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Updated on 2023-04-13


Solar Centex is a veteran-owned and operated solar designing, installation and monetization company. It was founded in 2012 and has made steady progress. Its revenue is not public, but our experts estimated it to be slightly under 5 million. The company is based in Harker Heights, Texas, offering services in Gatesville, Killeen and San Angelo.

Solar Centex offers consumer and commercial services for residential and agricultural projects, including ranches. It bases its business on trust and localization of customized services to customers. It focuses on families, homeowners and local ranches that want premium services and products at a higher cost. 



Solar Centex Services and Specifics

The company is vertically integrated. Their team does all the installation processes for you, from issuing permits to installation and after-installation maintenance support.

The company offers different system options. They encourage customers to choose a suitable system depending on customer needs and budget. However, the most common system is grid-tied, where the solar system is integrated with the power grid. 

Another option is off-grid solar. The company offers this system to customers who want power throughout the year by using backup batteries and generators during power outages. The system is reliable but expensive due to the added components. It’s ideal in rural areas.  

Dual axis Trackers

Unlike their competitors, Solar Centex offers a dual-axis tracker, which allows the solar panels to spin in the direction of the sunshine. This ensures your system gets maximum energy all day long and is most suitable for commercial projects. 
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Installation costs and process


From reviews, Solar Centex customers reported paying competitive prices compared to the quality of products and services, which aligns with the company’s emphasis on quality solutions to cut electric bills. Solar Centex offers three financing options.

  • The first is cash which they term the best because of lowered rates. 
  • The second is by Sungauge, where you can get loans from sunguage and pay them back at a rate of 0.99%.
  • The third option is for veterans only, and is customized for veterans who can get solar at generous rates of approximately 23.60%

Our experts found the company’s price per watt competitive based on customer feedback, and they have a good value policy. They offer financing options, have an experienced staff, and their services are customer centered. 



Solar Centex is a legitimate company with substantial accreditations to support its legitimacy:

  •  The company is licensed by the state of Texas with an ongoing verifiable license of an electrical contractor. 
  • it has a NABCEP Board certification for PV installation. 

Solar Centex is a reputed brand with several reviews on solar review sites and social media. The company has partnered with notable solar brands like LG Chem and solar Edge. Our experts view the company as a legit service provider for their transparency, license and repetition.  



The company has flexible scheduling to accommodate customer needs. Customers termed the team as patient and professional in answering queries. Also, they provided different contact options that are all open. 

According to reviewers, their customer support response is fast and friendly across all their contact details, from emails to phone calls. Furthermore they have an automatic online chip that helps customers 24/7, highlighting a focus on customer satisfaction. Importantly, their solar system comes with workmanship and equipment warranties. 

ℹ️Our experts found Solar Centex to have effective technical maintenance support, flexible scheduling and professional customer services.
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The SolarEmpower View 

To conclude, our experts recommend Solar Centex as a legitimate company for offering high-quality products and services customized for Texas people. Their prices are more competitive than any other local company and are veteran owned.



Contact details:

Address: 1901 East FM 2410, Harker Heights, TX, 76548 

Phone number: 254-393-1340

Website: Solar Centex

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
Solar Power World
Solar Power World

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Are Solar Centex trustworthy?

Yes, the company has a verifiable license from Texas State. It has a NABCEP Board certificate and has partnered with trusted brands in the solar industry. Also, it has a long trail of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Are Solar Centex good to work for?

Solar Centex has a small team, so it’s hard to tell their working ethics.

