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Updated on 2023-06-14

North Texas Solar Overview

North Texas Solar is a small, locally owned solar company in Texas, USA. The company was founded in 2015 and has become one of the only solar companies in Texas that can combine solar panels with a standby solar generator without needing battery storage.


The company primarily focuses on residential and commercial solar services. This includes battery backups and off-grid custom homes. Although North Texas Solar has been in the industry for only seven years compared to its competitors, it boasts several verified happy customers and is accredited by the BBB.



Solar Panels and services offered by North Texas Solar

Specific Solar Panels offered

North Texas Solar does not specify the exact type of solar panels offered on its website. However, the company prides itself in using only Tier 1 solar panels in its systems unless otherwise requested. North Texas Solar uses SILFAB Solar as its go-to solar panel manufacturer. This is because SIFlAB Solar offers an industry-leading 30-year production warranty, is fully manufactured in America, and has an excellent 24.4% efficiency. 


Additionally, their solar panels are one of the best-looking panels on the market. If you are interested in solar panels from other brands, for example, QCell, SolarEdge, SolArk, or Mission Solar, North Texas Solar is willing to source them for their customers.


Specific Types of Solar offered

Residential Systems: This is one of the company’s major services. They offer residential systems that meet the needs of their customers. Several reviewers have lauded the quality of the work of the company’s team. Also, North Texas Solar showcases several residential systems installed on their website’s gallery.


The company also provides top-quality commercial solar services, which verified customers have also affirmed. 


Solar Battery Backups/Off-Grid Solar Battery Backups: North Texas Solar offers its customer’s battery backups so that they can achieve energy independence. These battery backups include the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase Encharge system. 


Off-Grid Custom Homes: The company is in partnership with local custom home builders; as such, it offers full-sized, fully functional, off-grid custom homes to its customers. This allows users to enjoy complete grid independence from day one.



Installation Cost and Process


According to reviewers, North Texas Solar offers competitive prices. The company mentioned that it focuses on quality rather than cost. They only use Tier 1 products while offering zero down financing options. The company features no specific costs on its website for going solar; however, they offer potential customers the opportunity to get a free quote for their various projects. 


The company also makes available solar panel incentives for Dallas – Fort Worth area residents. North Texas Solar also helps its customers benefit from the Federal Government’s 26% federal income tax.



North Texas Solar has proven to be a legitimate company. Here are some of its certifications, licenses, and partnerships:

North Texas Solar is fully accredited by the BBB.
North Texas Solar is open with its contact details on its website. This aids accessibility. 
The company is fully licensed in Texas State.
Texas Electrical Contractors License: 31140.
The company is partnered with the following companies: Enphase Energy, Canadian Solar Inc, IronRidge, LG Solar, SolarEdge Technologies, Fronius USA, LLC, and Mission Solar Energy. 
Associated financing companies: Dividend Solar and Service Finance Company, LLC.
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The above information removes any doubt we have concerning the legitimacy of North Texas Solar. It is 100% legitimate. 



North Texas Solar offers its customers a 10-year workmanship warranty covering any malfunctions in installation due to improper installation procedures. Reviewers have expressed their thoughts and how pleased they were with this service. However, a few had an unpleasant experience working with North Texas Solar when their systems didn’t function as they should. 


We also found that the company’s installation team was very professional, friendly, and on schedule. North Texas Solar customers are provided tools to track and monitor their solar installation and ensure everything is operating properly for the full warranty.



The SolarEmpower View

Although North Texas Solar, with its seven years of operation, is relatively new to the industry, it has made a name for itself in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for its quality of work. North Texas Solar is a trustworthy company; however, there is room for improvement, especially in maintenance services. As such, we do urge caution for first-time customers.

💲Cost: 7/10 ✅Legitimacy: 9s/10
⭐️Quality: 8/10 📞Customer Service: 6/10
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Industry Certifications

UL Certification
UL Certification
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Are North Texas Solar trustworthy?

Yes, they are. The company is transparent about its reviews, is fully licensed, and is accredited by the BBB.

Does North Texas Solar make its own panels?

No, they do not. They make use of third-party manufacturers to make them. The company's go-to solar panel manufacturer is SILFAB Solar.

What solar panels does North Texas Solar use?

The company primarily uses panels manufactured by SILFAB Solar. However, they will provide other solar panels, depending on your choice.

Does North Texas Solar provide free consultation?

Yes, they do. Customers can reach out to them via the company's website to get a free consultation and quote.

North Texas Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
10 years
Licensing Information

TECL: 31140

5048 Golden Circle
Denton TX

North Texas Solar User Reviews

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Dr. Walter
Dr. Walter
March 15, 2023
We have had a superlative…
We have had a superlative experience with North Texas Solar. Jake and Zack are incomparably good to work with, very patient and responsive, and super professional. The crews were polite and accommodating as well, allowing me to watch every step of the process and making the entire process delightful. The system is incredible so far and promises to be even better with time. Above all, it is great to work with a local company with a great reputation. Don’t hesitate to invest your “energy” with these folks – they are top notch!
Alex Graves
Alex Graves
February 3, 2023
I highly recommend anyone needing…
I highly recommend anyone needing solar panels installed, an off grid outback system, or battery storage anywhere in DFW call North Texas Solar. They are professional, responsive, on time, and it's very hard to miss them with anything solar related!!
Gregory Rains
Gregory Rains
January 28, 2023
This is a comprehensive review…
This is a comprehensive review of our experience with North Texas Solar and the installation of solar panels on our home. This review period spans six months, from our first contact with NTS through today, after a couple of months of observation and experience with the system.

