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Updated on 2023-07-01

Solar Path Overview

Solar Path is a full-service solar installation company based in Tucson, Arizona. It was founded in 2008 and incorporated in the same year. They specialize in energy analysis, system design and engineering, and installation. The company also offers additional services like electrical panel upgrades and digital monitoring, and provides a warranty for customers. Their staff are LEED accredited professionals and also certified by NABCEP. The company has received numerous awards due to the services they offer. 

Since 2008, they have designed and installed 1900+ solar systems within their region. Their services are at a low cost and quite affordable. They offer their services to both residential and commercial customers. They have a 100% five-star rating on most review sites, and customers trust them. Based on customers’ reviews, they have a friendly and professional approach and are easy to work with. 



Solar Path Services And Features

Solar Path Services 

Energy analysis/Feasibility studies: Solar Path offers a free energy analysis that will include the photovoltaic (PV) (solar energy) system design, available utility rebates, and tax incentives. 


System Design /Engineering: The company creates a system design in order to figure out the right position for solar panel installation and the right size of solar panel to be installed for each client. 


Photovoltaic (PV) panel selection: The company gives their clients numerous options of solar panels to choose from following the right criteria, which include: solar panel cost, quality, energy efficiency, durability, size, etc. 


Customer care and system warranty: Solar Path has a customer care team who attends to customers’ needs. They get compliant from customers and give necessary information about the company to prospects. The company also has a warranty for every service provided. 


System monitoring and maintenance: The company has provided monitoring and maintenance of the solar system after installation. They keep track of solar panel performance. 


Solar Path Cost

Solar Path, unlike other solar companies, offers its services at very affordable prices. They’ve also made provisions for customers who cannot afford a one-time payment. They help customers get a loan with low interest. The repayment date is usually at the month’s end, making it easy and comfortable for customers. Solar Path has various electricity utilities that offer their residential and commercial customers incentives. Businesses also have an additional incentive that is not available for residences. Businesses can deduct the depreciation of the system on their tax return which allows for an even faster payback period. 

Federal law allows for a 30% tax credit for solar energy system installations. That means you can claim a tax credit on your tax return for 30% of the total cost of your system. Homeowners can claim a 25% tax credit for up to $1,000 for solar devices installed on a residence. This is a one-time tax credit and restricts the homeowner from additional credits for solar purchases made for the same residence in subsequent years. 


The SolarEmpower Customer Analysis: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Based on the numerous reviews by customers, the company’s pricing system is fair and causes no issues. 
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Solar Path Legitimacy

The solar path is an authentic company with different certifications and partnerships;

  • The solar path company is fully registered and recognized in Arizona. 
  • Their staff are professionals and certified by different bodies, including the North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners (NABCEP), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), etc. 
  • They have a partnership with different solar companies. 
  • They have a 100% five-star rating on numerous review sites. 

Based on customers’ reviews, they are trustworthy and offer quality services. 


Solar Path Maintenance

Solar Path has also made provision for monitoring and maintenance of the installed solar systems. They have a monitoring device that checks the solar system’s activities and detects any malfunction. The company has also set up a customer care team, and these are the people who respond rapidly to customers’ needs.

When a system malfunctions, the owner informs customer care, alerting the technicians, that will sort the issue immediately. They go for physical inspections at least once a year. All solar panels have a 20-year warranty against defects and efficiency degradation. Each inverter carries a minimum of a 10-year warranty against defects and efficiency degradation. All workmanship is guaranteed for a minimum of two years. Reviewers confirm that the company follows these procedures, with few complaints available on the review databases that we went through.

Solar Path also provides solar panel upgrades. When a panel is worn out, the company upgrades the panel with a very small amount as a charge. They also repair and replace faulty panels through their capable team of technicians. According to the reviews, their customers are very satisfied with their maintenance services.



The SolarEmpower View

Solar Path is a solar company that offers good services using a professional and friendly approach. They specialize in the engineering and installation of solar systems and also provide additional services like solar panel upgrade and maintenance. They have a 100% five-star rating on numerous reviews, and their customers are satisfied with their services. 



Contact Details

Address: 8339 N. Oracle Rd, Oro Valley

Phone: 520-322-6801

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Is Solar Path worth it?

Absolutely! Solar Path is a trusted company with professional staff; they are worth it.

Do Solar Path provide good services?

Based on the customers' reviews, the company provides quality services with a friendly and professional approach.

Do Solar Path provide good maintenance?

Based on the customers' review, solar path offers good maintenance and monitoring services.

Can Solar Path be recommended?

Definitely! Solar Path is worth the recommendation, and so far, many customers have recommended them.

Solar Path Solar Details

Licensing Information

ROC 255750

8339 North Oracle Road #110
Tucson AZ

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