Solar Centex Solar Details

1901 East FM 2410
Harker Heights TX

Solar Centex User Reviews

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Louis Foote
Louis Foote
December 24, 2022
I contacted this company to…
I contacted this company to do a solar system inspection for me which they agreed to do. They sent me a quote that I signed and returned as they requested. After many calls to the office to get the inspection completed as agreed to all I get is “ Scott will call you back by the end of the day”. 4 weeks later that call has not come and my system still set’s broken. It’s not good business to agree to do something and then avoid the person/Job. Never did I ask for my insurance claim to be signed off on. My request has always been for an inspection/estimate. A simple returned call is all that was needed. Not empty promises. Additionally, you have yet to call me as you and your office manager have promised. I happened to call when you were in the office and spoke with you once. At that time you said you would get with me the following week when we had several sunny days. The actual call backs promised to get the job done was exactly as stated. Calls promised never received. It amazes me that I couldn’t get a simple call back yet within an hour of this review there was a response. ADD: The more I think about this reply from the company the more it irritates me. Why would you try to pass off your lack of customer service to the customer by insinuating that I’ve requested that you do something that could be taken as shady or illegal? NEVER were you asked to “Sign off” on my insurance claim. Your Office manager knew exactly what I requested from day one and that was for an inspection/estimate on a system that was hit by lightning. Shame on you for failing to accept responsibility for poor customer service. Hind site and I can see this is a pattern by looking at past reviews.
December 3, 2022
When we were house hunting,…
When we were house hunting, we first encountered Solar CenTex because they installed a solar system on one of the houses. My wife Googled Solar CenTex and read excellent reviews, but it ended there because we did not buy that house. So when we decided to go solar, we remembered the reviews we read about Solar CenTex, and I reached out to them. From the day I signed the contract, we had the solar panels up and running in no time.

Scot and Brandi explained the pros and cons of the two solar systems, SolarEdge and Enphase. I did a lot of research before going in, and they answered all my questions. With what I learned from them, I could make an informed decision on what system would work best for me. I also mentioned that I saw a house with the conduit running on the roof; Brandi stopped me and told me, “We do not do that.” I love how the installation of the solar system looks aesthetically.

I know Chris worked behind the scenes, applying for the permits and following up to ensure they got the permits to keep the installation on schedule. So with those permits granted by the City, I know my installation is code-compliant.

Zack showed up the day before the installation to get started by measuring and marking off where the rails and panels would go.

It took Zack, Trinidad, Mike, and Josh only three days to install 39 panels on our close to 12 and 12-pitch roof. They could have finished in one day if my roof was a standard pitch (4:12 slope). They are very good at their work, and the finished product is proof of that. Trinidad also answered all of my questions that came up during the installation.

Fred and Todd got the wiring and electrical finished and looking nice. As promised, the electrical conduits are not on the roof but are run in the attic in flex tubing. So the only conduit seen is from the attic to the convertor.

If you are in the service area of Solar CenTex, I highly recommend you look them up. They are a local solar company located in Harker Heights, and their website on the “About Us” tab about a quarter way down that page shows their service area. Additionally, you would not need to worry about searching for someone to service your panels if they installed them. It was a seamless process from start to finish. It was a pleasure to work with them to install the system, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

If this review helped you go with Solar CenTex, it would be nice if you mentioned my name so I can get paid, Jarrel Kaaloa ?
Daniel Nichols
Daniel Nichols
September 8, 2022
I consulted several solar companies…
I consulted several solar companies around the Austin and Killeen areas. Solar Centex provided the best value and the best financing rates. The installation crew are very courteous and do quick and efficient work. I want to acknowledge Trinidad for being an excellent point man for my installation. The crew never left any messes after they left. Scot has put together a fine team.

Support local. Support a veteran. Choose Solar Centex.
Taylor Lott
Taylor Lott
July 28, 2022
I am not even a…
I am not even a customer (yet) and I received some excellent service! I inherited a solar system when I purchased my home and have not been able to find out who installed them so I can get them serviced. I called Solar CenTex and the first person who answered my call immediately started researching for me. Even after learning that they were not the installers, she continued to look into it and gave me excellent advice on how I could find the information I need. This is who I will choose to do business with if I can't find the answers I need!
steve lastname
steve lastname
June 4, 2022
Had an issue with the…
Had an issue with the existing system and called Solar CenTex. The problem was a simple fix and I was shown how to troubleshoot. Solar CenTex installed my system 6 years ago and we have had nothing but a positive experience with all of them and our system has been saving us money ever since day 1. Thank you Solar CenTex!!!!!!!

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