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Updated on 2023-06-14


RxSun is a medium-sized solar panel installation company based in Chicago, Illinois. It’s the residential solar branch of Verde Solutions founded by Chris Gersch. The company has a strong foundation and it has completed over 1300 commercial, industrial and municipal energy efficiency projects in 48 states. The firm delivers in-house installations and employs qualified and professional representatives.

RxSun currently serves families and homeowners, and its business approach is focused on recurring business and enduring partnerships with its consumers. Numerous five star customer evaluations for RxSun have been recorded on the firm’s website, which seems to have encouraged the organization to acquire the faith of new consumers and is supported by a protection warranty. It also claims manufacturing connections, industry certifications, and business accreditations.

RxSun Solar Panel services and features:

RxSun Products: 

RxSun offers a wide variety of services that revolve around solar systems. They have developed a comprehensive program, which includes:

Solar Panel Construction

The company employs solar panel experts that can help you through a three-part consultation process that assesses your property:

The Solar Home Assessment: RxSun, through conversations with potential clients and on-site analysis, does lots of groundwork to determine whether the client can safely install a solar system. The team has a level system that ensures that your home is a good candidate for installation. They create a design proposal with the panels placed in the optimal position where they can receive the most daylight, keeping your system as efficient as possible.

Solar System Design: RxSun’s solar panels have a distinct black and shiny appearance however, they provide a choice of panel and design options. A representative from the organization would lead you through the different design choices. Based on the design considerations made at your home consultation, RxSun creates your unique proposal.

Solar System Financing: You’ll learn how to save money on your solar panel installation by learning about state and federal incentive programs. Your solar consultant will walk you through the pros and drawbacks of each option and guide you in making the best choice for your house. Before signing the contract for the installation, you must get pre-approved and have your credit checked for loans and leases.

This seems a comprehensive process, similar to that which is offered by other local firms in IL.


RxSun have their consultants go through their detailed installation process with you before they commence the process in your home. They follow a strict 6-step program that ensures a 100% installation success rate. These 6 steps are:

Permitting: The company handles the municipal permits.

Installation: RxSun partners with an exceptional installation company that provides unique benefits to their customers. They are confident in getting you a delivery time of just 90 days. 

Interconnection: Your new solar system will be connected to the grid by a team of experienced solar installers.

Inspection: The company conducts a mandatory electrical check of the entire system to ensure it works properly. The installation team schedules this process and makes necessary adjustments.

Program and Applications: RxSun completes the paperwork and sets up different program applications so you can start saving with the sun. These programs are:

  • Net Metering program
  • SREC incentive program

Installation costs and processes

RxSun Costs: 

RxSun offers competitive prices and tries to cut costs wherever they can; however, their main priority is the quality of the service they provide. This means they would choose a more expensive alternative in material and labor if it proves that it would be a more efficient and better investment than its cheaper alternative. For these reasons, if cost is your main focus, you may be better advised to look elsewhere. Nonetheless, if you have the budget to go with RxSun, their tailored services match their price.

RxSun Legitimacy: 

RxSun is a highly legitimate and a full-service residential solar company. Here are some of its most recent accreditations: 

  • It is a NABCEP-certified business. 
  • It has received an ongoing license from the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.
  • RxSun is transparent about its contact details, providing its location, email, and phone number on its website for ease of contact and a 24/7 support chip for its technicians. 

RxSun Maintenance:

The company provides a high degree of service and maintenance for your solar chargers at home. For the most part, clients like how accessible they are, as well as how highly skilled they are. The team responds to inquiries in 1 working day, gives detailed quotes in 2 working days and schedules home qualification assessments within 5 working days.

Although this is the case, RxSun backs up its free quotations and full installations with ongoing technical assistance and guarantees, including a 24/7 monitoring system. In addition, customers found the initial setup process incredibly straightforward, ensuring that the team was direct to deal with. Every RxSun home solar installation has a free guarantee that features: 

  • a 10 year labour warranty.
  • 20-25 year’s product warranties. 

The SolarEmpower view: 

RxSun appears to provide excellent services. However, they come at a price. Although this may be the case, RxSun may still be an excellent long-term investment in terms of cost per watt and return on investment. We examined databases that confirmed the organization’s credibility and exceptional customer service.


Contact details: 

Phone: 800-607-9786

Address: 211 North Elston Ave. Suite 208 Chicago, IL, 60614

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Is RxSun worth it?

Yes, our analysis found RxSun to be an excellent solar panel installation provider.

Are RxSun good to work for?

RxSun is a smaller company working in a close-knit team. However, there is too little available data to make a sure judgment on how the company treats it's employees.

Is RxSun trustworthy?

Yes, RxSun is accredited by the BBB and Chicago authorities.

Can I cancel a contract with RxSun?

According to state law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you want further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact RxSun or an attorney directly.

