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Updated on 2023-01-31

Scenic City Solar Overview

Scenic City Solar is a locally owned, small-sized solar contractor located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The company was founded in 2017 and is currently the largest solar contractor in the Chattanooga area. They render their services across several states, including North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. 


Currently, the company prioritizes commercial, residential, and agricultural solar services. Other services rendered include turnkey solar and solar EV charging. Although it is a relatively young company, Scenic City Solar has built a good reputation with over 122 solar projects implemented. The company is also a SunPower authorized dealer and is accredited by the BBB.



Solar Panels and Services offered by Scenic City Solar

Specific Solar Panels offered

The company does not specify the exact type of solar panels it installs on its website; however, they are partnered with several solar panel manufacturing companies, implying that they use panels made by them. These solar panel manufacturing companies include LG solar, SolarEdge Technologies, Unirac, and SunPower. There are other manufacturing companies highlighted on the company’s website.


Specific Types of Solar offered

Scenic City Solar offers solar systems which fit into three categories: residential, commercial, and agricultural.


Residential systems: The company helps customers to install solar systems in their homes, helping them create an energy-efficient home. Besides solar panel installation, Scenic City Solar offers its users other residential solar power solutions, such as solar batteries and generators. These supplementary power devices help users achieve constant power in the event of bad weather or prolonged power outage.


Commercial systems: Scenic Solar offers services to various types of businesses; whether a convenience store or a large-scale factory, the company installs small solar systems and huge megawatt systems that fit the use. 


Agricultural solar power solutions: The company also installs large-scale solar arrays for agricultural businesses. Depending on farm size, the industrial size systems offered by Scenic City Solar range from 500kW to 1 megawatt or larger. The company features pictures of previously installed solar systems on its website’s gallery.


EV solar charging: Scenic City Solar also provides its customers with solar electric charging systems, which allow them to increase their savings. Users of this service can also qualify for a 30% tax credit. 


Turnkey solar: The company offers grid-tied and off-grid turnkey services immune to potential grid failure. These services are economical in the long run.



Installation costs and process


Although Scenic City Solar does not give any specific costs for its services on its website, the company mentions that its main goal is to increase solar knowledge through installations. It does this by keeping its prices lower than any other. Scenic City Solar customers can also take advantage of several solar incentives allowing them to save money. 


One major incentive is that users are eligible to get tax credits. These tax credits differ depending on the type of solar system you have (residential, business, and commercial). Customers with Scenic City Solar stand to get a 30% Federal Tax Credit applied to their taxes. However, this is for households (residential) and businesses. Commercial customers who qualify for this incentive will also get the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Additionally, they can get a 25% grant for rural businesses and over 75% of their costs reimbursed in the first year.


Concerning the installation process, users can call Scenic City Solar to get a quote for their projects. After this, the company presents a solution, chooses how much power to generate, and then allows you to choose your solution from what they have presented. Once this process is finished, installation at your location begins.



Scenic City Solar has proven to be a legitimate solar contractor. Here are some of its certifications, licenses, and partnerships:

The company is licensed in Tennessee. 
It is accredited by the BBB and is a SunPower-authorized dealer.
It is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).
LG CHEM Certified MI2H190704013.
Scenic City Solar has an Electrical and General Contractor License and is transparent about its contact details and location on its website.
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The company also has partnerships with SunPower, SMA America, Unirac, Fronius USA LLC, IronRidge, LG Solar, aSolarEdge Technologies.


The above credentials point positively towards Scenic City Solar’s legitimacy. We can boldly say that the company is 100% legitimate.



The company is locally owned; therefore, no third-party workers are used. All solar services are done using Scenic City Solar’s employees.


Scenic City Solar does not mention whether or not it offers maintenance services for its customers. This means that users may have to depend on third-party organizations for their maintenance. That being said, verified reviewers have lauded the company for its professionalism. 


Reviewers also mentioned that the company’s team was resilient and came back to fix problems with the setup even after the installation. Although this hints toward a possible maintenance service, nothing is certain. Scenic City Solar’s team has also been reported to work well according to schedule. 


Concerning product warranties, the company doesn’t mention anything about product and workmanship warranties on its website. According to most reviewers, the company’s customer care service is fully operational and largely customer-focused.



The SolarEmpower View

Although the company is young and locally owned, Scenic City Solar offers high-quality services similar to that of the larger solar contractors. With 122+ solar power projects implemented and 62+ businesses strengthened by solar power, we view Scenic City Solar as a legitimate and good solar contractor. As such, we recommend them for their services.

💲Cost: 8/10 ✅Legitimacy: 10/10
⭐Quality: 9/10 📞Customer service: 7/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Is Scenic City Solar trustworthy?

Yes, the company is trustworthy as it is open with its contact details and transparent with its review database.

Will Scenic City Solar provide proper maintenance?

The company does not mention anywhere on its website that it offers any form of long-term maintenance. However, reviews from verified customers hint toward a possible maintenance service. Nevertheless, we advise that you inquire about a guarantee from Scenic City Solar.

What states does Scenic city Solar operate in?

The company operates in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

Is Scenic City Solar a legitimate company?

Yes, it is a legitimate company, as it has highlighted its licenses, certifications, and partners. It was also voted by Chattanooga's official people's choice awards as the best solar contractor in the area for the years 2020 and 2021.

Scenic City Solar Solar Details

951 S. Watkins St.
Chattanooga, TN

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