. Solaria Energy Solutions also gives their customers the exact payback period that they can expect from their system – making the financial choice a much easier one to make.



While still a new company, Solaria Energy Solutions does have a solid reputation for being a legitimate and trustworthy company. Most importantly, they are a licensed company. With a 5-star rating from an array of customers (both commercial and residential), they can be considered a company to trust despite having less experience than others.

They also have a Workmanship Warranty which offers 30 years, “Bumper to bumper” through Solar Insure. They have multiple different certifications, including REC preferred installer, Enphase platinum installer, and Solar Insure preferred.



As their own installers, Solaria Energy Solutions boasts that they can maintain and repair any of their systems that may need it. Solaria Energy Solutions states that customer experience is their highest priority, which includes ensuring that their solar systems withstand the test of time, and keeping on top of any repairs and maintenance. 

They also have a workmanship warranty.



The SolarEmpower View

Solaria Energy Solutions is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a solar system company in Florida. While still a new company, they are already considered one of the best in their area.

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Is Solaria Energy Solutions trustworthy?

Yes, they are a licensed company with multiple certifications. There are no reviews found that would suggest that they are untrustworthy.

Does Solaria Energy Solutions offer a free consultation?

Yes, Solaria Energy Solutions offers a free quote for your solar system.

Will Solaria Energy Solutions provide proper maintenance?

Yes, Solaria Energy Solutions provides proper maintenance after the installation. This includes any repairs that may be necessary.

Solaria Energy Solutions Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
30 years
Licensing Information


4071 LB McLeod Rd, Suite E
Orlando, FL

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Lake Wales, Florida
January 10, 2023
0 stars
Terrible experience: We started the solar panel experience in July 2022 and just got my panels working (somewhat) in January 2023. I say somewhat because it’s only producing a minor power, definitely not doing what it’s supposed to. So if you want to double your electric bills, it might be a good idea! I also have to include the experience of having your panels installed. Check your driveway and yard if you have small children or cars because you will have metal shards, screws and nails everywhere. Not to mention the trash from the workers shoved in your gutters. If you need updates on where your permits stand or any information on your project at all, you are probably better off to call duke because your project manager will tell you she doesn’t know. I would avoid this company at all costs!