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NJ Solar Power LLC Overview

NJ Solar Power LLC is a full-service solar engineering, design, and construction company based in Bayville, New Jersey. Founded back in 2003, the company aims its services at residential and commercial customers basing its business model on continued referrals and maintaining ongoing relationships with its customer base.

NJ Solar Power LLC was one of the first solar companies established in the state and has grown impressively over the years generating in the region of $5 million. The company maintains a compact team of between 15 – 20 staff and is accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).



Solar Panels and services offered by NJ Solar Power LLC

Specific Solar Panels Offered

NJ Solar Power LLC is a certified Panasonic solar panel installer and uses industry-leading products in every installation. Here is an overview of the solar panels the company uses:


EverVolt HIT Solar Panels

The new EverVolt HIT home energy system ushers in the next generation of residential solar and battery storage. With their best-in-class solar panels and home batteries working together, the EverVolt home energy system lets you produce and store an abundance of renewable energy. 

EverVolt HIT panels contain 96 cells which means more power output per square foot of roof space and fewer panels to install. These panels boast one of the lowest degradation rates in the industry and provide superior module efficiency of 20.6%, thus enabling maximum power production with less roof space. 


Hanwha Q Cells

The new Q.Peak Duo Blk-G5 solar module from Hanwha Q Cells possesses innovative Q.Antum Duo technology, which provides particularly high performance on small surfaces. 

With an outstanding visual appearance and world-record-holding cell concept, these solar panels are an excellent option for residential and small business structures. 


Specific Types of Solar offered

NJ Solar Power LLC offers two main categories of solar systems: residential and commercial.

Residential Systems:

NJ Solar Power LLC uses qualified engineers to design and maintain their customer’s systems to eliminate as much of their utility cost as their property will allow. 

The company begins the process by analyzing their customer’s homes and evaluating the system size requirements based on their annual electricity usage before creating a completely customized system design based on meeting customer’s individual needs.


Commercial Systems:

NJ Solar Power LLC aims to work with businesses and tax-exempt organizations to gain more control of their monthly costs and providing an added layer of protection against unpredictable rate hikes. 


Additional services:

As a full-service solar installer, NJ Solar Power LLC also offers solar storage solutions to their customer. This includes:


Solar Panel Batteries

NJ Solar Power LLC uses several different types of batteries for home energy storage, including lithium-Ion, lead acid and saltwater variations. The company provides recommendations on the suitability of batteries based on their customer’s requirements and affordability. Here is an overview of the battery brands that the company provides:

  • LG Energy Solutions – With a compact and sleek design, LG batteries allow users to place them anywhere they want, both indoors and outdoors, while providing reliability for the home with its industry-leading longevity.
  • Panasonic – This is the same high-performing lithium-ion battery technology that powers the world’s fastest electric cars, which Panasonic now makes available to power homes. These battery storage systems collect and store surplus energy that the panels generate during the day for instant access during peak hours and grid outages.
  • Sonnen – Sonnen products intelligently store and manage energy when the user needs it most – with or without solar. Every Sonnen product comes with an unbeatable warranty, superior craftsmanship, and seamless integration with solar for cleaner, healthier living.



Installation costs and process


NJ Solar Power LLC provides a free, customized consultation that’s tailored to each home or business. The company also offers a variety of options to accommodate their customer’s financial situation so that they can achieve money-making efficiency without breaking the bank. Both residential and commercial customers are offered a zero-down payment option, with the latter also receiving access to a unique commercial loan funding option. 

The company is relatively well-reviewed, accumulating 53 customer reviews across two sites with a 4.7* rating. Despite the company not advertising its cost for service, several customers have noted the company offers very competitive prices, as illustrated in the following customer review: 

They answered any and all questions as well as being the best price in the market, with the best quality of work and employees you could ask for” 
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NJ Solar Power LLC is legit. 

NJ Solar Power LLC has been registered in the state of New Jersey since 2003 as a qualified electrical contractor # 0600177883.
The company has obtained several partnerships with well-known manufacturers, including REC Solar, Panasonic, and EverVolt. 
NJ Solar Power LLC received its BBB A+ accreditation in 2019 and was named Panasonic’s residential solar installer of the year in 2021. 
The company is transparent about its contact details and provides its location, a contact request form, and chat service on its website.
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NJ Solar Power LLC has successfully completed several state-wide residential and large commercial related projects, which can be viewed on their website gallery. Of the 53 reviews, 49 customers (92%) provided ratings of 4.5* or better, which illustrates that the company does possess a traceable history of delivering on its promises. 



  • The company uses its own in-house electricians and contractors to perform its services and does not outsource any of its work. 
  • Their PV systems and workmanship are both covered by twenty-year warranties. 
  • NJ Solar Power LLC claims that the workmanship warranty will cover the full costs, including labor and repair or if replacement of defective components as necessary. 

While the majority of the feedback about the company has been positive, there were 4 customer reviews that received 1* ratings and suggested that the company did not live up to customer’s expectations relating to its customer service post installation. 3 of the 4 negative customer reviews included mentions of difficulty in contacting the company after the installation of the solar system. 


Customer service (review analysis)

Overall, the company has received positive feedback from its customers, and the company endeavors to respond to as many customer reviews as possible, which is a positive sign. However, while the negative comments are minimal, there is a trend noted in the reason behind the poor customer ratings (poor communication after installation), and suggests that potential customers should remain aware of this if they decide to use NJ Solar Power LLC. 



The SolarEmpower View

NJ Solar Power LLC seems to provide its customers with excellent value for money and has assembled a strong portfolio of projects that vary in size and complexity. The company is well-established in New Jersey since it was one of the first (and still operational) solar providers in the state. Due to the company’s relatively small size, there are suggestions that ongoing maintenance could become delayed as the company needs to balance new installations with existing system maintenance. Nevertheless, SolarEmpower views NJ Solar Power LLC among the better solar companies in New Jersey and deserves customers’ consideration when deciding between providers.

Cost: 8/10 Legitimacy: 8/10
Quality: 7/10 Customer Service: 7/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

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Are NJ Solar Power LLC trustworthy?

Yes, the company is transparent about its reputation, displays numerous examples of previous work on its website, and has a strong brand image based on previous customer reviews.

Will NJ Solar Power LLC provide proper maintenance?

Based on previous customer reviews, the majority of customers indicated that the company fulfilled all maintenance requirements as promised; however, there was a handful of customers that did suggest the company can be difficult to contact at times.

Are NJ Solar Power LLC good to work for?

The company uses a compact team of fewer than 20 employees. There is insufficient accessible information to draw a conclusion about the company’s work culture.

Can you cancel a contract with NJ Solar Power LLC?

No, according to New Jersey State law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact NJ Solar Power LLC or an attorney directly.

NJ Solar Power LLC Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 Years
90 Atlantic City Blvd.
Bayville, NJ

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