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Updated on 2023-03-18

Poulin Solar Pro Overview

The Company was founded in nineteen eighty-two by Tom Poulin in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is rated as one of the top solar design and installation companies in the State.

They offer a twenty-five-year warranty on the products they supply, their performance, and labor.

Annual revenue is listed as over five million Dollars, and the latest reports suggest that the company has over sixty employees.

The Poulin Design Centre guides potential clients on the feasibility of installing solar at various locations around New Mexico. They have offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Their SIC code is 16,162, and their NAICS code is 23713.23. Together with an A+BBB rating, they are also certified as a ‘Top Rated’ Home Advisor.



Business Background

Poulin Solar Pro concentrates on the residential market in Albuquerque and Santa Fe; however, they also undertake commercial installations. They view themselves as leaders in supplying and installing solar panels and systems.

They have a strong emphasis on supplying high-quality equipment that is reliable, dependable, and durable.

Despite the emphasis on top-quality equipment, their cost structure is competitive, and reviews suggest that they offer fair value for the quality of work they provide.



Solar Panels and Services offered by Poulin Solar Pro

The Company makes extensive use of LG Solar Panels because of the long history of the brand and the quality of the panels they produce. LG has gained prominence in the solar panel sector and has achieved an Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Poulin Solar Pro places significant importance on the history of LG and that the manufacturers can offer a twenty-five-year warranty of their products and a cash payment to cover the labor cost if the panel is faulty.

LG produces a monocrystalline solar panel and launched the improved NeON2 version last year in July. Poulin Solar Pro insist that their customers prefer this top-quality solar panel even though it is more expensive than other panels.

The latest solar panel is made locally in Huntsville, Alabama, with an impressive Module Efficiency of over twenty-one percent. It comes with a twenty-five-year product warranty and a limited labor warranty.



Specific Types of Solar Offered

Poulin Solar Pro offers both grid-tied and stand-alone systems. Grid-tied systems are cheaper to install as the cost of batteries is removed from the installation costs. However, in the event of the utility company experiencing a power failure, the grid-tied system is reliant on sunshine to continue to supply power to the house.

A stand-alone system contains a number of batteries, allowing for an independent and uninterrupted power supply. The system is, however, more expensive.



Reviews by clients who have used Poulin Solar Pro indicate significant satisfaction with the company’s services and the merchandise supplied.

It appears that the company relies heavily on the quality of the equipment they supply and tends to edge towards quality instead of cost. Reviews suggest that the emphasis on quality has been well received, and customers were satisfied to pay a little more for the superior quality and service they received.

Poulin Solar Pro also offers guidance and support for potential clients to benefit from the tax incentives currently available in the State when installing a solar system.

The Company will also guide customers in ensuring that the installation will comply with local building codes.



Poulin Solar Pro is licensed in New Mexico, and its current license is 21850. Reviews suggest that the Company has a long and trusted relationship with numerous clients. 

Clients report that their interaction with the owner, Steve Poulin, and other staff members provided them with all the information required to make informed and accurate decisions regarding their solar requirements.

With an average score of just under 4,8 from sixty-one reviews, it is apparent that the Company provides honest and professional solar installation services to the areas of Albuquerque and Santa Fe.



The company has a reputation for being reliable and keeping to scheduled appointments. Reviews suggest that installations are done on time and with minimum inconvenience to clients. The sales staff are regarded as friendly and professional in dealing with clients.

Contact details and addresses of their locations are provided on the company website. 

Their twenty-five-year warranties on equipment, installation, and labor indicate a strong tendency to provide top-quality service.




Poulin Solar Pro market themselves as the number one solar company in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. While this may be difficult to prove, the reviews suggest that the Company does provide a very high level of service to clients. 

Customers report that they were more than satisfied in all aspects of dealing with Poulin Solar Pro. The staff is considered friendly and knowledgeable and very respectful of customers’ property.

Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
UL Certification
UL Certification
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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What brands of equipment does Poulin Solar Pro use?

The Company has a policy of utilizing the best quality merchandise and installing LG solar panels and Q CELLS Solar panels.


Emphase microinverters are fitted to the solar panels, and SolarEdge Inverters are used to convert the electricity produced into useable domestic supply.


They also use a local supplier, Unirac, for their racking requirements.

How long does it take to install a residential supply?

Most installations will be done over a day or two, depending on the size and number of solar panels required.

How long does it take to obtain planning permission?

Depending on where you live, the time for obtaining all the permits could be between three to six weeks. The following licenses are required:


PV Permit, which is your Photovoltaic permit, a general electrical permit, and a construction permit. You may also need a Homeowners Association approval.

Poulin Solar Pro Solar Details

Licensing Information

EE98 21850

8600 Pan American Fwy NE
Albuquerque NM

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