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Updated on 2023-06-14

Solar Solutions For All LLC Overview:

Solar Solutions For All is a solar energy company located in Leesburg, Virginia. Solar Solutions For All was founded in 2010. It was previously known as Solar4Leesburg. The company became Solar Solutions For All in 2014. Solar Solutions For All has years of experience providing renewable energy to those seeking to become energy independent at an affordable rate. 


Solar Solutions For All is client-oriented, which has given them an edge when it comes to similar companies offering equivalent services. They offer a customized approach to getting people the energy solutions that they need. Solar Solutions For All provides services to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients. We found no complaints across the databases that we have trawled, and they have a stellar rating on the BBB. They are experts in their field and many customers seem to have had a great experience with the company.



Solar Solutions For All Services and Features: 

Solar Solutions For All Products: 

Solar Solutions For All offers a range of solar energy installation services and products:

Grid-Tied Solar Systems: On-grid solar systems are attached to the electric grid. This solution allows for various sources of energy.

Off-Grid Solar Systems: These systems are not connected to the electrical grid while still making the energy necessary to produce power. Off-grid solar products can offer more independence and reliability in the case of bad weather conditions such as storms.

H300 Battery Systems (DARFON Energy Storage Systems): The H300 battery backup systems allow for energy preservation. This system is also a space saver and can be mounted on walls. Battery options for this energy system include the B05LM, B07LF, and B10LF.


Solar Solutions For All Costs is a leader in solar systems and addresses a variety of different energy needs. The installers in Virginia are skilled and can provide the right services for many energy needs. Solar Solutions For All services many areas – including Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.



Installation Costs and Process

Solar Solutions For All Costs: 

The company can provide quotes for installation upon request. Solar Solutions For All prides itself on offering solar products and services at competitive prices. Reviewers that tried their products and services seem to agree that the costs are affordable.


Solar Solutions For All offers assessments and analyses so that clients can best find which option works for them. They also have products that are made in the U.S – allowing for quality at a reasonable price. The company does not seem to offer financing options. 


Solar Solutions For All Legitimacy: 

Solar Solutions For All is a legitimate solar system installation company, as it meets our expert requirements:

  • This business was registered in Virginia in 2014.
  • Solar Solutions For All is licensed in Virginia and received its license from the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR)-VA.
  • Solar Solutions For All provides support by multiple methods – including by phone and email, along with an address to their physical office.
  • Solar Solutions For All has been chosen by LEAP and Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) to provide residents with energy solutions for their homes. They seem to have a growing number of connections with respected organizations.
  • The company is also well-known for its quality services and reputation. Clients also seem to be very satisfied with the level of customer service they have received.


Solar Solutions For All Maintenance: 

Solar Solutions For All are responsive when it comes to maintenance and continued service. Based on reviews, people seem to be impressed with the experience of working with Solar Solutions For All. Some customers have found that Solar Solutions For All is good when it comes to the speed of installation.


Reviewers also say that Solar Solutions For All’s team is hard-working and produces quality results after the process of installation. Many customers also highly recommend their services to others. The company installers seem to make sure that clients understand how to use the solar products. They also offer a no-obligation consultation before providing services, to help people decide on what the best options for them are. Their products also come with a warranty that’s good for at least 25 years – giving customers more peace of mind.



Solar Solutions For All: The SolarEmpower expert view

Solar Solutions For All provides people and businesses with quality solar products. Overall, this company is a great option for homeowners and companies in need of solar energy at an affordable rate.


Company Contact Details:

Solar Solutions For All LLC

Phone:  571-252-9717

Address: 227 Town Branch Terr. Leesburg, VA 20175

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Solar Solutions For All trustworthy?

Solar Solutions For All is trustworthy in our opinion. This company is transparent, knowledgeable, and comprises of well-respected experts that have a long track record of providing great solar products and services to homeowners and businesses alike.

Solar Solutions For All Solar Details

227 Branch Terrace
Leesburg VA

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James Z
James Z
September 13, 2022
Got my solar system installed…
Got my solar system installed in the spring. Was waiting to see how it performed, very satisfied with the performance and the excellent work Solar Solutions For All did for us. Thank you
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson
September 1, 2022
Solar Solutions For All has…
Solar Solutions For All has done a fantastic job again! This is our 2nd solar system from them. We sold our house with their first install they did ~ 8 years ago. Now they installed on our new house better looking and better performing components, but their quality is still excellent. Thank you guys for a life without an electric bill.
Shawn B
Shawn B
August 28, 2022
We are very happy with…
We are very happy with our solar system they installed. They were very particular meeting our requirements. We love our new electricity bill. And SSFA design our system so we can add easily a battery. Which we will do with the higher tax credit for solar now.
Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran
June 23, 2022
I can’t give this company…
I can’t give this company a positive rating. They were nice enough maybe.5 years ago to take over the maintenance of my solar system when squirrels chewed up the wiring. They were paid handsomely for this. Since then, communication on simple issues like a few panels underproducing has been slow and painful, and ultimately dismissive and non-existent. The issue is panel, micros, or wiring — let me know which and let’s get on with the repair. Perhaps these companies are so gluttonous in their installs that they don’t have time for repair and maintenance, which WILL happen over the course of decades of wear and tear by the elements. Anyone considering a solar installer should consider this aspect of the experience. All I ask is a response to emails and text (inexcusable when we all know we carry our phones in our pockets) — and if they can’t back up their work, then let it be known straight up.
David Graves
David Graves
June 22, 2021
We had our system installed…
We had our system installed by Solar Solutions in April of 2017 for our house in Leesburg, VA. It has been working for us ever since without any problems or maintenance required. Our electric meter continues to run backwards on average across the year and our electric bill has never gone above the $7.70 a month hookup charge since we had the panels installed. We are very happy with it. I'd attach a photo but you can't really see the panels from the front or sides or even the back of our property.

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