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Updated on 2023-01-31

Remote Power Inc. Overview

Remote Power Inc. is a renewable energy services provider based in Fairbanks, Alaska. Initially, this company started in 1999 and was later integrated as Remote Power Inc. in 2004. The company was founded and established by Greg Egan, who had experience in refrigeration and power servicing since 1979. Previously, the company provided services for residential and commercial clients; however, they now only undertake commercial and industrial projects.

Logistically, Remote Power Inc. is a high-cost business as it maintains a trained team of experts for varied services. There are separate teams for design, consultation, management, and installation. This reflects its efficient business structure. In the first quarter of 2022, Remote Power Inc. reported revenue of $8.8 million. Overall, Remote Power Inc seems like a promising company with a trustable internal organization.



Remote Power Inc. Services and Specifics 

Remote Power Inc. was established to help the people in Alaska meet their renewable energy goals. Remote power Inc. provides its services to industrial and commercial infrastructures. Additionally, Remote Power’s team of experts also provides consulting services.


Industrial services

Remote Power Inc. provides autonomous power systems backed by renewable energy (solar or wind) to industrial projects. These power systems are utilized to power the following industrial settings:

  • Coastal Radar equipment (CODAR)
  • Telecom sites
  • Meteorological stations
  • Cathodic protection
  • Scientific Research

Thus, the company’s power systems have many applications in the industrial sector. The projects it undertakes are mostly large-scale projects that positively impact the environment.


Commercial services

Remote Power Inc. provides power systems that are off-grid and on-grid in nature as a part of their commercial services. It provides design, manufacture, and installation of renewable energy-backed power systems for businesses and also ensures that its customers gain from the tax incentives for going solar.



Remote Power Inc. has a department of experts: project management, design, and consultation experts. These services are well defined and constitute the following:


System Design

System designs, drawings, and maintenance plans can be availed for photovoltaic systems, wind power systems, on-grid / off-grid systems, and PV-wind hybrid systems.



Consultation services are available for the feasibility of renewable energy, cost analysis, and review of architectural plans.


Project Management

For large-scale commercial projects, management is crucial. Remote Power Inc. provides construction oversight, contractor coordination, and system commissioning as a part of their project management services.



Solar Panels and services offered by Remote Power Inc. Company

Remote Power Inc. manufactures its photovoltaic panels and systems autonomously according to client specifications. Thus, no generalized types of solar panels are specified for its services. The solar panel quality and type depend completely on the project requirements and cannot be predetermined.


Installation process

Although the installation of solar-backed power systems is a part of the services provided by Remote Power Inc. the cost and process vary greatly depending on the scale and requirements of the project. There is no generalized installation process as the services provided by Remote Power Inc. are varied (hybrid systems, on-grid/ off-grid systems etc.).



According to customer reviews, 99% of customers paid the quoted price for Remote Power Inc.’s services. Few customers claimed that the prices are expensive compared to other companies.

Based on customer testimonials, Remote Power Inc. provides high-quality workmanship. Customers who availed its services in the early 2000s claim that they have “never regretted for a minute” their decision to go solar with Remote Power Inc. Even the most recent testimonials have similar views about Remote Power Inc.’s service quality.

Remote Power Inc. ensures that their customers gain from the Federal Tax Incentives, as per the laws of Alaska.



Remote Power Inc. is a legitimate company in Alaska with SIC code 36,362 and NAICS code 33,3359. Our database investigations indicate that Remote Power Inc. is extremely transparent about its reputation and has recently completed many high-profile projects in Alaska.



Customers state that it is moderately easy to schedule appointments with Remote Power Inc.

Remote Power Inc. has a comprehensive system for customer support. The customer support links include-

  • Call- (907) 457-4299
  • Email-
  • Direct visit to their office at 981 Gold Mine Trl, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99712, United States.
Remote Power Inc.
Legitimate Yes
Trustworthy Yes
High Quality return Yes
Punctual and professional Yes
Wide Array of services Yes
Estimates available No
Free consultation No
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
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Service Areas

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Is Remote Power Inc. trustworthy?

Yes, Remote Power Inc is a trustworthy company. They have a solid reputation in the renewable energy industry, as evident from positive customer feedback.

Is Remote Power Inc good to work for?

Yes, previous and current employees have stated that Remote Power Inc provides fair compensation and a fair work-life balance.

Remote Power Inc. Solar Details

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981 Gold Mine Tr
Fairbanks AK

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