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Updated on 2023-02-01

Solar Roof Dynamics LLC Overview

Solar Roof Dynamics is a solar distributor and originator based in Davis, California. Solar Roof Dynamics was founded in 2013 with the ideology of transforming roofing systems and making them more energy-efficient and sustainable. This company provides its services to both commercial buildings and residential establishments. 

Solar Roof Dynamics LLC is an installer of solar roofs and distributor of solar tiles and panels to roofing contractors. Effectively, the company handles anything and everything related to solar roofs in California.


About the Business

The company currently operates with less than 25 employees, indicating its low-cost business model. However, they have acquired a substantial customer base in California in both the private and commercial sectors. Customers who have reviewed the services of this company have rated it 5/5 stars. Around a decade after its establishment, Solar Roof Dynamics has an annual revenue of $5 million. This is indicative of steady upward growth for this company.


Solar Roof Dynamics LLC Services and Specifics

Solar Roof Dynamics provides a wide array of services involving renewable energy. These services include but are not limited to solar system designing, construction, solar-based roofing systems, commissioning solar PV systems, and more. For this review, we will focus on the primary services that Solar Roof Dynamics offer.

Distributing Solar Equipment

Solar Panels

They solely depend on SunTegra solar panels and shingles for their roofing projects. SunTegra is a reliable company based in Binghamton, New York, which produces directly mountable solar roofs that do not require any extra supporting structure.

Our experts viewed this as a particular plus point of the company’s services.

Solar PV Modules

Solar Roof Dynamics distributes photo-voltaic modules for solar roof systems from brands such as Platinum Partner, a company with a positive reputation in this field and produces high-quality PV modules.

Solar Inverters

Solar Roof Dynamics distributes solar inverters for Californian homes and commercial buildings. They have multiple partners in the solar inverter dealership, including Enphase energy, Solar Edge, Fronius, and SMA. 

Mounting Hardware

Solar Roof Dynamics also distributes mounting hardware, which forms the base of any solar system during installation. They have partnerships with hardware companies all over the US, from where this hardware is sourced for their customers. Their partners include Panel Claw, IronRidge, Quick Mount PV, and more.

It is important to note that Solar Roof Dynamics provides services beyond solar equipment distributorship. Solar Roof Dynamics provides networking services through their Signature Dealer Network that helps connect roofing contractors with prospective customers.

Roofing Contractor Network

Solar Roof Dynamics has an innovative business design wherein they hire independent roofing contractors through a selection process. These contractors then get the solar roofing projects and deals that Solar Roof Dynamics has acquired.

The signature contractor network allows them to take up different residential and commercial projects. Solar Roofing Dynamics provides contractors who take care of the designing and installing solar roofs, while other employees manage the networking and contractor-customer relationship in the backend.

Overall, it’s a two-way process between the customer and the solar roofing contractor, with Solar Roof Dynamics as the connecting link.

Solar Designing and Installing

Solar Roof Dynamics provide complete installations of Solar Roofs through their Signature Dealer Network.

  • Solar Roofing Systems for Residentials: This is not a typical, direct service where the employees of Solar Roof Dynamics go and install the solar roof for your home. Rather, Solar Roofing Dynamics gets you in touch with one of their many Solar Contractors who can take up the project.
  • Solar Roofing Systems for Commercial buildings: Solar Roofing Dynamics also provides services for larger commercial buildings. This is an indirect service where customers are provided with competent solar roofing contractors for the project.

Specific Solar Panels Offered

SunTegra Solar Panels is the only Solar Panel brand that Solar Roof Dynamics currently deals with. However, at SunTegra, the concept of solar panels has been upgraded to “Solar Shingles.” These are essentially shingle-sized solar panels called “building integrated photovoltaics” (BIPV).

This is an advanced method that integrates a roof shingle with solar panels and is an energy-efficient form of roof shingle.

The solar panels used to develop these BIPV shingles are the Monocrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Cells.

These monocrystalline semiconductors are built from cylindrical silicon developed from a single crystal of high-quality silicon. This system is the most commonly used market due to its high efficiency and sustainability. Monocrystalline Solar PVs ensure no impurities in the silicon as it’s derived from a single source.

