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Updated on 2023-04-13


Rectify Solar is a small solar system company, operating in Indiana and California. This company has a location in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as a location in Campbell, California. Rectify Solar was started in 2013. 

Rectify Solar provides solar services to homeowners and commercial clients. They claim to have a passion for helping people make changes in their lives. Rectify Solar shows customers how they can make a difference through the power of solar energy. They express that they have strong values that they wish to use to create good experiences for the people that use their services.



Rectify Solar Services and Features

Rectify Solar Products

Rectify Solar can assist you with a variety of essential products and services:


Solar Installation: Rectify Solar can install solar products on roofs or on the ground, depending on customers preferences and which option works right for the unique situation at hand.


Solar Systems: The solar systems provided are durable to encourage the best chances of long-lasting results.


Energy Storage: Energy storage can make it easier to have power when traditional power sources are down or having problems.


Attic Insulation: Insulating the attic can help with regulating the temperature, allowing for more warmth to stay in the home during colder months.


Energy Monitoring (Generac): Rectify Solar gives customers the tools to easily view and manage their energy.

Rectify Solar technicians can come out and get a solar system installed. The Rectify Solar location in Indiana serves the Indianapolis and Bloomington areas. The company location in California works within the Campbell area.  However, do get in touch with them if you are outside of this zone – from our correspondence with them, it seems there may be other areas that they serve upon further inquiry.



Rectify Solar Process and Cost

Rectify Solar Costs

Rectify Solar has a vision of helping people to save money while still getting the energy that they need. This company offers financing, making the process of getting solar much more within reach. They also have no money down options so that people can get started with solar. Some people have found that their costs are agreeable as well.

Rectify Solar gives customers a free 30-minute consultation where any questions can be discussed. They can then create a customized process in order to help customers get closer to a desirable outcome. Rectify Solar offers people a free assessment so that they can come up with a solution that’s right for them. Rectify Solar will then be able to get started with the installation process when all of the appropriate steps have been taken.


Rectify Solar Legitimacy

Rectify Solar has some points that reflect their legitimacy as a solar energy company:

  • Rectify Solar is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating on their website.
  • Rectify Solar is licensed in the state of California.
  • They have a phone number and a contact form on their website. They have a social media presence in order to extend their reach even further.
  • The company has been featured on the news to give more information more about how solar can be used.
  • Rectify Solar is certified by NABCEP, among various other reputable places that certify installers.


Rectify Solar Maintenance

Rectify Solar has a 25-year warranty on their solar products and a 10-year warranty on the services that they render. Communication is also a tool that they use reach out to customers in need. They can help customers after the installation process in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The company may also be able to make repairs or management of systems as needed.

Some reviewers liked the company’s communication and found that asking questions was easy. Reviewers that have used their services in the past have found that they were friendly. Timeliness also seems to be something that people liked about them. 

❗️ However, There were a few negative reviews that stated problems with completion of service, lack of communication, and getting work done.
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The SolarEmpower View

Rectify Solar seems to be a good company to consider if you’re thinking about going solar, but do be aware that they have received complaints alongside positive comments over the past few years.



Rectify Solar Contact Details:

Phone:  855-573-2843

Indiana Location: Address: 2426 55th Place, Indianapolis, IN 46220

California Location: Address: 1821 S. Bascom Ave., Unit 191 Campbell, CA 95008

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:
Santa clara


Is Rectify Solar trustworthy?

Rectify Solar is a trustworthy solar company. They have met multiple key standards that reflect their trustworthiness.

Is Rectify Solar good to work for?

We could not locate any information nor reviews stating what it’s like to work for Rectify Solar, thus it’s difficult to determine if this company is good to work for.

Can I cancel a contract with Rectify Solar?

We did not see any information on whether contracts can be canceled. Yet, Rectify Solar can let customers know if cancelling a contract with them is possible.

