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Updated on 2023-03-22

Solar States Overview

Founded in 2008 and operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Solar States has a dual mission of providing solar energy systems as well as educating the next generation of solar installers; working with students from local community colleges and providing classes as well as installing a variety of quality solar solutions across the state.

With over 800 residential and commercial projects to its name, rave reviews across the internet, and an impressive array of partnerships and professional certifications, Solar States has made their mark in Philadelphia and New Jersey.



Solar States Services and Specifics

Specific Solar Panels offered

Solar States is partnered with a variety of manufacturers for solar panels, batteries, and inverters. These include Enphase, SolarEdge, Panasonic, and LG Solar, to name a few. This variety allows them to select the best product to suit your situation.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Solar States’ mainstay is grid-tied and roof-mounted solar energy systems for residential and commercial properties. They also have experience with hybrid systems and ground-mounts, claiming on their website that they “can install and design ANY type of system.” Their impressive portfolio certainly seems to back up this claim.

In addition to the solar panels themselves, Solar States also install battery back-ups and energy storage systems. They’re certified Tesla Powerwall installers, with the average cost being around $15,000. Finally, they also install electric vehicle charging ports.



Solar States Installation Costs and Process


Solar States estimates an average price of $1,200 – $1,500 per solar panel installed. This price does not include any financial incentives but does cover the entire turnkey installation process. This means that you’ll be paying for Solar States to handle the entire project from start to finish: from the initial design to negotiating with your utility company, to handling the necessary permits and permissions, all the way up to the installation itself. According to their customers, this is where Solar States excels – providing a professional and efficient service that matches both the quality and cost of their solar energy systems.

If the upfront cost seems intimidating, there are a few incentives. All Solar States installations qualify for the Investment Tax Credit – also known as the federal solar tax credit – which allows you to cut up to 30% of the cost of your solar array from your taxes. Commercial properties can cut this further with the Accelerated Tax Credit, depreciating 100% of the cost of their array, minus 50% of your tax credit for the first year.

Additionally, you may qualify for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), which are certificates accumulated for every 1,000 kWh of energy generated by your system that can be sold back to your utility company for a tidy sum. Combined with the savings on your bills, you can expect to pay back the initial cost of solar in about five years in New Jersey and as low as two years for commercial projects in Philadelphia.

As an extra incentive, Solar States also has a referral program, offering you $500 every time a friend or neighbour chooses to go solar with Solar States on your recommendation.



Although not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, Solar States does have an impressive array of certifications;

  • Verified Home Improvement Contractor licenses in Philadelphia (#PA100254)
  • Verified Home improvement Contractor License (#13VH07951800) and Electrical Contractor License (#34EB01822900) with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs 
  • NABCEP Photovoltaic Installer certification and Technical Sales certification
  • SunPower Authorised Dealer


They are also partnered with several major manufacturers, including but not limited to;

  • Panasonic Solar Authorised Installer
  • REC Certified Solar Professional
  • Enphase Gold Installer
  • SolarEdge Preferred Partner

Solar States also has a listed Electrical Contractor’s license with the city of Philadelphia (#052728); Worth noting is that the license number given on their EnergySage profile (#35849) appears to be wrong, as this is registered to Robert Monk Electric.



Solar States customers rave about their service, describing them as professional and efficient. Queries see rapid responses and their team is more than happy to clarify anything and everything. The speed of their installations is also a recurring piece of praise, but at no point do they drop quality.

All of Solar States’ energy solutions come with a 25-year limited warranty: ten years of this are covered by a full bumper-to-bumper Service Warranty covering the installation and workmanship. The following 15 years fall under the specific hardware warranties provided by the manufacturers. Solar States promises to provide any labour required to rectify any issues you might have whilst under this warranty.



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Solar States has a lofty goal of providing both a quality product and an in-depth education to the people of Philadelphia. With their extensive expertise and professional qualifications matched by rave reviews praising their efficiency and quality, you can expect an exceptional service and a quality product. We highly recommend Solar States for first time, and long term, solar energy solutions. A solid 8/10.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

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Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Do Solar States provide a free consultation?

Yes, you can apply for a free estimate using either the contact form on their website, or get a rough estimate using their free, remote property assessment tool.

How long has Solar States been in business?

Solar States was founded in 2008, and has been in the business of selling solar energy solutions for 14 years.

Is Solar States a good company to work for?

Absolutely. When Solar Sates promises to train the next generation of solar installers, they mean it. They offer free classes and providing extensive training to their employees, many of whom are students from local community colleges. Their Glassdoor reviews are spotless.

Is Solar States recommended?

Yes! They have rave reviews across the internet, citing their professionalism, expertise, and above all else, their honesty and transparency when it comes to the cost and extent of your solar installation.

Solar States Solar Details

1508 N. American Street
Philadelphia PA

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