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Redding Solar Solutions Overview

Redding Solar Solutions is a small local solar company based in Redding, California. The company was founded in 2014, and it helps people eliminate utility bills and save money by paying significantly less per month for their solar systems. The company has a team of only eight members, making them far less small than its competitors.

Redding Solar Solutions offers residential and commercial solar systems to the residents of Redding and other surrounding areas in California, like Anderson, Bella Vista, Cottonwood, Shasta, Shingletown, etc. The company uses a personalized approach to deliver solar systems that fit customer budgets.



Solar Panels and Services Offered by Redding Solar Solutions

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Although the company doesn’t provide any information on the specific type of solar panels they offer, when SolarEmpower inquired, their team informed us that the company first inquires about customers’ energy usage before designing a personalized system that fits their power requirements and budget. This is good because they are concerned about meeting the users’ exact needs.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Redding Solar Solutions offers the following two types of solar systems:


Residential Solar Systems: The company delivers customized solar solutions to residents of Redding, California, that help them utilize the sun’s clean energy and reduce monthly bills. Since they are a locally owned business with eight members on their team, they talk to families in person, understand their power needs, check their roofs, identify the best type of solar mount, etc. This helps the company have enough data to design an entirely personalized system that fits perfectly into a homeowner’s budget.

They use the required number of panels and have various mounting options, including roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems. Their skilled installation team uses the trusted material to install the system in your home. Our analysis has found that their team is professional and answers customer doubts patiently to ensure transparency. 


Commercial Solar Systems: Redding Solar Solutions helps businesses in Redding, California, and surrounding areas. From consultation, design, and financing to installation, they provide fully integrated commercial solar services, helping them be self-sufficient and save impressive money on utility bills. The company educates businesses on how they can benefit from solar, saying they can advertise their green choice to build a unique brand story and reduce high operational costs. 

Redding Solar Solutions first analyzes the utility statements of the past twelve months to understand solar energy requirements. Then they design a system that perfectly meets the power demand of businesses and fits under their budget. This ensures that businesses get a sound quality system that effectively fulfills their needs.



Installation Costs and Process


Once the Redding Solar Solutions team finalizes the solar system size, they will help you find the best financing option. The company says that generally, customers pay less for monthly finance payments on the solar system than the past utility bills. They also educate homeowners and businesses on how solar systems help them save money on their bills and how they can benefit from tax credits. 

The company doesn’t provide any cost estimation for its solar products. This is because the cost depends on various factors, from site location to power requirements. However, the reviews show that they provide products at affordable prices, ensuring customers have quality without making significant investments.

When we reached the Redding Solar Solutions team enquiring about the price, they said:

“Quality of work is important to us while still keeping prices competitive. The prices vary from customer to customer. For example, roof mounts are typically cheaper than ground mounts because the former needs less labor and material.”
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Although Redding Solar Solutions was founded in 2014 and have served many customers in several areas of California, the company has very few certificates and accreditations that would prove its legitimacy. The company also hasn’t received many positive reviews online to indicate its service standards. Here are a few points that show its legitimacy:

  • The company is transparent about its contact details.
  • The company educates its users, indicating their authority in the industry.



Redding Solar Solutions provides the solar system with the MyEnlighten monitoring program, which helps you analyze how much solar power the system generates daily. The company’s team educates you on the features of this monitoring system so that you easily understand the technicalities.

The company’s solar system comes with a 5-year roof leak prevention warranty, a 10-year workmanship warranty, and a 25-year equipment warranty, ensuring enhanced long-term performance and peace of mind.

The company claims to provide quality maintenance services after the panel installation. If customers detect any problems in their system, they can reach Redding Solar Solutions for support. The company responds quickly to all customer calls, understand the problem, and replaces or repairs faulty components to fix the issue as quickly as possible.



The SolarEmpower View

Although Redding Solar Solutions has a team of only eight members, they offer quality solar panel installation in Redding and surrounding areas. The company doesn’t provide many details about its panels, and it doesn’t have many accreditations to prove its legitimacy. We suggest you exercise some caution. 

However, they have their own in-house staff who guides customers in every step of the installation process- consultations, designing a personalized system, financing, installation, and monitoring. Their maintenance and warranty provide peace of mind and ensure a hassle-free solar experience. 

💲Cost: 8/10 Legitimacy: 6/10
️Quality: 7/10 📞Customer Service: 8/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Does Redding Solar Solutions provide a good service?

Yes, the company’s team guides customers in every step of solar installation and delivers a personalized solar system that effectively meets their energy needs.

Is Redding Solar Solutions trustworthy?

The company has very few certifications. Hence we suggest you exercise some caution.

Will Redding Solar Solutions provide proper maintenance?

Yes, the company provides a 25-year equipment warranty and responds to customer problems proactively.

Does Redding Solar Solutions provide a free consultation?

Yes, the consultation process where they help you identify the best solar system is absolutely free.

Redding Solar Solutions Solar Details

8796 Airport Rd
Redding CA

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