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Updated on 2023-04-13


New England Clean Energy is a small solar panel installer based in Hudson, Massachusetts. The company is locally founded and services both residential and commercial customers. It has installed over 2,000 solar systems since 2006 across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. New England Clean Energy is an authorised distributor of Generac including the PWRcell whole home battery system in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. They’re committed to offering industry-leading warranties and using the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing solar panels at a fair price. 

However, New England Clean Energy has an average rating of 3.75/5 based on an analysis of 350 customer reviews across four reputable platforms.



New England Clean Energy services and features


New England Clean Energy Costs

Prospective customers can schedule a consultation with the company to get a detailed proposal or they can also request an estimate with the online self-assessment solar cost tool. New England Clean Energy offers cash payments, solar leases and estimates the cost of a new solar system to be anywhere between $10000 and $50,000 before investment tax credits and other incentives. They also assist customers to secure finance with a projected break-even point of between 8 to 15 years to recover their entire solar investment. It offers discounts of up to $1000 depending on the project size.

However, we found some warning signs over the company’s financial services: 

❗Some customers have reported being swindled and scammed by NECE, and there are reports of the company not providing refunds when obligated to do so. 
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New England Clean Energy Legitimacy

On paper, New England Clean Energy is a legitimate company presenting the following credentials:

  • It is a registered business in the State of Massachusetts since the 13th of November 2015, with identification number 001197530
  • It has been BBB accredited since the 29th of November 2010 and has an A+ rating  
  • It has won several New England customer service awards

However, various review databases include reviews that lay out issues faced by some disgruntled customers. For this reason, we would advise you to exercise caution.


New England Clean Energy Maintenance

New England Clean Energy offers guaranteed 10 to 20-year warranties on workmanship and system performance. The company also offers the following solar repair and service. 

However, the company seldom installs quality systems and has several recent accounts of poor maintenance, lack of responsiveness, and poor after-sales support.

For this reason, we would not heartily recommend NECE on the maintenance front.



The SolarEmpower view

New England Clean Energy is a legitimate business with BBB accreditation and registration in the State of Massachusetts. However, the company has multiple accounts of lengthy installations, faulty installations and rebate application inaccuracies shedding about 70% off the quoted rebates. We don’t recommend this company due to recent records of inadequate after-sales support, persistent poor communication, and declining customer service quality. With some reports of little to no savings realized following installation of the New England Clean Energy solar systems, it makes it impossible to recommend them as a solar installer because the main aim of going solar is to save on the electricity bills.



Contact details:

Phone: 978-567-6527/ 877-886-8867 (toll-free)

Address: 577 Main St, Suite 430, Hudson, MA 01749

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Is New England Clean Energy trustworthy?

No, although the business is legitimate, it has a low average rating of 3.75/5 based on 350 customer reviews across four reputable platforms, thus questioning its trustworthiness when it comes to quality installations, communication and after-sales support

Does New England Clean Energy provide a good service?

No, customers have reported several accounts of poor services from installations to troubleshooting

Is New England Clean Energy recommended?

No, we do not recommend this solar installer based on numerous accounts of poor communication, long installation processes and inadequate after-sales support

New England Clean Energy Solar Details

Licensing Information

Massachusetts Master Electrician License-#21000A.MA HIC 153629

577 Main Street Suite 430
Hudson MA

New England Clean Energy User Reviews

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Marty Barberian
Marty Barberian
February 2, 2023
Had a great experience with…
Had a great experience with our rep Aidan, gave us all the information we needed!!
Ken Ramsley
Ken Ramsley
January 28, 2023
We bought our system from…
We bought our system from New England Clean Energy partly because they are well-rated. But the tipping point was seeing them mentioned in YouTube videos where a number of homeowners talking about the general topic of solar say '...oh and by the way, we are really happy with New England Clean Energy.' Our own experience has been equally outstanding.

Our system is located in Ashland, MA -- 10kV AC with a max DC output of ~7.2kV -- 24 panels with individual inverters. We own the system and expect a dollar breakeven of ~8 years (tax incentives help a lot). Where the system will likely last 25 years ...that's a lot of free electricity.

There are many small steps to this process, and the company told us (accurately) that this would be a lengthy project. Installation of electric boxes, conduits, and meters takes a few hours. Installing the panels is a day or two. The rest is paperwork, permitting, inspections, and startup permissions -- and also for us, having our roof redone ahead of time and trees removed -- both long planned. The panels aren't particularly heavy, but it was time for a new roof, and adding solar was the impetus.

The inverters and control electronics are made by Enphase (panels by an equally reputable manufacturer). Enphase provides a web service where we can monitor the performance of the system including each individual panel. We've had the system running since October -- around four months. Enough to see it making as much power as we expected.

