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Updated on 2023-06-14

Solar Planet Electric Overview:

Solar Planet Electric is a California-based solar panel installer. The medium-sized company has completed installation projects for the past 30 years. 


Having installed over 7500 solar panels, the company boasts a vast pool of experience. The company is focused on bridging the gap between clients’ ideas about solar energy and the outcome, by providing a consultation platform with a team of experienced solar consultants. 



Solar Planet Electric services and features:

Solar Planet Electric Products: 

Solar Planet Electric attempts to offer the highest quality of service to all clients interested in getting solar panels in California. It achieves this by offering both roofing and installation services. The company has a roofing team capable of dealing with issues, therefore saving clients money on hiring different firms to carry out the tasks. Reports from previous clients confirm their prowess and high level of expertise.


Solar Planet Electric Costs:

Previous customers report that the company offers a lot of long term financial benefits, with moderate prices for their products and services in California and Los Angeles. 


Solar Planet Electric Maintenance:

The company provides exceptional consultation, installation and maintenance services for solar panels. Most reviewers attest to their excellent customer relations even after several years of installation, as they have an amazing warranty policy which spans for about 25 years. Clients found them easy to contact and work with, their follow-up service also considered to be top-notch.


Solar Planet Electric legitimacy: 

Reports suggest that the company is legitimate, as it has successfully installed more than 7,500 solar panels in California over the past 30 years. 


The company is licensed and certified. It was founded by Marty Lam, whose priority is to ensure all customers maximize solar energy to the fullest. 


The company is regarded as a reputable company managed by skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals. They can be contacted easily, via their available contact information.



The Solar Planet Electric overview:

Generally, Solar Planet Electric seems to be a reliable company with efficient services according to reviewers. The company has a track record of satisfying its clients to the fullest by delivering top-notch quality services while helping its clients to reduce expenses and save a lot at the same time. 


Contact details: 

Phone: 818-452-0940

Email: [email protected]

Address: 916C W. Burbank Blvd Burbank ca 91506

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Solar Planet Electric worth it?

Yes, the company is a reputable and highly experienced solar panel installation provider.

Is Solar Planet Electric trustworthy?

Yes, our experts view the company as trustworthy.

Solar Planet Electric Solar Details

916-C W. Burbank Blvd #190
Burbank CA

Solar Planet Electric User Reviews

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Bertha Castaneda
Bertha Castaneda
June 13, 2022
1. They arrived and…
1. They arrived and introduced themselves as part of the Solar Powur Team with a big smile.
2. It took them less than 4 hrs to install.
3. Very professional and answered all my questions regarding the grid's, panel's, grounding and electrical panel they installed. All with a smile.
4. When installation was completed they made sure the regular electricity was back on.
5. We are so happy this phase is completed.

Thank you Solar Powur
Jim Harvey
Jim Harvey
April 11, 2022
Went with Shaun Rodgers at…
Went with Shaun Rodgers at Pell Solar for our 13.7Kwh system just under a year ago. Compared them to a couple of national companies and several local ones. The national companies were over priced, had way too many bad reviews, and sub-contracted everything. The local companies were all very close in price, reviews, expertise, and warranties. However, Pell had the best combination of those, and Shaun was able customize the system to the size we needed, using the hardware we preferred, for a low price. We wanted a zero electric bill and we got it (except for $15 a month we can't offset no matter what). Not just zero at the end of the year, but negative every month. We even asked him to anticipate the addition of pool equipment, which he did. Pool equipment installed, and we are still negative. Even if the output declines by 15% over 25 - 30 years, we will still probably end up being negative or at least breaking even. That is how you plan and engineer a solar system. Exactly what we wanted. Our install was right at the pinnacle of the pandemic distribution problems, so our panels took almost 2.5 months to arrive, but otherwise the system would have been installed in less than a month after signing the contract. Took them one day of work for the actual install.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones
January 20, 2022
I went with Shaun Rogers…
I went with Shaun Rogers from Pell to install a 10kW system a couple of weeks ago.

I shopped around to about 5 different vendors, including SunPower (I believe) who contracts through Costco and Pell was thousands cheaper.

Shaun was so incredibly thorough, honest (there were points where he told me that because of my super low energy costs in Azusa, the system really wasn't necessary) and over-communicated throughout the process. I've recommended him to family in the area. Big fan. I ended up moving to it honestly because I wanted the future equity addition to the home and...because I thought it was badass to have solar :)

We had issues with my HOA and the city of Azusa (confusion on their ends) and his team handled the months of back and forth with ease and grace.

Financing was a breeze through their credit union partner and the additional cost of having to upgrade my electrical panel was included in my loan. Incredibly happy and satisfied!
Fu Guofu
Fu Guofu
September 9, 2021
If you’re planing to get…
If you're planing to get solar from this shop. I would recommend to stay away. I called in the morning 40 minutes after the shop open, talked to a staff and only to be told someone will call me back. Then four hr later called the shop again and different staff said the same, someone will call me back. Now the shop is close. BUT STILL NO ONE CALLED ME BACK!!!. So if the customer service is this horrible, I wonder what horrible customer service await for me in the future, if I purchase solar from them. Yall been Warn ⚠️

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