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Updated on 2023-07-01

Redline Electric and Solar Overview

Redline Electric and Solar is a full-service electrical and solar contractor based in and serving all of Arizona. Founded in 2009 by Joshua Farley, previously a trader in this industry, he has used his experience and industry connections to build a company that has strong commitments to its community and has ambitions of “bringing solar power to every roof.” As ambitious as that goal may appear, there is an upstart energy about Redline Electric and Solar that may interest prospective clients.  

Although they do not focus exclusively in Solar power, their range of services and product installations is in keeping with other companies with a narrower focus on Solar. Offering a decent price and competitive warranty and service options to customers in Arizona. 



Redline Electric and Solar services and features

Redline Electric and Solar Products

Redline Electric and Solar does not exclusively work in Solar Power, however their involvement in other markets has afforded them a brand image and sufficient capital to afford to offer a very competitively priced series of ‘tiered’ offers. These offers are very competitively priced for a client new to solar power and on a budget and may tempt those who previously believed solar power to not be affordable for their homes and businesses. This includes panels, maintenance and batteries. Their more expensive products however, include services and technologies that are less common in the industry currently; black on black panels and micro-inverters are two stand out features amongst several that could make great upgrades to a customers pre-existing systems.

Secondly, it should be noted that each system provided by Redline are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the residential or commercial property where it is installed. A factor that is considered in this process is power usage. By tailoring the depth of a clients solar panel installation to their specific usage, the client is better protected from overspending and upselling on the installation and its maintenance.  

Interestingly, Redline also offer a total ‘rodent-resistant’ package to protect residential and commercial installations from infestations and rodent damage. This has been a well-recorded threat to solar power services across the more rural regions of the USA, including Arizona. 

Unfortunately, Redline Electric and Solar do not offer any Off-Grid services, this will be disappointing to some potential customers who may have been interested in their versatile and cost-effective solutions and installations for Off-Grid sites.


Redline Electric and Solar Costs

It is clear that the area in which Redline Electric and Solar cuts ahead of its competition is in the pragmatic options of its pricing. For every client seriously looking into bringing solar power to their home or business, the entry price offered by Redline Electric and Solar is sure to have an appeal of its own. It should also be noted that their pricing model of ‘tiers’, at its apex, offers an ‘all-corners-covered’ service to solar power that will give certain clientele some of the best that the solar power market can offer.


Redline Electric and Solar Legitimacy

Redline Electric and Solar has all the markings of a legitimate company. They are a licensed, bonded and insured company that can legally operate in Arizona. They are licensed by the NABCEP, an organization that distinguishes highly-skilled solar installers. This experience goes from top to bottom, with the CEO and COO of Redline both having this license individually. In addition, all of the company’s details are openly and clearly displayed to make queries and disputes easy to chase up for the client.  


Redline Electric and Solar Maintenance

Redline Electric and Solar offers excellent and cost effective service and maintenance to ensure their clients reap the long-term benefits of their products. An inclusive and well priced package, included in any purchaser offers spot-checks, 24-7 monitoring, lifetime warranties and quality of life assurance tests to guarantee any client is satisfied with their maintenance experience. 



The SolarEmpower view

In conclusion, Redline Electric and Solar is a company that takes pride in its ties to the community and relies on cost-effective solutions and a clever pricing model to stand out amongst its competition in its native state. Its custom designs for solar installations and low entry fee for clientele looking to enter the market of solar power make them a competitive option for many people that may have otherwise not thought solar power to be affordable.



Contact details

Address: 125 W Gemini Dr Suite E-19, Tempe, AZ 85283, United States

Phone: 480-470-4858

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Redline Electric and Solar worth it?

Yes. Their tiered pricing model and solid reputation and maintenance plan means that effective and reliable solar power and all the benefits it entails is now available to a section of the market that was previously priced out by other companies. For novices to solar power not looking to spend a steep sum of money, they are a great option.

Are Redline Electric and Solar good to work for?

Unfortunately, a lack of data and information online has made it difficult to evaluate the working culture of Redline Electric and Solar. However, from the company’s website and the requirement for their employees to have impressive licenses, it is suggested that a professional and skilled workforce is what is driving Redline Electric and Solar forward.

Are Redline Electric and Solar trustworthy?

Yes, this online platforms and reviews are varied and largely positive. The company’s licenses and ties to the local community in the state of Arizona also give the company an air of reliability and trustworthiness.

Can I cancel a contract with Future Energy?

Unfortunately, this is largely unlikely. According to contract law in the state of Arizona, unless there are exceptional circumstances, a contract binding you with a company cannot be backed out from once it has been signed.

Redline Electric And Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


125 W Gemini Drive Suite E19
Tempe, AZ

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