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Updated on 2023-08-13

Solar Experts Overview

Solar Experts is a solar service provider company that are a huge environmental contributor as they help people settle for greener options. This company was formed in 2014 with David Widi as its current CEO.

The company has 11-50 employees and its headquarters is at Jackson, New Jersey. Apart from selling solar services to the customers they also provide solar financing.


Services Offered by Solar Experts

Comercial Solar 

These solar systems are installed on roofs, canopies, or elevated ground covering. They are also mounted to the grounds depending on the client’s demand.


Solar Canopies/Patios/Car covers

Solar canopies are elevated structures, these are usually over paved areas tapped with solar panels. For residential areas, they set up sitting areas with solar panel shades. Further, for open areas like poolside areas and backyards, they create shades with roofs of solar panels.


Solar ground mount system

These solar systems are mounted over the ground and contain 1-4 stacked solar panels. The panels are mounted on solar beams. 


Residential solar

Panels are placed on the rooftops of the houses to help the homeowner save some some on their electricity bills. It is a good investment plan as it will also increase the value of the property.


Installation and Processing Cost

The team starts by designing the project according to their customer utility. After they have been installed they ensure that you are getting the proper benefits and utilities of the panels. 

There was no information on their websites as well as in the customer feedback about the amount they charge or comparisonsto the other solar service providers. But the installation of solar panels will ensure federal tax credits and depreciation. In addition, customers get paid dividends for the energy they produce. It helps to offset the whole loan payments at the industry low by 1.99%. Furthermore, the dividends continue after the loan is paid off. 



The Solar Experts of New Jersey is a new company and is yet to be featured in any renowned place or to bag business awards and acclamations. However, the company is an accredited business with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

There is no question regarding the company’s legitimacy as they have a website with client testimonials and a gallery full of photos from various projects. Additionally, they have social media accounts that help their followers keep up with them.

One of their renowned clients is James D’Ambrosio, Commissioner at Laurel Lake Fire and Rescue Company. His exact words were:

We are very happy working with Solar Experts – they were very helpful through the whole process. Dave is a stand-up guy and went above and beyond what was expected from them. Everything he told us was very true and accurate. We would recommend them overall.
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There is no mention of maintenance services on their website, and neither of their clients mentioned that the solar company is providing maintenance after the installation. Solar Experts New Jersey only provides services like making the design of the solar system that is tailored according to the client’s need.

However, they provide free consultation and you will also be receiving a 3D design of the solar system.



Solar Expert Overview

The company is growing at a fast rate by keeping up the good work and also to support the fact, their gallery and testimonials are proof of that work. The company CEO, David Widi, is just a call away from clients. He aims to deal with customers face to face as much as he can.

To wrap it up, the company could be more specific about its goals and foreplanning on its websites, however, the company history and its motto speak a lot about its intentions.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar


Are Solar Experts trustworthy?

They have an extremely high profile client base and also the general client testimonials are good, which indicates that you can trust them.

Will Solar Experts provide maintenance?

The fact whether they will provide maintenance service or not is not yet known.

Will Solar Experts provide free consultation?

Yes, they provide a free consultation. You can also request a quote on their website.

New Jersey Clean Energy Solutions Solar Details

105 Central Avenue
Farmingdale NJ

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