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Updated on 2023-03-19

Skycap Solar Overview

Skycap Solar is a mid-sized solar panel sales and installation company based in Wyoming, United States. The company was formally named Synthesia Solar, and incorporated in the year 2020. Since then, the company has offered quality and competitively priced solar power systems with unprecedented transparency and accountability while consulting with customers across the United States.

The company currently provides commercial and residential solar installation by experts with years of experience in customizing solar systems for different applications. Skycap Solar has the license to sell solar in over 38 states. Currently, the management is working towards spreading to other states. Since the incorporation of Skycap Solar, the company has supplied and installed numerous solar panels and gotten excellent reviews.



Skycap Solar Panel Services and Features

Skycap Solar Products & Services

Skycap Solar is a renowned full-service solar energy provider. This means that the company does not only offer sales of solar panels services but also takes total control of the installation of solar panels based on customers’ demands.

The company’s offering includes;

Superior Solar Panels: Skycap Solar offers Tier 1 solar panels with great reviews and excellent product warranties. The solar panels are suitable for residential and commercial use. 


Solar Panel Installations: Skycap Solar has formed a partnership with the most sought-after and well-reviewed solar installers across the United States. These installers build and warranty the solar power installations sold by Skycap Solar.


Quality Consultations: Skycap Solar uses the best solar-design system in the industry and can therefore tell with accuracy how much energy your energy will produce and a detailed comparison of your electric bill before and after going solar. Skycap Solar Review caters its products and services to customers across the United States and beyond. The customer reviews show that the company provides excellent and affordable services.


Evaluation & Monitoring: Skycap Solar ensures that your solar panels perfectly fit the application they are installed in and also monitors the installed solar panels for at least three months. 


Skycap Solar Costs

Skycap Solar offers flexible financing with the lowest interest rate in the entire solar industry. This makes solar energy more affordable than ever. The company acknowledges that its focus is more on quality than cost. Being in partnership with solar installation experts also helps reduce the cost of installation. Customers, therefore, get their solar installation services from Skycap Solar at the barest minimum cost.


Skycap Solar Legitimacy

Skycap Solar is a highly legitimate company. It has been able to achieve the necessary accreditation and relationships that might just convince you of how legitimate the company is. Here are some of those accreditations and relationships:

  • It is a registered company in Wyoming and has been accredited since its incorporation in 2020.
  • It has built a strong relationship and partnership with solar installing experts all around the country and can easily rely on those contractors to install a system sold by Skycap Solar. With this method of contracting installations out to local installers, the company can arrange for high-quality solar power installations cheaply and effectively. 
  • Skycap Solar has registered agents as both its directors and officers. Hence, you can be assured of due protocols being observed before any contract can be established.
  • Skycap Solar is transparent about its contact details, providing its location, email, and phone number on its website for easy contact and access.


Skycap Solar Maintenance

The company has a very high level of maintenance. From the reviews, it has been established that Skycap Solar is keen on promptness. The company is in partnership with solar installation experts across the country that makes its services flexible and easily accessible.

Skycap Solar not only provides solar panels and installation services but also, a high level of maintenance of these products and services and even offers customized solar systems to suit different applications to give customers the best experience.



The SolarEmpower view

Overall, Skycap Solar not only offers excellent services but also, ensures to put customers into consideration as the company works with customer budget, vision, and needs. Nevertheless, the customers’ budget does not hinder the company from delivering high-quality services as Skycap Solar has a standard and never goes below the standard.



Contact Details

Phone: +1 307 429 2379

Address: 30N, Gould Street, Suite 3229, Sheridan, WY 82801

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Skycap Solar trustworthy?

Yes, our analysis shows that Skycap Solar is truthful and transparent. The company’s contact details are displayed on the website for easy access, and we are partners with licensed and award-winning solar panel installation experts. Honest and transparent pricing, financial analysis, and projection are also included in Skycap Solar services.

Does Skycap Solar provide a good service?

Yes, Skycap Solar was incorporated to give the best services the industry has to offer. You get to work with experts with years of experience in customizing solar systems to different applications. With excellent customer service from Skycap Solar and the high-quality workmanship provided by our installation partners, you get the best all-around experience.

Does Skycap Solar provide a free consultation?

Consultation is as important to the company. So, providing free consultation services is one of its practices.

Can you cancel a contract with Skycap Solar?

Yes, you can cancel a solar installation contract with Skycap Solar only if the team has not begun any installation activity.

SkyCap Solar Solar Details

30N, Gould Street, Suite 3229
Sheridan, WY

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