Please read my notes below, but in summary, we found North Texas Solar to be a great company to work with and can easily recommend them for a solar system of any size.

Bid – The bid process we took on involved three competing companies. It was important for us that the successful bidder be licensed/bonded and insured for the work that they were about to perform. North Texas Solar met that requirement for us. They also took the time, both in person and over the phone/email, to answer any of our questions. This was our first solar project, and as such, we had a lot of unknowns. NTS was very responsive and helped to ease any concerns that we had.

Financing – There are primarily two options to purchasing a solar power system. Either buy the entire system up front, or finance. We chose to go the financing route. NTS was able to help set that up for us with a lending institution that had great rates/terms that met our needs. At the time of our purchase, there was a federal tax credit of 23% of the overall cost of the system. The lending company took that into account when calculating our principal.

Install – The actual installation was very quick – just one day for 20 panels on our single-story home. What took time, however, was everything that had to take place prior to installation. This included a thorough site inspection, permits and notifications to government agencies and utilities. All this coordination was handled by North Texas Solar, who kept us informed as to the progress each step of the way.

Performance – To date we are producing about twice (or better) the energy than we are using. That is to say that we ‘export’ a fair amount back to the grid. Granted, we’re talking about late fall and winter months when we are not running the AC. However, those credits accrue and should pay off come summertime. Our solar array is managed by a system called Enphase, which I can monitor via web or app. I also keep very close tabs through the website Smart Meter Texas, which has precise measurements of power being imported/exported through our meter to our power company.

Communication – I think that one of the biggest challenges between a company and its customers is good communication. To their credit, NTS went above and beyond in staying in touch with us throughout the entire process. If at any time I had a question about the project, my concerns were quickly answered. Good customer communication is one of the many things that NTS does right.

Patience – This project does not happen overnight. There are many steps along the way, and it has taken months from initial bid to the point where I was truly seeing credits building up with our power company. Here is a glimpse of what some that looked like:

• July 26 – Initial meeting/bid
• August 16 – Contract signed, and site survey completed. This also started the period of permits and notifications to various government agencies and utilities.
• October 14 – Actual install of equipment, which took just one day and was up and producing power immediately.
• December 13 – Power company credits applied to billing cycle. Even though we were producing our own power, and offsetting what we were importing, it took a couple of billing cycles for that to show up on our electric company statement. This has nothing to do with North Texas Solar (or any installer). It’s just the pace of things around here with the power company.

To date we are very satisfied with our system, as well as the workmanship and support that we received from North Texas Solar. We highly recommend them and would call on them for any future solar projects.
December 22, 2022
The level of unprofessional courtesy…
The level of unprofessional courtesy from this company is unreal... now I know everyone in the state of texas is accustomed to very poor service and ghosting from various service companies for some reason or another ! That's a totally different conversation... I called this company to get a off grid setup installed, the lady on the phone set me up for 12/21 @10am, I was like that's great.. but that time came an past with no call, and then no one would answer their phone or return voice messages about what happened ,so save yourself the time and hassle and choose another company. I have screen shots of the calls just in case someone tries to reply with fluff about reach out and discuss your concerns
Mike Doughtie
Mike Doughtie
November 15, 2022
Updating this review as of…
Updating this review as of 11/15/22…it took a while, but to their credit, they made good and all my panels are now fully functioning. Credit Jake and North Texas Solar for being faithful to the task.

Updating this review as of 8/5/21…Jake has reached back out to rectify shortcomings. Not everything is working as of yet, but the gesture is appreciated.

It all started with what I thought would be a simple mapping (10 panels) and adding 5 more panels to my existing system. This began in Oct 2020. Here I am in July 2021 and the work has never been completed. While installing the new panels I had a pre-existing microinverter stop working (was it North Texas Solar's fault? I don't know, but it worked before they were there). To their credit, they replaced the microinverter at no cost, but then the trunk line to another panel went down. I explained that I would pay for parts and labor to make my system whole. After countless emails and even a few phone calls, I have been forced to abandon my quest with North Texas Solar. I would not recommend them.
Dave Stovall
Dave Stovall
October 25, 2022
We were referred to N….
We were referred to N. Texas Solar by a neighbor who had systems installed on two houses. Our rep, Jake Wilburn, couldn’t have been more helpful. The whole experience from start to install was great. Highly recommend.
Lora Dean
Lora Dean
May 16, 2022
Very happy with the service…
Very happy with the service and communication. They've done excellent at customer service both before and after install. I'd be very happy to use again in the future and recommend to others. We had panels as well as two enphase backup batteries installed and Zack and Jake were great every step of the way, even going beyond to help us with an electrician for the AC soft starter.
Cody Abney
Cody Abney
July 17, 2021
I had a great experience…
I had a great experience with North Texas Solar for my 6.5kw solar system with microinverters. Jake was great at explaining the costs and benefits of the different options available and responded promptly throughout the whole process. I've had the system for about 6 months now and it's performing similar to projections. If you're considering solar panels, I highly recommend giving them a chance to earn your business.

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