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Updated on 2023-01-31

Performance Solar LLC Overview

About Performance Solar LLC

Performance Solar LLC is a solar shingle and panel specialist based in Hanover, Virginia. Founded in 2014, the company aims its products and services at residential, commercial, and industrial customers while relying on targeted marketing and ongoing referrals in order to keep business going. 


Performance Solar has generated in the region of $500,000 and employs fewer than 10 employees, making it much smaller than its competitors; however, the company still promises to deliver the same high-quality service as its larger counterparts.



Solar Panels and services offered by Performance Solar LLC

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Performance Solar does not provide any information on the specific solar panels they use; however, they claim that their solar systems are carefully selected and customized to maximize efficiency and save money. 


Specific Types of Solar offered

The company offers three categories of solar systems: residential, commercial, and industrial.


Residential Systems: Whether existing or new construction, Performance Solar claims to have various affordable solutions to offset or completely eliminate their customer’s home’s electrical costs. 


The company can also work with customers’ aesthetic visions to deliver a system that compliments the beauty of their homes.


Commercial Systems: Performance Solar aims to work with businesses and tax-exempt organizations, such as churches and local governments, in creating more sustainable work environments while assisting them in reducing high energy costs.


Industrial Systems: Performance Solar also provides industrial solar solutions that have a real savings impact on customers’ energy costs and can be integrated with the existing facility infrastructure to create additional returns through heating and cooling.


The company aims to execute each project safely and under the unique working conditions of each facility.



Installation costs and process


Performance Solar mentions that its solar experts work with clients to do an exhaustive review of the numerous factors that can influence their decision to go solar and thereafter craft solutions to eliminate any out-of-pocket needs. The company also mentions that it can fund the entire project.


There is no accessible information online relating to the company’s pricing, and the company does not advertise its prices on its website either. Of the sources we scoured, we could only find one customer review for the company; however, the customer did not provide any feedback relating to pricing. 


Due to the lack of solid evidence, we cannot guarantee that customers in the past have paid the quoted price.



Performance Solar LLC is legit. 

Performance Solar LLC has been registered with the Virginia Secretary of State since the 26th of February 2014 – ID # S4938512.
The company possesses a Class A Contractor License in Virginia – Licence # 2705099730
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That said, we identified that the company briefly ceased trading and deactivated its license in 2021; however, the license was reactivated in under a month.



The company does not say whether it offers any form of maintenance with its systems.


Our secret shopper also tried reaching out to the company to enquire about maintenance services, but unfortunately we did not receive a response. 


Therefore customers may either have to rely on third party organisations to maintain their systems, or ensure that Performance Solar actually provides this service.  


Customer Service (Review Analysis)

Unfortunately, we were only able to find one customer review for the company, in which the customer only provided a rating of 5* but did not leave any feedback.



The SolarEmpower View

Performance Solar LLC claims to provide its customers with systems tailored to their specific requirements and home environment. As a fairly small company, Performance Solar LLC has not received any solid publicity and does not provide a portfolio of work samples to back up its claims. In addition, the company did not respond to our inquiry, making it much more difficult to point out many positives. 


Therefore, due to its lack of customer reviews and general lack of an online presence, SolarEmpower would strongly advise exercising caution when considering the use of this company.

Cost: 5/10 Legitimacy: 3/10
Quality: 4/10 Customer Service: 1/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Are Performance Solar LLC trustworthy?

The company is legitimate but displays only one previous work sample on its website. Therefore, there is not enough information available to conclusively verify if previous customers felt that the company lived up to its promises.

Which states does Performance Solar LLC operate in?

Performance Solar LLC’s main office is based in Hanover, but the company provides its services to customers throughout Virginia and North Carolina.

Who owns Performance Solar LLC?

The company is solely owned by Stephen Birdsong, who is also from Virginia.

Are Performance Solar LLC good to work for?

The company has a compact team with less than 10 employees. There is too little data available to make a judgment on the company’s work culture.

Can you cancel a contract with Performance Solar LLC?

No, according to Virginia State law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact Performance Solar LLC or an attorney directly.

Performance Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

Class A Contractor in Virginia2705099730

7047 River Road
Hanover VA

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