We have net metering, which means that if we make more power than we use, we produce an Eversouce credit balance which helps to cover a month when we might make less than we use. Credits are applied (or used) once a month when Eversource reads our meter and generates a billing statement (daily fluctuations don't matter). To keep us from electrocuting line workers, the inverters shut down during a grid power failure -- that's how every net-metered system works.

We had one installation hiccup -- our house turned out to be a bit smaller than originally measured and the system that showed up on the truck was not going to fit. We had two choices -- leave two panels out or mount them on a less efficient surface. In the end, we wound up moving the two orphan panels to a 'summertime' position (when we use the most power) and the hiccup made no material difference. All the same, the company reached out to us and sent a meaningful discount for the momentary anxiety. Very Professional!

New England Clean Energy walked us through the installation of a reliable system that is doing the job, and we found them very communicative and helpful every step of the way.

I strongly recommend this company.
January 24, 2023
These guys do really exceptional…
These guys do really exceptional work. Their staff was extremely professional and communicative throughout the process. We had a lot of big projects this year (roofing, HVAC, electrical, well drilling), and the solar installation by New England Clean Energy was by far the most painless piece.
Carmine Giuggio
Carmine Giuggio
December 20, 2022
I was very happy with…
I was very happy with the tech, tha did the work, Scott. He explained everything to me and did a great job in cleaning up. Keep up the good work.
James Luckett
James Luckett
November 15, 2022
This used to be a…
This used to be a good company but it has gone bad. I had them install a system in 2015 and the experience was great. I had them expand that system in 2020-2021 and it has been a nightmare. I still do not have my SMART credits because they did not get the system finished and approved in time and forgot to file for the necessary extension. This is the most recent and most costly problem, but not the only. The system was late getting started because they forgot to apply for the permits and told me they had. Only when I demanded to see the paperwork did they discover it did not exist. Finally they got the permits and began work, but discovered they did not have the necessary structural engineering done. Worse, their engineer continued to fail to do it as work progressed on other parts of the system. Finally, I had to find them a structural engineer. And when that engineer approved a design, New England Clean Energy hit me with a multi-thousand-dollar change order because they had underestimated the cost in their proposal to me. When the system was finished, they could not get Eversource approval on it because of their inability to get the building inspector to enter his approval into the computer system that Eversource consults before giving their approval. Months went by. Finally, they confessed to me what the problem was and I called the inspector and solved it in one day. As you can see, they have become incompetent and inattentive to detail. Probably we are going to arbitration, because I will claim against them for the value of the SMART Credits they promised in the proposal..
Laurie Hubble-Brown
Laurie Hubble-Brown
September 1, 2022
I was beyond frustrated with…
I was beyond frustrated with another installer and posted a plea on my town Facebook page for a recommendation. Jess replied immediately that she could help and I have put my trust in her ever since. She has sorted through countless details of our situation, kept me informed every step of the way, and is still wrapping up a few things to help us recoup past SRECs even though the repair is complete. The technician she sent to our home, Dakota, had the same customer-focused demeanor in explaining what he was doing and persisting to solve problems. I applaud Jess and Dakota for their exceptional ability to manage complex issues and the leadership at New England Clean Energy for shaping a culture where you feel like, as a customer, you matter…no small feat today!

Jess, you have us as customers for LIFE! I’ll be reaching out in a few years when we need our roof replaced and the panels removed temporarily…up for the challenge? :) My deepest, most heartfelt THANK YOU for saving my sanity and getting our issues resolved!!
Beth Meyer
Beth Meyer
June 9, 2022
I was swindled by this…
I was swindled by this company. Never signed up. They harassed me at my door a couple years ago. When I didn't sign on (person was rude), and then they constantly called. Once I was called 19 times in 2 minutes. Somehow they were able to attached themselves onto my National grid bill and charge me more than twice the amount for supply services than National Grid. I didn't see it at first because I had a credit for electric since I have solar panels. So I never looked at my NGrid bill. But since they more than doubled their fee, my electric bill went sky high. BEWARE! They are swindlers.
Phil Knudsen
Phil Knudsen
May 12, 2022
We had a system installed…
We had a system installed in 3rd quarter 2015 by NECE. It is running well, and even with large A/C usage in the summer we are essentially bill free. The incentives for our system are still with us. Great company to deal with - they did a very clean installation and it has worked very well.. NECE handled all the permits, and legal work. Both the electrical, and the building inspecters okayed the installation very quickly.

We are please we intalled solar, and we are really glad we had it done by New England Clean Energy!
May 11, 2022
This solar install went very…
This solar install went very well.

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