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Updated on 2023-03-18

RMX Construction Overview

RMX construction is a “home improvement” company based in Jacksonville, Florida, focused on construction and remodeling. This company was incorporated in 2016 to provide a comprehensive set of home repair, remodeling services, and installing energy-efficient solar power in homes. Currently, RMX Construction has revenue of <$5 million and serves a large residential customer base in Florida.

RMX Construction is a mid-sized company with a board of directors presiding over the functioning of <25 employees. This is a high-cost business with multiple teams of experts dedicated to specific services such as roof designing, roof reconstruction, and solar panel installation. RMX Construction also has multiple certifications in national business organization communities, reflecting its strong reputation. Overall, RMX Construction seems like a legitimate company with good quality services.



RMX Constructions Services and Specifics

As is evident from the name, this is primarily a construction company. However, a major part of its services is solar panel installation, also known as “solar attic package.”

The major aim of this package is to transform normal attics into energy-efficient attics through a bundle of services focused on air quality improvement, energy efficiency, and increasing the comfort quotient of your home.

The services within this solar attic package include:

  • Solar attic fan: Improving your home’s ventilation can be a hassle and increase your energy costs. To combat this, RMX Construction provides solar power-operated attic fans that effectively improve your home’s ventilation and airflow. RMX Construction designs and installs solar attic fans based on customer requirements and site assessments.
  • Solar panels: RMX Construction undertakes designing solar roofs and subsequent installation of solar panels on the roof to make homes energy efficient. 
  • Thermal Underlayment: This procedure on your roof will increase your home’s energy efficiency and keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by trapping the natural heat inside your home. This service further boosts the efficacy of solar panels.
  • Blow in Insulation: This is a method of fixing any cracks, crevices, or loose sections on your roof to ensure the proper functioning of the solar panels and attic fan.
  • Radiant Barrier Spray: A service to protect your roof from further damage and increase the longevity of the energy-efficient systems.
  • Radiant Barrier Foil: Additional protection contributes to your roof’s insulation quotient.

Overall, RMX Constructions’ “solar attic package” is an innovative service that ensures your home’s energy efficiency from every aspect. Additionally, the increased insulation improves the longevity of the solar panels you install and makes your roof more durable in the face of changing weather.



Solar Panels and Services Offered by RMX Construction Company

RMX Construction offers solar panel installation of the following types-

  • Grid-tied systems: the solar attic package is a grid-tied system designed to support an already existing electric connection.
  • Tiled roofs: the solar panels are compatible with tiled roofs.
  • Shingle roofs: shingle roofs are the most common bases for solar panel installation in and around Florida.
  • Cemented roofs: the solar panels offered by RMX Construction are also compatible with cemented roof types.


Installation Process

 Since solar panel installation is not a standalone service provided by RMX Construction but rather a part of the package, the timing depends on a number of factors, such as the condition of the roof and the amount of insulation and repairs needed to be done prior to the solar panel installation. Customer testimonials state that RMX Construction completed the entire process within the originally proposed timeframe.


Installation Costs

RMX Construction has a free roof consultation service through which price estimates can be decided. Customers state that they paid the quoted price by RMX Construction and that the price seemed reasonable to them given the services provided.


Cost vs Quality Return

Most customers state that the quality of workmanship provided by RMX Construction is impeccable and extremely professional. Customers claim that its services are high quality compared to the cost of services.



RMX Construction provides a warranty on the installed solar attic fans and solar panels based on the original brand warranty. However, there is no mention of a warranty on its workmanship.



RMX Construction takes financing for its customers seriously. It provides credit options for customers with a good credit history. The credit lines up to $45,000 without extra fees. Alternatively, there exists a 24-month payment plan. Customers will also be eligible for Federal Tax Incentives as per state laws.



RMX Construction is a legitimate company in Florida with company number P16000034421. Its SIC code is 15,152, and NAICS code is 23,236. The company is transparent about its reputation and has been accredited by Business Consumer Alliance with a AAA rating, among others.



RMX Construction has no official partners listed on its official website.



Customers state that it is fairly easy to schedule appointments with RMX Construction. RMX Construction has a comprehensive system for customer support. The customer support links include-

  • Call- 855-RMX-6262
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Direct visit to its office at  10752 Deerwood Park Blvd Suite 100 Jacksonville, FL 32256
  • Direct message for inquiries at its Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages.




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Free consultation yes
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Is RMX Construction trustworthy?

Yes, RMX Construction is a trustworthy company. It has a good reputation among its customers and has multiple business certifications.

Can you cancel a contract with RMX Construction?

No, once approved, a solar energy contract is irrevocable according to United States law.

Does RMX Construction provide maintenance?

Yes, RMX Construction provides maintenance for its workmanship and installed systems. Maintenance services can be scheduled via call.

RMX construction Solar Details

10752 Deerwood Park Blvd Suite 100
Jacksonville FL

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