Thus, the quality and type of solar panels provided by Solar Roofing Dynamics are efficient and reliable.

Specific Types of Solar Roofs Offered by Solar Roof Dynamics

The Solar Roofing types offered by Solar Roof Dynamics via SunTegra are:

  • Shingle Solar Roof: Tile and asphalt shingle roofs can be designed with embedded solar panels. This retains the aesthetics of a tile or asphalt roof while making it energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Tile Solar Roof: Solar panels are also installed for tiled roofs with concrete tiles without hassle.

The solar panels are directly mounted on the roof for both these roofing systems without any bulky and odd-looking supporting structure (racking system). This gives the roof a natural look pleasing to the eyes and makes the entire system much more durable and efficient.

These solar roofing systems are available for residential as well as commercial buildings.

Installation costs 

The pricing of the services provided by Solar Roof Dynamics varies depending on several factors, including the service type, the building type (residential/commercial), the heating requirement of the building (which determines the cost of solar panels), and more. However, in most cases, customers paid the quoted price. A contributing factor is the variety of rebates and incentives provided by Solar Roof Dynamics. 

Most customers noticed a considerable reduction in their energy costs, especially during summers. Some customers also claimed that their monthly utility bills have ceased to exist. Thus, it is safe to say that the services by Solar Roof Dynamics are high quality based on the cost.


Solar Roof Dynamics has several financing options to help its customers start their sustainable journey.

All of these financing options require zero down payment. The options include:

  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loans
  • Prepaid Leases/Power Purchase Agreements
  • Leases/Power Purchase Agreements
  • Unsecured Loans

This proves that Solar Roof Dynamics is a customer-forward company that readily provides consumer-based solutions.


Solar Roof Dynamics is a legitimate company based in Davis, California. It currently has a valid business license- California License #987806. The Standard Industrial Classification code for this business is 17,176, and the North American Industry Classification System code of this business is 23,23816. These codes are used to track the activities of any registered business and hence are an important consideration. Over the years, Solar Roof Dynamics has had multiple positive media coverage for its sustainable energy solutions.

All of these factors contribute to the legitimacy of Solar Roof Dynamics as a business and boost its reputation transparency.



According to customer reviews, scheduling an appointment with Solar Roof Dynamics is fairly easy. This can be done through email inquiries, with minimal response time. 


Yes, Solar Roof Dynamics provides customer support for repair and maintenance, as well as addressing customer grievances through the following modes-

  • Email –  [email protected]
  • Call- (530) 564-7054
  • Visits- 1615 5th St, Ste D, Davis, California, 95616, United States
  • Direct Message here.


The SunTegra solar panels used by Solar Roof Dynamics have a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power guarantee.

Overall these factors make Solar Roof Dynamics an excellent service provider with high-quality and cost-effective solar solutions.



Solar Roof Dynamics has several partners for its solar equipment dealerships. They also support organizations dealing with solar energy solutions like the California Solar Energy Industries Association, National Roofing Contractors Association, Davis Chamber of Commerce, and more. These reputable associations emphasize their legitimacy and good reputation in solar energy.



Based on our in-depth review, we conclude that Solar Roof Dynamics LLC is an excellent service provider of energy-efficient solutions and solar projects for capable roofing contractors. Their service is customer-forward, cost-effective, and high quality.

Solar Roof Dynamics LLC

Wide Array of Services Yes
High-Quality Products Yes
Customer Service Yes
Warranty Yes, up to 25 years
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Solar Roof Dynamics trustworthy?

Yes, according to our assessment, Solar Roof Dynamics is a trustworthy company.

Can you cancel a contract with Solar Roof Dynamics?

No, according to the state law of California, no solar power contracts can be revoked. The same applies to solar contracts with Solar Roof Dynamics.

Will Solar Roof Dynamics provide proper maintenance?

Yes, Solar Roof Dynamics provides repair and maintenance after installation

Is Solar Roof Dynamics recommended?

Yes, we recommend Solar Roof Dynamics for their high quality, efficient and trustworthy service.

Solar Roof Dynamics Solar Details

Licensing Information

California License #987806

1615 5th St, Ste D
Davis, California

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