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Updated on 2023-03-19

Solar Generation Overview

Solar Generation is a mid-size solar installation company based in Kingston, NY. The company caters to the solar needs of Hudson Valley of New York, and it has been able to help the community switch to solar smoothly. Solar Generation is headed by Todd and Jason and focused on delivering bespoke first-in-class solar installations. Now, Paul, the CEO, is committed to renewable energy and providing installation assistance to the residents and business owners of Hudson Valley. 

The company’s team consists of individuals dedicated to carrying out their jobs in the spirit of professionalism and workmanship. Solar Generation has gained many good reviews with a five-star rating and just one complaint. The company is certified in New York to carry out its business. 



Solar Generation Solar Panel Services and Specifics

Solar Generation is focused on providing reliable renewable energy for your home and business. The company sees the importance of renewable energy. It believes it is about independence, sustainability, diversifying, preserving resources, and saving costs. Solar Generation designs and installs solar electric systems of good quality. 


Specific Solar Panels Offered

The company designs reliable and durable solar panels for residential and commercial use. When the solar electric is installed in your home, your electricity source switches from fossil fuel to a cleaner and cost-effective power source. 


Specific Types of Services Offered

Here are the services offered by the company :

Roof Mount: Solar Generation offers a roof-mounted system with a standard shingle roof. Solar panels are mounted on the roof surface with an aluminum racking system bolted directly to the roof rafters. 


Ground Mount: Solar Generation offers ground mounts involving driving poles into the ground. The ground mount supports an aluminum racking system to hold the solar panels. 


Community Solar: Solar Generation offers solar power generated from local arrays and feeds into the utility grid. Create dynamic, renewable energy, make a positive impact on the environment and save 10% on the electricity bill. 



Solar Generation Installation Costs and Process

As a solar panel owner, you save money and get many financial benefits. You have the power to produce clean electricity from the sun and avoid expensive hiking rates. The company offers installation and other services at a competitive price. Solar Generation offers the best price to local companies and homeowners in Hudson Valley. 

Regarding financing, Solar Generation partners with three lenders to help you with loans so you can meet the requirements. The loans are to be repaid with fixed payments, unlike utility bills that increase over time. Loan approval is fast and secure; no third party, just you and the bank. 


Solar Generation Legitimacy

  • Solar Generation is certified in New York. 
  • The company is not secretive because its contact details, phone number, and location are on the website. Customers can contact Solar Generation and get swift responses to their inquiries. 
  • Solar Generation makes a conscious effort to offer good service to customers. 
  • There is no information about the partners, but there is sufficient information about team members and the CEO. Solar Generation’s legitimacy is supported by its transparency and customer reviews. 


Solar Generation Maintenance

The company offers high-quality services that require great maintenance. Solar Generation offers continuous care and attention to your solar panels after installation. The company is very easy to contact and highly efficient. Solar Generation has gained good reviews thanks to its responsiveness, professionalism, value, and quality. 

Solar Generation offers comprehensive installations and quotations to customers. The company also assures customers of technical support and warranties, including a monitoring system. The installation process is seamless and fast. Customer reviews reflect Solar Generation’s amazing service.



The SolarEmpower View

Solar Generation appears to offer great services and high-quality products. The company prides itself in offering good services for competitive prices. The company is legitimate and excellent with customer feedback and research.



Contact details

Phone: 845.679.6997

Address: 747 NY-28l Suite #4 Kingston, NY

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar

Service Areas

Select State:


Can I cancel a contract with Solar Generation?

According to New York law, you cannot generally cancel a company contract once you sign it. If you want further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, contact Solar Generation or an attorney directly.

I can’t contact Solar Generation - what should I do?

To contact Solar Generation, send an email or place a call. In a delayed response, find your way to the company’s head office.

Does Solar Generation provide a free consultation?

The website did not state that the company offers a free consultation.

Solar Generation Solar Details

43 Mill Hill Road
Woodstock NY

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