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Rise Power Overview

Rise Power is a small company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with 11 to 50 employees. They were founded in 2017 in the renewable energy and semiconductor manufacturing industries. They primarily install premium solar panels for residential as well as commercial buildings in Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago. One of their objectives is to make going solar easy. As a smaller and newer business, Rise Power’s revenue is still under $5 million.

The company was formed because the founders knew that there was a better way of providing families with clean and reliable energy. They knew that the only way to deliver the products, services, and installation experience that customers deserved was to do it themselves. They’ve helped thousands of families go solar by providing great value and a streamlined process. 



Services offered by Rise Power

Rise Power offers solutions for energy needs. They state that something predictable is needed when it comes to a customer’s energy. With solar energy, customers are more self-sufficient and less dependent on the electric grid. Instead of being vulnerable to public electricity and fluctuating prices, customers can instead have their own energy source. This reduces electric bills, stabilizes energy costs, and increases a home’s value.


Consultation: Rise Power offers customers a free solar proposal on their website for a good start. After submitting the proposal, customers will receive an in-home consultation and a detailed plan from Rise Energy staff.


Roof Assessment: Rise Power offers customers a roof assessment. Its purpose is to evaluate as well as identify the degree of wear and tear of a roof. Staff will visit the site and inspect the roof, ensuring it is ready for solar.


Solar System Installation: Rise Power offers customers solar system installation services from their experienced and professional crew. They will schedule a convenient installation. Such services include:

  • Setting up scaffolding and mounts.
  • Installing and wiring solar inverters, bonding of inverters and batteries.
  • Connection of the inverter to the consumer unit. 


Solar System Monitoring: Rise Power assures its customers that they won’t be on their own after installation. They provide continuous solar system monitoring services. In this way, they can know how much electricity the system produces and resolve any issues that may arise.


Rooftop Solar System: In collaboration with EnergySage, Rise Power offers customers solar installations on residential properties. Purchasing or financing a solar panel system allows customers to maximize savings and enjoy tax credits.


Community Solar System: Rise Energy offers customers an option if they can’t put panels on their property. With community solar, customers can subscribe to a large solar project in their area, allowing them to save between 10% to 20% on their electric bill.



Installation Cost and Process


According to Rise Power, if customers can pay their electric bill, they can afford to switch to solar. They also state that installing a solar system with Rise Power can be done for $0 down. When it comes to cost reviews, customers highly rate Rise Power in terms of pricing as quoted and installation quality. Customers share that the final price given to them was very close or exact to the quotes. The installation quality was also described to be top-notch, as products were said to work well long after installation. 

Our research indicates that Rise Power offers financing services. Upon looking at their website, Rise Power gives no mention of any financial or loaning plans, as well as options for tax incentives and rebates. This should be mentioned, as Texas has many financial institutions and solar tax benefits. Rise Power also has its fair share of negative reviews regarding its cost and quality. Some customers report being impressed at first during installation, but after a year, issues from left and right arose. 

These issues weren’t fixed for a long time, but customers received compensation after a while. Additionally, some customers felt “abused” due to the misuse of the Oncor Rebate Program as a bait-and-switch tactic. The customers felt their hopes were aroused, but nothing from the sales talk came to fruition. This warrants significant minus points, as Rise Power’s mistakes led some customers to lose money and waste time.



When it comes to legitimacy, Rise Power’s licenses are not published on their website and are difficult to find with a simple search. Their status as a legitimate company is supported by their easily seen social media accounts, email addresses, and phone number. 

Additionally, they are transparent about their reputation, seeing as they include reviews from well-known sources on their website. Rise Power has a certification with LG as a Pro Partner, an industry certification from BBB, and manufacturer certification from Enphase as a gold installer. Regarding partnerships, Rise Power is affiliated with premium brands and local professionals. This includes LG Pro Platinum Enphase, Hanwha Q Cells, Ironridge, Mission Solar Energy, SolarEdge, and Tesla. 



When it comes to maintenance, most customers give high ratings to Rise Power’s sales process, scheduling, and after-sales support. They share that they have a good experience with Rise Power’s staff regarding their sales process. They commend them for being excellent givers of customer service. They were also pleased with Rise Power’s staff’s responsiveness to queries. 

They say that the staff comes on the time they promise and accomplish installations within their mentioned time frame. The support that Rise Power gives to customers is also highly appreciated. They like that the sales representatives are knowledgeable and responsible throughout the approval process and permitting. In all, Rise Power’s staff is said to play their parts with professionalism. They also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty, which is subpar compared to the 20-plus-year warranties from similar companies.



The SolarEmpower View

Rise Power is a relatively new and small company based in Texas. Despite this, they have achieved a lot. Their services may be simpler, but many customers commend their service and support. Their legitimacy is also justifiable due to their affiliations and certifications. However, there is still room for improvement. Some customers report issues that weren’t fixed for a long time or were victims of bait-and-switch tactics. Compared to other companies, their warranties are subpar. In all, they are good company for their age that can still be better if they want to.

💲 Products: 9/10 ✅ Legitimacy: 10/10
⭐️ Costs and Financing: 6/10 📞 Customer Service: 6.9/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

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Solar Panel Installation

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Does Rise Power provide a good service?

Yes, Rise Power mostly provides its customers with good service. Some customers don't feel the same way due to how badly they were treated.

Does Rise Power provide a free consultation?

Yes, Rise Power provides what they call a free solar proposal.

Is Rise Power a legitimate company?

Yes. Rise Power is a legitimate company. This is supported by their partnerships, industry certification, and manufacturer certification.

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Dallas, TX

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