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Updated on 2023-02-01

Nuance Energy Overview

Nuance Energy is a vertically integrated solar company based in San Ramon, California. It was founded in 2013 and also incorporated in the same year. Their core services are engineering, designing, and installation of solar panels. 

Nuance Energy offers services to both residential and commercial customers. They have installed over a thousand solar systems within their region from 2013 to date. Osprey PowerPlatform, a ground-mounted solar racking system, is their brainchild, and it has received UL 2703 certification in Canada.



Nuance Energy Services And Features

Nuance Energy anchors all its processes around the solar system installation and production. They use the following products to optimize their services;


Osprey Power Platform: Nuance Energy’s Osprey Power Platform is a proprietary ground mount solar racking system that has revolutionized the solar industry in terms of cost and time. 


Solar Carport: Nuance Energy also offers pocket-friendly solar carport services that can deliver excellent protection from bad weather. 


Solar Photovoltaic System: Nuance Energy offers durable solar photovoltaic systems, ranging from Off-grid solar photovoltaic systems, Grid-Tied solar photovoltaic systems, and battery backup solar photovoltaic systems.


Solar Panels: They use long-lasting and customized solar panels, ranging from S-energy to Q-cell solar panels. 


Value-added Products/services: Nuance Energy also offers value-added Products/services to their clients, including the Installation of Solar cameras, Smart switches, Solar water pumps, Solar gate motors, etc., as demanded by the customers.


Nuance Energy Cost

Nuance Energy is a company that has made solar energy substantially more affordable than any other company in San Ramon, California, via breakthrough advances in innovative products and best business practices. The greatest advantage of the Osprey Power Platform is that it reduces the cost of the solar system to the lowest minimum, and its clients are always willing to pay. Their average labor cost is $0.0125/watt installed, which is very cheap. Nuance Energy strives to ensure that everyone within the region can afford a solar system for clean energy production. The Osprey Power Platform can shave $130,000 off a standard 2MW solar installation in field labor cost alone. From the numerous customers’ reviews, the Osprey Power Platform has been of huge help to them, especially the commercial business owners who need low-cost energy production and a constant source of electricity with reduced utility bills.

Apart from the Osprey Power Platform, which has helped a lot in reducing the cost of energy production, they facilitate several Federal government incentives for solar systems installation. The Federal solar tax credit enables customers to deduct 30% of the total installation cost of a solar system from their federal taxes. Several beneficiaries of these incentives have attested that it has helped them a lot in the procurement of the solar system, and they are extremely grateful to Nuance Energy for implementing the government’s order. Nuance Energy also offers referral bonuses to customers who refer or recommend them to others.


Nuance Energy Legitimacy

Nuance Energy is a trustworthy company with a verified identity; take a look at their certifications and partnerships:

  • Nuance Energy received a certification of conformance with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 2703 for the Osprey Power Platform.
  • Nuance Energy is in a strategic partnership with Frankensolar Americas  San Ramon, California, and Green Home Systems.
  • They have been certified by California Solar Energy Industries Association.
  • Nuance Energy has served the following reputable solar companies – Sun power, Trinity solar, Texas Green Energy, Advanced Solar Solutions, American Solar Power, Arise Solar, Consolidated Electricals Distributors, Climate Energy Solutions, Freedom Solar, and many more to prove their authenticity.
  • Numerous customer reviews have proven their worth.

They are very transparent and reliable, displaying all their contacts on their official website. This is replicated on all their social media handles. 


Nuance Energy Maintenance

Nuance Energy has a good maintenance system for its customers. They conduct inspections, monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. They also teach their customers how to monitor the functionality of their solar system. They undertake routine checks on the solar system after installation to ascertain that everything is in a good state. They also take care of the repairs in case of any faulty panels or other tools. Based on the reviews on different sites, their customers are quite satisfied with their maintenance methods, and their scheduling is in tandem with the needs of their customers.

Nuance Energy has a 25-year limited product warranty protection for their customer to assure them of the quality of products purchased. Their customer care staff are always ready to respond to queries via email and phone. 



The SolarEmpower View

Nuance Energy is a dependable Solar energy company based in San Ramon, California, established in 2013, licensed and certified by reputable corporate organizations. Their customers have attested that they offer quality services at a very affordable price. Through Osprey Power Platform, their brainchild, the cost of energy production is quite cheap for beneficiaries in San Ramon, California.

Nuance Energy has successfully delivered over 1000 solar projects. Their systems are money-saving, and their solar carports are ideal for generating renewable energy at any location where vehicles need to park.



Contact details:

Address: 2450 Colorado Avenue, Suite 100E, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (877) 537-2221

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Nuance Energy worth it?

Absolutely! Nuance Energy is a dependable solar company ready to serve its teeming clients.

Do Nuance Energy provide quality services?

Based on their customers' reviews, they offer the best installation services in the district, they are highly professional, and they respond quickly to the yearnings of their customers.

Do Nuance Energy offer free consultations?

Definitely! They offer a free consultation which you can request from their website.

Can Nuance Energy be recommended?

According to their numerous customers, they are highly recommendable, dependable, and reliable.

Nuance Energy Group Inc. Solar Details

1054 Lakeridge Place
San Ramon CA

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