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Updated on 2023-04-13

Power Northwest Overview

Power Northwest is a small solar provider located in Oregon. From here, they service clients in NW Oregon. They also have an office in Washington, taking care of clients in SW Washington. Power NORTHWEST was founded in 2019, but has been able to build a positive reputation relatively rapidly. 

Their team offers complete solar solutions from consulting with the client, designing their system, obtaining the necessary permits up to installation, and providing support. They focus on the most advanced solutions in the market and are one of the few solar suppliers that offer installation of the advanced Tesla Solar Roof. They might not be the cheapest option, but several of their positive reviews mention that they are competitively priced.



Power Northwest services and features

Power Northwest Services

Power Northwest offers a full spectrum of solutions to ensure that your property can rely on clean green energy powered by the sun. 


Residential solar: They offer solar solutions for residential properties and are catering specifically to the conditions in the Northwest. As part of their installations, they offer battery solutions for energy storage. They’ll also convert gas-fueled equipment to electric, ensuring homeowners can rely on clean energy. 


Commercial solar: Power Northwest offers to update old equipment and install LED lighting on commercial properties before they move on to the external installation of rooftop mounts and ground solar arrays. It is how they ensure a complete energy management system for their commercial clients.


Energy Storage: To get 100% off the grid, a solar installation depends on energy storage units. Here they rely on trusted names like the Tesla Powerwall which comes with a 10-year guarantee. 


Electric vehicle charging stations: They supply and install electric vehicle charging stations for home use and commercial grade stations for industrial fleets and businesses. 


Roofing: This is another service they offer. They can provide a range of different roofing types suitable for the harsh weather conditions in the area. 


Upgrade main service panels: The team relies on the smart technology of Smart MSP coming with a SPANIO service panel to monitor power consumption and provide remote access through an app. 


Advanced energy efficiency: Power Northwest has the skills and experience to ensure your system runs optimally. Part of this service is the transition to electric to ensure easy solar optimization. 


Power Northwest Costs

At best we can say that they are competitive. They have several positive reviews mentioning price competitiveness as one of the benefits of working with Power Northwest to take care of your solar installation. 


Power Northwest Legitimacy

It is unclear whether Power Northwest is a legitimate company:

  • The company is not BBB rated
  •  We couldn’t find any form of registration or certification linked to the company. 
  • There is also not a lot of information available about the team working for them or who is in charge. 
  • However, their legitimacy is evident from the many 5* reviews, they’ve received mentioning excellent service, quality solutions, professionalism, and competitive pricing. 
  • The brand is also linked to the trusted name of Tesla, counting in their favor.

SolarEmpower can’t guarantee the legitimacy of PowerNW from this information. 


Power Northwest Maintenance

The company website doesn’t mention maintenance services specifically. They do mention that they offer energy monitoring and management services to ensure optimal solar generation from their advanced installations.



The SolarEmpower view

The company is still relatively young. They either don’t have any certification or are not presenting their certification as a selling point of their service. They have managed to build a trusted reputation among clients, however.



Contact details:

Phone: (971) 801-2258

Address: 1355 NW Everett St Suite #100, Portland, OR 97209

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Power Northwest worth it?

Yes, it appears that clients feel that they get value for money, an opinion based on the many positive reviews recommending their service.

Is Power Northwest good to work for?

Yes, taking care of their employees is one of the company values, they emphasize.

Is Power Northwest trustworthy?

There is no reason to consider them to be anything but trustworthy as they have so many reviews in their favor.

Is Power Northwest recommended?

They come highly recommended for offering advanced quality solutions for a wide range of needs. They are professional, helpful, and thorough in what they do.

Power Northwest Solar Details

Licensing Information

CCB#: 147531

1355 NW Everett Street Suite #100
Portland OR

Power Northwest User Reviews

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April 3, 2023
I called the company to…
I called the company to set up a time for a price quote. The person ghosted me during the meeting time slot, so I called them to try and see what was going on. They hadn't prepared anything for the meeting and seemed to have forgotten about it, so we rescheduled for a later date and I sent them some additional information to help expedite the process.

The next time slot rolls around and the person ghosts me again. I again call them to see what's going on, and they said they weren't able to complete the quote due to some missing information that had in fact already been sent over. I direct them to the info and we reschedule again.

The next time slot rolls around and they follow up to reschedule on the day of. Overall, if it's this difficult to arrange a price quote with a company I don't feel I can recommend them.
mark goldby
mark goldby
November 23, 2022
They did a great job…
They did a great job at a competitive price in first repairing my existing 6.5k system and upgrading it to microinverters and then adding another 4.8k array and battery back up to the whole system. All their electricians and installers were friendly, professional, and did excellent work. I would work with these guys again. -Mark G
Melvin Fincher
Melvin Fincher
November 14, 2022
Very professional staff. The installation…
Very professional staff. The installation happened ahead of schedule with minimal issues. My PM Andy was on top of the project from day 1, any issues that can up I was able to call him and get them resolved right away.
Jim Herzberg
Jim Herzberg
November 10, 2022
Power Northwest does great work…
Power Northwest does great work with meticulous attention to detail. Communication was excellent throughout the whole process and they never overpromised on anything. They did what they agreed to do at every stage and were completely transparent and honest about any supply chain or other delays. The crews that did all the work were friendly and careful and cleaned up after themselves. Couldn't be happier with our outcome! We've been through a few power outages since our battery was installed, and the transition to/from back up power was 100% seamless.
S Tower
S Tower
October 23, 2022
We just had Power NW…
We just had Power NW install our solar. This company has excellent customer service. They are very careful of giving you complete information...if there could be delays, what they will be and how it will proceed. They started the installation and had to pause because workers got sick. I was very pleased that the organization let employees go home to care for themselves and not just get others sick. This was refreshing and our delay was maybe a day or so! Our account manager, Andy Truong, was excellent. We were easily able to reach him, he had or got the answers quickly, and he kept us in the loop throughout the process. In addition, he had only been with the company for a few months. He was very informed and knowledgeable on the product, process and next steps. Garrett Hartwell was also assigned to our case and jumped in as needed if Andy was out. We felt that our project continued to move forward, no hiccups! And no supplier issues! The system is hooked up and we are generating electricity!
Holly Oh
Holly Oh
October 9, 2022
When shopping for the right…
When shopping for the right company for our solar project, Power Northwest was great at patiently answering all of our questions and keeping in touch. I really appreciate this about them.
Steve Kazmierczak
Steve Kazmierczak
September 21, 2022
Great experience with with Power…
Great experience with with Power Northwest getting solar installed on my home. Power NW did all the heavy lifting and finished install came out great.
Karen Rash-Gitner
Karen Rash-Gitner
August 22, 2022
PowerNW and particularly Andrew D…
PowerNW and particularly Andrew D were attentive and helpful. The permitting process took about 8 months (not their fault) but they kept us in the loop. Thanks for getting us up and running with solar!!!!
chris c
chris c
July 17, 2022
Great installer. Recently installed a…
Great installer. Recently installed a 32 panel system on my house with relatively no issues. Both the initial setup/permitting/install all went fairly smooth and I was up and running in about 6 weeks from signing. Only issue was a problem with system monitoring on power consumption, that once identified Power NW had an electrician on site within 2 days to fix the faulty part. Would highly recommend using Power NW to install your solar system.
Anurag Lokhande
Anurag Lokhande
April 26, 2022
It was a pleasant experience…
It was a pleasant experience working with the team at PowerNW. The design, contract and install process was smooth and the solar system on our home works great...

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