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Solar 360 is a small-sized solar panel installation company based in Orange City, California. It serves the entire Southern California region. It was established in 2013 and is showing continuous growth. It has about 23 employees.

Solar 360 majorly caters to homeowners and small businesses. It has shown a lot of growth purely via referrals and long standing relations. It has a very good reputation among its clients which is shown by an average of 4.5 star rating from about 250 reviews that we have gathered through multiple reliable sources.



Solar 360 Services and Features

Solar 360 products

Solar 360’s team takes care of the installation process from start to finish. It offers the following products:


Solar Panels:

  • Monocrystalline solar panels: These are made of single crystal silicon that is melted into an ingot and thinly sliced. This creates a more refined, more efficient, but also more expensive product.
  • Polycrystalline panels: They are made of lots of silicon crystals melted together. They’re not quite as efficient as monocrystalline panels, but they’re also more affordable.
  • Thin-film solar panels: Thin layers of photovoltaic (PV) material are placed on a conductive sheet and covered with a protective material like glass or plastic to make thin-film solar panels. They are the least efficient but the most affordable.


Roofing: They install new solar roofs according to customer needs. Clients have been very satisfied with this service.


Residential Systems: This service provides roofings to houses and makes electricity much more affordable.


Commercial Systems: The company also caters to small businesses and increases their profits by decreasing the electricity expenses.


Solar 360 costs

Solar 360 customers report that they have some of the best prices for installation of the panels and do their work very quickly and cleanly. They focus on getting the job done as efficiently as possible and making it the best experience possible for their clients. Various reviewers that have had other solar companies do some work as well reported that they preferred Solar 360 over the other companies. 

They have competitive prices and do not overcharge their customers. The staff is professional and does its work in time. You can also ask them to arrange the solar panels in certain patterns. In short, they offer competitive prices and do not try to rip off their clients. 


Solar 360 legitimacy

Solar 360 is a legitimate company. Some of its accreditations are as follows:

  • It is registered in California under General Contractor CSLB # 985010.
  • It has been a BBB accredited business since 2019 and has A+ rating on their site.
  • Their location, email and phone number are all available on their website along with consultation options.
  • It has a manufacturer partnership with Solar Edge company.

We see the company as completely legitimate and a very good service provider. It has been providing its services for about 9 years and there have not been any questions on its legitimacy. Moreover, its certificates, affiliations and accreditations are the biggest proof of its legitimacy.


Solar 360 maintenance

Customers report that Solar 360 provides very good maintenance after the initial installation. They make sure to fulfill all their promises. All the customers praise the person in charge of their project which shows that the company knows who to employ. They are easy to contact and reply to calls and inquiries.

Solar 360 provides a 25 years workmanship warranty on their installations.

They focus on doing their best and providing the highest quality, according to the reviews that we found. They are efficient across the board and don’t leave their customers unanswered.



The SolarEmpower View

Overall, Solar 360 offers very good services at a competitive cost. According to our analysis of various databases, the company provides excellent customer support. Over the years, all the complaints, which are few, have been solved professionally. So we recommend Solar 360 comfortably.



Contact Details:

Phone: (949) 535-1008

Address: 1586 N Batavia St, Orange, CA 92867

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Solar 360 trustworthy?

Yes, based on the client reviews that we have gathered and the accreditations of the company we can comfortably say that you can put your trust in Solar 360 without any worries.

Can you cancel a contract with Solar 360?

Yes. California’s law allows the buyer to cancel a contract within 3 days of signing the contract.

Does Solar 360 provide a free consultation?

Yes, you can find this service at the bottom of the home page of their site.

Is Solar 360 recommended?

Yes, we recommend them as our analysis has shown them to be a very promising company.

I can’t get in contact with Solar 360 - what should I do?

If you live close to Orange City, California, you can go to their head office. If not, they have their number and email available on their website, you should try any method you have not tried yet.

Solar 360 Building Services, Inc Solar Details

Licensing Information

CSLB# 985010

1586 N Batavia St
Orange, CA

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