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Updated on 2023-08-22


In 2008, a group of technology, finance, operations, and government policy experts gathered together to create the Renew Financial Company.

They devised a financing model called PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy). The company is situated in Oakland, California, specializing in affordable renewable energy financing and many energy projects and financing products to create a clean energy model throughout all of America.

Renew Financial is a small finance company that generates $85 M annually and has about 160 employees. 

The former White House appointee Cisco DeVries founded the company in 2008. As a U.S. Department of Energy official, he developed the PACE concept to provide many financing projects and products. 

Renew financial claim to offer 100% home improvement financing without any upfront costs. They provide affordable projects done in a short time.



Renew Financial Solar Services And Features

Renew Financial works with the PACE, or “an idea that will change the world.” They offer exceptional benefits and services to homeowners, governments, and contractors. 


Renew Financial Services

These are some of the financial services that Renew Financial offers within their company.


Solar Panel Installation 

Renew financial offers advice on whether you should consider installing solar panels in your home in the first place.

They help you consider factors such as local climate, roof orientation, roof size, and shading when it comes to going solar. 

Solar assessment is a good thing since the company does not force you to go solar by no means but helps you make the right decision.

They will help you schedule a solar assessment and offer PACE financing programs. The company lets you borrow up to 20% of your home value with no upfront money. This offer is great because you can pay the money back in 5 to 30 years on your property tax bill.


Replacing Windows And Doors 

Renew financial offer replacing your old doors and windows or updating your doors and windows so that your home’s heating is not lost. 

Old windows let almost 30% of the heating go away, so energy-efficient windows and doors are a must. They need correct installation, so Renew Financial offers to replace them quickly and affordably. 

They advise you to choose energy-efficient options with the ENERGY STAR symbol. These options save up to 17% annual costs for double pane replacements and up to 30% for single pane replacements. 

In addition, renew financial are a licensed window installation contractor who can help you finance 100% of window replacement costs with no money required at closing. 


Heating And Cooling Services

Renew Financial offer home improvement financing related to your heating and cooling systems. For example, with their PACE financing, you can replace your air conditioner or add one if you still do not have it. 

As a result, you can make your home space comfortable and energy-efficient without any upfront costs. The best thing about this is that you can make home changes without saving money for years. 


Roof Replacement

Renew Financial offers roofing and replacements without any upfront cash or personal credit. Instead, they can replace your roof and let you pay it at a fixed interest rate later on your property tax bill. 

Going with Renew Financial is a good option since natural disasters happen frequently, and you might not be able to pay for the home repairs upfront. 


Landscaping And Turf

Renew Financial helps you ‘hardscape your landscape’ by removing your grass and using gravel, succulents, rock features, stone walkways, etc. 

They also help you replace your lawn with artificial turf to reduce water usage. In addition, they offer many lawn-related services with zero upfront payments and low-interest rates. However, these water use restriction ideas will make your law seem less lively and dull.


Hurricane And Earthquake Protection

Renew Financial offers advance hurricane protection for your home and prepare you for earthquakes without using your budget money upfront. 



Renew Financial Costs And Process

When it comes to costs, Renew Financial in California helps you improve your home with no upfront costs. 


Renew Financial Costs

The idea of Renew Financial is to help anybody make some home improvements, even those who have no saved money in their bank accounts. 

Offering services without any upfront money makes the company very caring and generous, focusing on minimizing costs and maximizing benefits and results. 

However, some customer reviews say that although the company asks for no upfront money, they find ways to make you pay that money double later on. 

Yet, the 100% financing on their part makes the company very selfless and supportive. Most five-star reviews claim they got good value for their money and excellent quality returns. 

On its official website, the company offers a dozen success stories from customers satisfied with the company’s services and professionalism. 


Renew Financial Legitimacy

  • Renew Financial is a Limited Liability Company licensed in Oakland, California State, verified by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation with a PACE Program Administrator License #60DBO-90653. They are not a government agency and are BBB accredited. 
  • Renew Financial offers contact information on its website, such as phone number, e-mail, and address. In addition, all customers can send messages to the company by logging in with an e-mail and password. 
  • The investors listed on the website are Angeleno Group, Apollo Investment Corporation, Claremont Creek Ventures, LL Funds, LLC, NGEN Partners, and Prelude Ventures. In addition, the investor list tells us that the company works and collaborates with various investors from different parts of the world. 


Renew Financial Maintenance

Opinions differ when it comes to Renew Financial Maintenance. Customers either rate it with five stars or with one star. 

The five-star ratings claim that the company has the best customer interest in mind and that they are professional and highly efficient. 

On the other hand, the one-star reviews state that the company will make you pay double the contract cost later on.



The Renew Financial View

To sum up, Renew Financial is a company committed to offering financial services for energy-efficient, safe and modern homes or business spaces. 

They claim to be customer-focused and action-oriented. They aim to improve your life by providing home improvement without upfront costs. 


Contact details:
Phone: 1-844-736-3934
Address: 555 12th St #1650, Oakland, CA 94607, United States
E-mail: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Can you cancel a contract with Renew Financial?

According to California State Law, you cannot revoke a signed contract.

Are Renew Financial good to work for?

Yes, almost 84% of Renew Financial Employees claim that it is a great place to work, which makes it much higher than the average American company.

Do Renew Financial provide good service?

Renew Financial provides excellent home improvement services and financing solutions with low-cost ideas.

Renew Financial Solar Details

Licensing Information

License #60DBO-90653

1221 Broadway 4th floor
Oakland CA

Renew Financial User Reviews

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Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly
February 15, 2023
They won’t pick up the…
They won't pick up the phone after 1 week of trying. They sent me to collections in error even know I never missed one payment. I'm sorry I picked this Company. Terrible service. They will not answer any of my written letters either.
M. Kelly
Ernest Brown
Ernest Brown
December 6, 2022
these people go the long…
these people go the long mile to save you money. top of the line company thanks
Bob Lowe
Bob Lowe
November 5, 2022
The best possible experience…
The best possible experience
Antonia Sanchez
Antonia Sanchez
October 27, 2022
If i could give them…
If i could give them zero stars i would the APR is actually a rate on top of rate they dont want you guys to know about. Do the math & actually you end up paying double or triple the amount i guess if u desperately need it but if you can finance elsewhere better to do so.
October 13, 2022
? percent satisfied with financial…
? percent satisfied with financial group. Approved the same day. And recommend it to whoever needs it.
Mary Yochheim
Mary Yochheim
September 19, 2022
Not only did they approve…
Not only did they approve me, I stayed approved. Tried other places with decent credit, they'd approve me one day then the following day say "I'm not approved". There was a company that approved and un-approved me 3 times in one week. Thank you Renew for saving my home!!
Shawn Moraga
Shawn Moraga
August 29, 2022
Beware if you use. Read…
Beware if you use. Read the fine print.
Amecia Whyte
Amecia Whyte
August 19, 2022
Great company…
Great company
James Miller
James Miller
August 5, 2022
It was easy to apply….
It was easy to apply. All online. Got approvel within minutes. Felt safe dealing with them online. After my roof was replaced getting my contractor paid was done online. Very easy. This was a blessing for me. I had been looking for way to replace my roof for 5 years. They gave me what I needed NO down payment and LOW monthly repay when I pay my property tax.
Veronica Bratton
Veronica Bratton
August 5, 2022
Very fast and easy qualifying…
Very fast and easy qualifying took the stress off of our home needing a new roof and not having to pay out-of-pocket right away very convenient payment plan

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