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Updated on 2023-06-08


NPC Solar is a small consultancy business in the Photovoltaic (PV) field. It is based in San Carlos, CA. Currently, the business only comprises one employee, Dr. Nicholas Carter, who is the owner who founded NPC Solar LLC in November 2020. There are no records available of the revenue of the business. 

He offers services like new product development, solar-related R&D, curriculum development, training delivery, train the trainer services, mentoring, teaching tools, and custom software. The business also offers PV and electric vehicle training and training tools and it specializes in solar and plug-in vehicles. NPC Solar is a young brand, offering consulting and training services. Thus, there are no reviews available to confirm whether the brand has a good standing. As the business is linked to the reputation of Dr. Carter, it is important to keep his qualifications and expertise in PV and EV services and developments into consideration when evaluating the status of NPC Solar.


NPC Solar services and features

NPC Solar services

NPC Solar offers training and consultancy solutions to a wide range of commercial and residential clients.

New Product Development and Solar-Related R & D: NPC Solar consults with clients and then designs PV systems for PV installations suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Solar-Related R & D: Dr. Carter’s reputation dates back to 2007 when he was featured in the Build It Green Tour for his contribution as a consultant in the development of a homeowner-installed system and patio cover for a Rosa residence. The achievement increased his rating on the BuildItGreen rating scale by 200 points.

Curriculum Development: Switching to solar requires paperwork and permits. Taking care of the administration surrounding such an installation is a priority to NPC Solar, allowing clients to relax while waiting for installation day.

Training Delivery, Train the Trainer, and Mentoring: The list of businesses in the clean energy industry where trainees of Dr. Carter work is quite extensive and includes several prominent names in the solar industry.

Teaching Tools: Dr. Carter is continuously working towards creating greater awareness regarding clean energy solutions. He has contributed to several books on the topic and is contributing valuably through interviews and other awareness campaigns.

Custom Software: Under the name of NPC Solar, Dr. Carter develops custom software to enhance PV system designs.

PV and EV Training: In 2001, Dr. Carter set a new benchmark in the EV market as he was driving a freeway-capable electric vehicle. Throughout his career, he was always been ahead of his time. He has always been involved in campaigning for cleaner transportation solutions and the expansion of renewable energy. Dr. Carter also played a key role in preventing the Th!nk City electric cars from being destroyed. Since 2001, he is specializing in plug-in and solar vehicles, too.


NPC Solar Costs

No publication on NPC Solar or Dr. Carter indicates what the fees are for these services or whether it is on par with the level of expertise he offers. The only safe assumption to make is that his clients are aware of his level of expertise and the cost of it is not as much of a concern.


NPC Solar Legitimacy

It is impossible to consider NPC Solar’s legitimacy without looking at how legitimate Dr. Carter is as an expert in his field. Ultimately, the two entities, Dr. Carter as a professional and his business, NPC Solar, are inseparable.

  • Dr. Carter got his PhD in Physics and Music from the University of Surrey in 1989.
  • His first company, a business still operating, NPC Imaging, serves clients in over 51 countries across the globe.
  • Other achievements testifying to his legitimacy are that he organized the Santa Rosa Homes Tour in 2005, from 2002 to 2007 he served as president of the North Bay Chapter of the Electric Auto Association, and between 2004 and 2006, he was on the National Board of the Electric Association.
  • Dr. Carter is a certified member of NABCEP.
  • He is a NYSERDA-approved PV Installer
  • He also has OSHA 10 certification
  • NPC Solar is in essence referring only to Dr. Nick Carter and his reputation is exceptional. So, we have to consider NPC Solar to be a legitimate company.


NPC Solar Maintenance

While Dr. Carter is an approved PV installer, there is no indication that installation is part of his service package. Therefore, maintenance is irrelevant to consider for NPC Solar.


The NPC Solar view

NPC Solar LLC is a very young company with little information available about it. Yet, in every sense, the brand represents the capabilities, expertise, and service delivery of Dr. Carter. When looking at NPC Solar from this perspective, it is evident that it is a name associated with a long and successful career in PV and EV solutions. Dr. Carter offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise, two attributes for which he has been widely acknowledged. He also seems to be committed to excellent customer service while advocating and developing advanced clean energy solutions. From this perspective, it is safe to say that NPC Solar deserves 10/10.


Contact details

Phone: +1 (650) 593 3238

Address: 1041 Crestview Drive, San Carlos, CA 94070

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is NPC Solar worth it?

No indications are available regarding the costs of using NPC Solar services, making it impossible to determine whether it is worth it. Considering the many known brands he has on his client list, it appears to be the case, though.

Is NPC Solar good to work for?

Currently, NPC Solar doesn’t have any contracted employees and the founder and owner take care of operations and functions within the business.

Is NPC Solar trustworthy?

We can’t consider whether NPC Solar is trustworthy without looking at Dr. Carter’s reputation. His reputation appears to be impeccable, and he is highly respected in his field.

Do NPC Solar offer a good service?

NPC Solar appears to be ahead of its time and offers some of the most advanced services and solar solutions.

NPC Solar Solar Details

2228 Magowan Dr
Santa Rosa CA

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