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Updated on 2023-03-18

Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric Overview

Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric is a solar energy systems business based in Asheville, North Carolina. Owned by Jacob Benton, who has long-term expertise in the field of renewable energy, Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric is a fairly new business in this industry that started its journey in 2020. Customer reviews reflect its impeccable reputation in this field with an average 5/5 star ratings.

Rhino Renewables currently caters to residential projects only and has already developed a loyal customer base in the Northern Californian region. This is a high-cost company with trained employees (<25) segregated into expert teams. It has also invested in getting accredited and business certifications to boost its reputation. Overall, Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric is an emerging leader in solar services in Northern California.


Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric Services and Specifics

Rhino Renewables has three basic services available for the residences of their customers. These include-

  1. Solar/ PV installation

This is the major service offered by Rhino Renewables. It takes complete responsibility for site analysis, consultation, designing of the solar energy systems, and installation. It also goes one step further and ensures its customers receive the tax benefits for going solar. 


EV charging stations

This is a unique service provided by Rhino Renewables. It deals in EV charging stations and provides installation services. These EV charging stations can be very useful if you have an electric vehicle.


Generator installations

This service is available for commercial infrastructures as well. Rhino Renewables deals in gas generators and provides customized generator designs and installation services.

Apart from these, Rhino Renewables also provides general electrical maintenance and repair services. It states that it is flexible and can offer other services, depending on customer requirements.



Solar Panels and Services Offered by Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric Company

Rhino Renewables provides grid-tied solar panels for all types of roofs on residential infrastructures. It is evident from the site photographs that it designs the PVs in a way that blends in with the house’s aesthetics. Rhino Renewables also provides ground mount solar systems for clients who don’t want PVs integrated onto their roofs.

Apart from grid-tied systems, Rhino Renewables also provides hybrid solar systems based on customer requirements.

The solar panels provided by Rhino Renewables belong to several prominent solar brands such as- Enphase, Solar Edge, LG, Blue Planet, and SolArk. Overall, Rhino Renewables has dealerships with 19 major solar cell companies. This ensures that customers have a range of options in terms of energy efficiency, quality, design, and pricing. This makes Rhino Renewables a solar provider to do business with.


Installation Process

Rhino Renewables has an impeccable reputation for its installation services. As per a customer’s testimonial from 2021, based in Waynesville, Rhino Renewables had estimated 3 days to install solar on their roof, but the process was efficiently completed within 1 and a half days. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the workmanship and efficiency of Rhino Renewables.



Rhino Renewables Costs and Features


As per customer reviews, they paid the quoted price each time. Rhino Renewables provides free consultation and cost estimates to prospective customers. Customers state that its quoted prices are very reasonable and better than other companies.


Cost vs quality return

Almost all customer reviews share a positive response in this regard. Customers are satisfied with the solar energy systems’ functioning and the savings from their energy costs.



Since Rhino Renewables provides solar panels from several different manufacturers, the warranty on the energy efficiency and manufacturer of panels will differ based on the brand. However, most brands provide 10-15 years of warranty. At Rhino Renewables, there is no mention of a warranty on the workmanship.



Rhino Renewables has a really strong financing program for its customers. It has a dedicated “Solar rebates” section explaining the incentives their customers are eligible for: Duke cash system and Federal ITC tax credit, per North Carolina laws.



Rhino Renewables is a highly accredited and legitimate company in North Carolina. Its SIC code is 49, and NAICS code is 22,221. The company is extremely transparent about its reputation, which is positive based on its certifications and customer reviews.



Rhino Renewables is the official dealer of 19 different solar cell manufacturers all across the globe.



Customers state that it is extremely easy to schedule appointments with Rhino Renewables. Customers also stated that there was constant update during the installation process, which they found helpful.

Rhino Renewables has a comprehensive system for customer support. The customer support links include:

  1. Call- (828) 417-7060
  2. Email- [email protected]
  3. Direct visit to their office at  340 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States
  4. Direct message for inquiries at their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.




Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric
Legitimate Yes
Trustworthy Yes
High Quality return Yes
Punctual and professional Yes
Wide Array of services No
Estimates available yes
Free consultation yes
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Is Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric trustworthy?

Yes, Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric is a trustworthy company. It is highly accredited and has a solid reputation in the renewable energy industry.

Can you cancel a contract with Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric?

No, once approved, a solar energy contract is irrevocable according to United States law.

Does Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric provide maintenance?

Yes, Rhino Renewables Solar & Electric provides maintenance for their workmanship and installed systems. Maintenance services can be scheduled via call.

Rhino Renewables Solar And Electric Solar Details

63 Sams Branch Rd
Candler NC

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