Rectify Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


2426 55th Place
Indianapolis, IN
Office Locations
1821 S. Bascom Ave, Unit 191
Campbell, CA

Rectify Solar User Reviews

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Derek Wyatt (Mrcobar47)
Derek Wyatt (Mrcobar47)
March 9, 2023
Was very professional and polite….
Was very professional and polite. Arrived on time and made sure to let me know when he was on his way
Kyle Yoder
Kyle Yoder
January 18, 2023
I would recommend taking your…
I would recommend taking your business elsewhere. We signed a contract with them in Nov '21 for work to be completed in May '22 for a large multi-house project. In Nov '22 the work was finally "completed." Throughout that time there was minimal to no communication, and the information I did receive was generic and vague. I would get text messages about a work crew coming to work on the install and no one would ever show up. I would get last minute text messages asking for access to inside areas they had previously claimed they didn't need access. At one point they informed me that they were uninstalling the inverter and "upgrading it " because of "supply issues." I have had them call and inform me that a "string of panels" was not functioning, only to have the tech arrive and say everything looks fine and it's all working. I still have never been given access to the system monitoring software, despite claims that I have, so I have no way of verifying if anything is working outside of random screenshots they send of their computer monitors. On top of all that, they have now charged me a "finance fee," while I wait to get straight answers about the monitoring. It has literally been the worst experience I have ever had dealing with a company and based on the other review here, it appears I'm not alone. When we finally get around to installing battery backup and EV chargers, we will most certainly be looking elsewhere.
Nathan Calvino
Nathan Calvino
January 6, 2023
Complete nightmare. RECTIFY SCRUBS ALL…
Complete nightmare. RECTIFY SCRUBS ALL THE BAD REVIEWS (they managed to get my last review removed, but people need to know, so I'll continue to repost). We were supposed to be completed by April, but got a lawyer involved in August when the owner stole our $23k downpayment and refused to buy materials or do any work. We are now 9 mo late with the system ALMOST complete, and Rectify is ignoring my emails. We are in the process of filing a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General in an effort to get our system finished.
Joshua Page
Joshua Page
January 4, 2023
SUCH A RELEIF. We bought…
SUCH A RELEIF. We bought a 29 panel system from PowerHome Solar aka Pink Energy, terrible decision, awful company. Long story short we spent the last 4 months with a completely offline system, nice, $80k and it doesn't work, Generac put us in contact with one company that kept rescheduling or not showing up at all. Finally I called to get a different company to service and found Rectify LLC, and sure enough they did rectify the problem with my solar array, and for the first time in months, we are back online. They were nice, efficient and professional. So grateful for companies like Rectify LLC.
Robel Stiphanos
Robel Stiphanos
December 22, 2022
Spoke to a salesman about…
Spoke to a salesman about products and installation cost. Going solar with Rectify is too expensive and completely different from what's been seen online.
Alison Simpson
Alison Simpson
December 7, 2022
We bought a solar system…
We bought a solar system from a company we now know to be disreputable. I needed someone who would not lie, cheat or try to cheat us to fix this 57000.00 non working mess. I called around. Had one company come out and very rudely told us we were screwed and they didn't know how to fix it. Rectify had good reviews so I called them. Very nice on the phone. Listened to my issue. Was truthful about how long it may take to send someone out and no promises to fix it till they saw it. I liked that. The co owner came today. Worked ALL day on it and FIXED it. I am more than pleased and will recommend this company to everyone who needs their mess fixed and to everyone wanting a solar system. Thank you Rectify!!
Jeff Sievertson
Jeff Sievertson
December 2, 2022
They came out quickly. Friendly…
They came out quickly. Friendly service. Gave me additional information on how I can save more on my electrical costs. Excellent service.
Phil Lane
Phil Lane
November 16, 2022
Thanks to the service crew…
Thanks to the service crew with Rectify, very professional and efficient with the task they needed to perform and they were happy to answer my questions on my Generac Solar System. Hope to be able to work with them again.

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