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Updated on 2023-02-01

New Energy Construction Overview

New Energy is a small-sized solar installation company based in Manhattan Beach, California. It was founded in 2018, but it was incorporated in 2019 by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Although small in size, its revenue is over $2.5 million. Their core services are; engineering, designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for residential and commercial customers. Their staff is certified by NABCEP, offering quality and affordable services with a friendly and professional approach.

New Energy has installed over 1400 solar systems in homes, offices, pools (solar thermal), and business places from 2018 to date. They offer low-cost services that their customers can afford, but still of good quality. Numerous solar organizations have licensed them and partnered with many other companies. They have a 95% five-star rating on numerous review sites. 



New Energy Construction Services And Features

New Energy Construction Products

New Energy is a creative solar company, delivering good and quality services. To successfully deliver these services, they make use of;

Solar photovoltaic system (Solar electric): The solar PV converts light energy to electrical energy using a solar photovoltaic module. New Energy’s solar PV are long-lasting and a worthwhile investment for clients. New Energy installs the Off-grid solar PV, Grid-tied solar PV, and Battery backup solar PV.


Solar Panels: New Energy makes use of customized solar panels of different sizes, suitable for the required place for installation. 


Solar Thermal Panels: New Energy also specializes in installing solar thermal Panels which convert cold water to hot water through glycol. Their thermal panels are durable and easy to install in homes, pools, etc.


Solar Thermal Tanks: They also install thermal tanks with apt efficiency in converting cold water to hot water and helps preserve the hot water in the tank.


Monitoring: They undertake the monitoring of solar panel systems which are connected to their computer systems. They have a team that specializes in monitoring to checkmate the functional state of the solar panels of their customers. They are the only solar company to offer this value-added service free. 


Repairs: They take it upon themselves to repair and replace faulty solar panels and inverters. They offer these services free of charge and have special technicians for this task.


Cleaning: They offer to clean up the solar panels when they get dirty. They have a team of cleaners specializing in solar panel cleaning and offering a perfect job. Apart from their physical presence, they also guide the customers on how to clean the solar panels themselves.


New Energy Cost

New Energy offers affordable services with excellent value. Their main aim is to make the solar system accessible to everyone, and they’ve greatly implemented their business objectives by delivering clean and renewable solar energy at pocket-friendly prices. New Energy also has a referral system that helps customers reserve money. When a customer refers another client, 20% of the installation fee is returned to the customer, and this has been a great boost for the customers based on their attestations on review sites. 

New Energy is affiliated with some loan companies offering loans to their customers without collateral. The customers who can’t afford a direct purchase get a loan that they can comfortably pay. With this innovation, New Energy has assisted many homes in Manhattan to get clean and renewable energy without any investments. This is showcased in the testimonials on review sites by customers who affirm that New Energy’s solar systems are quite durable and highly efficient. 

The Federal government, a beneficiary of the solar system, has helped make solar even more affordable by offering a solar tax credit of 30% deduction of cost for installation of the solar system from their federal taxes. New Energy has complied with this law, and this has also brought great relief to their customers.


New Energy Legitimacy

New Energy is very much legitimate, and some proofs are enlisted below;

  • New Energy construction was incorporated with the Better Business Bureau in 2019.
  • Their staffs are professionals, and they have been certified by NABCEP.
  • They’ve been certified by California Solar Energy Industries Association.
  • New Energy has partnered with many companies, including Sun power, Canadian Solar, Tigo Energy, Texas Green energy, etc.
  • Their numerous customer 5-star rating reviews have proven that they are trustworthy.
  • Their identity, identity of their CEO, and contact information have been verified. 
  • They are very transparent, and the contact details on their official website are the same across all their social media platforms. 


New Energy Maintenance

New Energy construction has a good maintenance system which includes; post-project inspection, monitoring, cleaning, and repairs. They do a yearly physical inspection, checking if the solar panels are intact in their positions and making changes where necessary. They also have a top-notch monitoring system that helps them check most of the solar systems from the comfort of their company when they can’t reach everyone for inspection. 

They schedule their installation and maintenance plans to meet the requirements of their clients, and they are very flexible in operations. They have a solar monitoring system that notes how the solar panels are functioning and notify them in case of any error, fault, or shift in the solar panels. This solar monitoring system has helped the company offer quality services to its customers. They offer a 20 year warranty on all their solar products and services.

New Energy also offers free repairing services to their customers; they send in their expert technicians to fix or replace a faulty solar panel. They also offer cleaning services that aid in keeping the solar panels in good condition. According to reviews, New Energy customers are quite satisfied with their maintenance services. Their customer care staff are always willing to assist and offer swift responses via email and phone lines.



The SolarEmpower view:

New Energy is Manhattan Beach’s most outstanding Solar energy installation company. They have amassed several awards to their credit, thanks to their reliable services to clients over the years. They have a NABCEP certification and partner with reputable energy organizations, including Sun power, Canadian Solar, Tigo Energy, Texas Green energy, etc. New Energy is cost-effective, and customers get maximum value for their money. They strive to ensure that their clients are always satisfied by offering customized solar panels and installation techniques that align with the preferences of the clients. Since 2018, New Energy solar company has completed more than 1400 solar projects for Residential and Commercial in Manhattan Beach, CA.



Contact Details

Address: 563 31ST STREET, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 

Phone: (310) 621-1728

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

Select State:


Is New Energy Trustworthy?

Sure! New Energy can be trusted to do business with; they've offered quality services and proven reliable by their customers.

Do New Energy provide good maintenance?

Based on their customers' reviews, they offer top-notch maintenance services to all their customers, which enhances the longevity of the solar system

Does New Energy offer a free consultation?

Absolutely! They offer free consultation, and their customer service is always available.

Can New Energy be recommended?

The numerous customers' reviews have proven that New Energy can be recommended and is reliable.

New Energy Construction, Inc. Solar Details

Licensing Information

B 909031

563 31st St
Manhattan Beach CA

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