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Updated on 2023-02-01

Solar Ventures Overview:

Solar Ventures is a global Independent Power Producer (IPP) with a focus on PV solar (photovoltaic). Though founded in Italy in 2005, they have focused on development outside of Italy, initially in France, with expansion to Emerging Markets in MENA and East South Asia. Solar Ventures works in project development, financing, construction and management of PV plants. Our experts estimate that the company’s total revenue equates to about $6 million dollars. They work with large scale and local commercial projects.


The founder of Solar Ventures, Michele Appendino, is from Turin in Italy, with an Electronic Engineering degree, and also holds a Masters degree. Appendino is well known in solar energy, also working with Behind Energy. He is a former “Global Leader of Tomorrow”, and he works with a well-qualified team. 



Solar Ventures Services: 

Solar Ventures are involved in every stage of solar power production, with expert industry knowledge of both economical and technological factors. They are always looking for partnerships with any new projects, or with projects that are already in development, offering financial aid for long-term control over the assets. 

Project Development: Solar Ventures has over a decade of experience with PV energy. They not only have technical understanding of construction and maintenance, but understand financing, long-term economic costs, and geo-political factors to ensure an efficient plan can be created. 

Construction: Since 2008, Solar Ventures have been involved in construction. Though an independent company, they have an expansive network in industry, allowing them to tailor products to specific consumer needs, with the best technical performance and price. They offer optimized construction, including selecting contracts, testing of PV plants, connection to the electricity network, and more. 

Project Management: Solar Ventures is one of only a handful of companies with experience in developing and managing PV plants. Their dual expert knowledge has allowed them to create guidelines for operational excellence, involving maintenance and a continued improvement on procedure when necessary. 

Past Projects: In May 2022, Solar Ventures sold an 18MW plant to Capital Dynamics, which will provide the equivalent electricity of 5000 homes, or 37Gwh per year. Capital Dynamics stated they “were thrilled to work with Solar Energy on Project Cliff, which will provide affordable, subsidy free renewable energy to Italy.” 


Solar Venture Costs:

Solar Ventures is able to acquire both its own and third party funding, including suppliers and energy, procurement and construction (EPC) providers. This not only guarantees continued funding, but the successful completion of projects according to the overall budget and timetable. They are able to use experts in economics, like Chief Finance Officer Ezio Ravaccia, who has been a chartered accountant since 1994, and has been involved with Solar Ventures for over a decade. 


In terms of price, Solar Ventures remain quite secretive. CEO Appendino has said “This is fairly confidential. When there was the Conto Energia the market was structured and there were tariffs. Now it depends on the type of project, on the stage in which it is located, on the data of the project and by the person who wants it. There is no market and there is no reference price, each selling is a story unto itself.” Even our experts remain in the dark on this topic. 


Solar Ventures Legitimacy 

Solar Ventures seems to be a professional and legitimate company, working on numerous large scale projects with other companies committed to sustainable energy. – One of their partners at Zouk called them “one of the most experienced and reliable developers in the market.”

  • They are currently working on a project with them of over 120 MWp. They’ve been featured in the press regularly since 2010, with Appendino conducting many interviews to share solar knowledge.
  • Their management boasts impressive accolades, with degrees in finance, law and engineering. Appendino himself is a member of the Aspen Institute, a nonprofit institute committed to humanistic studies.


Solar Ventures Maintenance 

PV solar energy generally requires little maintenance, but Solar Ventures do provide ongoing management of the PV plant. All stakeholders on a project work alongside on maintenance to create a continuous focus on quality, and allow for the continued performance improvement. They have access to financing options if any issues arise, and the lifespan of panels is over 20 years.



Solar Ventures: The SolarEmpower view

Solar Ventures is leading Europe in producing and maintaining PV panels, working with commercial businesses to create non-subsidised solar energy for a “subsidy free” future, according to reviewers. They have extensive industry knowledge, allowing for efficient production in all areas.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

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Are Solar Ventures trustworthy?

Yes, Solar Ventures has reputable connections and ongoing projects

Are Solar Ventures good to work for?

Solar Ventures has a LinkedIn with numerous employees connected, and engaging with the company, so it seems to be a good place to work.

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