RxSun Solar Details

2211 N Elston Ave Ste 208
Chicago IL

RxSun User Reviews

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Danielle Perlin-Good
Danielle Perlin-Good
May 24, 2023
The work that RxSun did…
The work that RxSun did was incredible. Everyone was kind and wonderful as well. If something wasn't working right away, they stayed hours to fix the problem. They explained everything to my husband and I kindly. With contractors, I've had the unfortunate experience of working with men who treat women like they cannot understand their work. I experienced the opposite with this company. I encourage everyone to work with RxSun for their solar needs. Thank you!
Erin Gates
Erin Gates
April 27, 2023
Updated review pending the resolution…
Updated review pending the resolution of a current issue.
Matthew Rothenberg
Matthew Rothenberg
March 1, 2023
Everyone at the company from…
Everyone at the company from sales to tech to the installers are great to work with and very knowledgeable. They want to make sure that you’re happy that your product and that it’s working well. The products that they use are also top notch. I will continue to recommend friends and family to work with RXSUN for their solar needs.
Dr.Mel Irvine
Dr.Mel Irvine
December 20, 2022
RxSun did a great job…
RxSun did a great job with my solar install. George was great to work with and walked us through the process. The design they used made it through hurricane Ian and sustained winds of 120 and gusts of up to 160 with zero damage to our system. We would recommend their services
Tracey Miller
Tracey Miller
December 9, 2022
Highly recommend! We have had…
Highly recommend! We have had an exceptional experience using RxSun. They respond to emails & texts quickly and have a very transparent sales process. We knew exactly what products we were getting from the outset. Their team has been helpful throughout each phase of the project and continues to help us navigate the Illinois rebate process. We are so glad we used RxSun for our solar project!
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson
December 8, 2022
RxSun, especially our sales person,…
RxSun, especially our sales person, Noah Rothschild, were an absolute pleasure to work with during the process of designing and ultimately installing our rooftop solar array. Noah was tremendously responsive to emails, texts, and calls making the whole process incredibly easy. RxSun came highly recommended to me by a friend and they did not disappoint. If you're spending time researching solar companies, you can go ahead and stop now; just go with these folks. They aren't pushy and they lay everything out crystal clear for you with regards to price and rebates. Time to installation was just as promised (about 75 days) and there was no delay. Noah and his team takes care of all the permit and rebate paperwork (minus the federal tax rebate) which takes away a huge potential headache from going solar. I'm super pleased with the customer service, workmanship, and overall outcome. Give these folks your business.
Larry Glickman
Larry Glickman
December 3, 2022
Was really pleased with RxSun…
Was really pleased with RxSun for our solar panels. Noah was always available for conversation and questions, and designed a system for our new home that has resulted in monthly electric bills of less than $15.

The installation crew was timely and professional. They patiently talked me through the process and did a great job.

Before you get into solar, be aware that there are multiple steps that take a lot of time, and many of these steps are not in RxSun's control. From panel delivery, to design approval, to inspection, to system activation...settle in, this is your government hard at work.

Thanks Noah for doing a great job. Talk to RxSun.
October 10, 2022
Really bad experience with this…
Really bad experience with this company. I really wanted to get solar and signed installation contract RxSun but post contract they started charging additional money for minor items which other companies do not charge for. I have to cancel the project and ended up with no solar.
Jessica Goebel
Jessica Goebel
August 31, 2022
I loved rx sun at…
I loved rx sun at first. They did a great job with the quote and giving me all the information. Was told an instal date and that date was not met, which I know things can happen. Turns out the village lost the paperwork for our permit. I had emailed rx sun multiple times to get a check on the permit and even called the village myself. After we finally get the solar installed I wanted a quote for a consumption meter. I was told I would get a quote and have not heard back after months. I have sent multiple emails and nothing back. Disappointing when you spend thousands with a company and they can’t return an email. I am now wishing I went with the other company I had in mind for solar.

August 30 update. After posting my review Jeremy reached out to me to make things right. He was extremely helpful and made me feel assured he would find out what happened and why I wasn’t getting a response. He assured that’s not how they do business. Jeremy was great helping me add a consumption monitor to my set up and never had any issues communicating since.
Paul Umbanhowar
Paul Umbanhowar
August 25, 2022
When Illinois enacted the new…
When Illinois enacted the new energy legislation in September 2021, I decided it was time to seriously consider going solar. I read up on the federal tax incentives, the Illinois SREC program, and where the latest technology stood in terms of $/watt and inverter options. Using Energy Sage, I got two offers and additionally contacted two other local companies (CertaSun and Sun Badger). Noah at RxSun got back to me right away with a preliminary proposal that was below the average installed $/watt estimate for the Chicagoland area according to Energy Sage. After a few design iterations with the various companies, it was soon apparent that RxSun's proposed installation plan was going to maximize our power generation due to their panel dimensions (which were a good match for our roof) and their willingness to install panels on a steeper pitched section of our roof (which some of the other installers did not want to do).

After signing the contract with RxSun for an August install date, the rest of the project went smoothly and in a timely fashion: on-site inspection, building permit, installation, inspection, ComEd interconnection, and system turn on in August as promised with good communication on what was happening all the way. Panels are generating the promised amount of power, but will have to wait a lot longer to see how close we get to the yearly production estimate. Overall, a low-stress experience as RxSun handled all the details. Would definitely use RxSun and Noah again on my next solar project.

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