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Updated on 2023-08-13

Nerd Solar Power Overview

The “Head Nerd” and CEO of Nerd Solar Power is Babe Kilgore. The solar power company was formed so that people can use the sun’s energy and switch to a clean and green way of life. The company envisioned changing the tomorrow by “Nerdifying” them by making a switch consciously.

Nerd Solar Power began its operation in 2015 and has been growing exponentially. They have their headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona while also being present in other states.


Services Offered by Nerd Solar Power

There is an array of services offered by Nerd along with some merchandise.



It is a unique feature that Nerd Solar Power has onboarded, making them quite different from other companies. Pearl is a group of “energy-conscious gurus” who set standards of how real estate values energy upgrades. With the help of the pearl the firm can see the benefits their clients have received after getting “nerdified”. The clients can envision the amount they have saved by investing in solar power. 


Residential Property Services

The company goes the extra mile to help residential homeowners convert to renewable and environmentally friendly ways to derive energy. In Nerd Solar they believe that what you will see is what you will want to go for, hence they have a website flooded with their projects. They do not lease solar panels as other solar companies do. Instead, they believe that buying solar panels is a much wiser decision. 


Commercial Property Services

Apart from residential services they also offer solar services to commercial owners. They help the big business hubs to go green and save a lot at the end of the month. Along with the commercial coal organization, they help the government organization to go solar too. Some of their esteemed customers are Desert Storm Elite and Arya Ice Cream. 

They partner with some of the leading solar product producers like:

  • Bosch
  • Solaria
  • Solar Edge
  • L.G
  • Enphase
  • Longi Solar
  • Curb
  • Pentair
  • Rheem
  • Sol-Ark


Nerd Power Shop

They have an online merchandise shop where you can get led lights varying over 17 types. Also, they have some eco-friendly merchandise like t-shirts and hats.


Installation and Processing Cost

They claim to provide the service at the best price and if their customers are out of cash they can help them out with solar loans too. Clients are also free to call them for consultation which is free. Also, Nerd Solar’s web page is full of customer feedback assuring their excellent service and low cost. 

Customers will also be getting tax benefits after solar installation. 

Nerd Power is proud to work with the nation’s leading solar loan providers that have consistently offered the best rates in the industry. We also have internal Nerd financing for customers when applicable. And with the large quantity of installs that Nerd Power completes every year, you’re sure to find the best rates and simplest lending terms possible.
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This statement made on their website makes it very clear that people will be receiving a great experience.



There is very little information about their award, features, and business achievements. From their excellent website information, customer feedback, going to the “Referral” section in the Nerd customer portal, and various social media accounts, this company is a legit solar power providing company. 



Nowhere on their site they have mentioned their maintenance services. They only provide their customers with solar product and help in the installation. After that, the client might have to find another service provider to help with the maintenance.

Secret Shopper Analysis

We reached out to Nerd Solar Power, a solar power company based in Gilbert, Arizona, and discovered that they are led by CEO Babe Kilgore, who is passionate about promoting clean and green energy solutions. They offer residential and commercial solar installations, emphasizing the benefits of buying solar panels instead of leasing.

Nerd Solar Power’s unique feature, called “Pearl,” assesses the benefits and savings clients have achieved through solar power. They have partnerships with reputable solar product producers and provide a range of merchandise through their online shop. While their website showcases positive customer feedback and highlights tax benefits, there is limited information about maintenance services.

Based on customer reviews and their commitment to sustainability, Nerd Solar Power is regarded as a trustworthy company.

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Nerd Solar Power Review

According to the customer reviews and their dedicated website, it can be rightly stated that they are doing a great job in changing tomorrow. Every line they have written on their website speaks of their “nerdiness” and passion for the environment.

They have a mantra that is more than just selling their solar products, they are doing this because they want to contribute to the environment and make people conscious about the carbon footprint they are leaving.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Are Nerd Solar Power trustworthy?

Absolutely! They are 100% trustworthy as they have a great website, and a customer portal filled with five-star customer feedback.

Will provide Nerd Solar Power maintenance?

No evidence shows that they provide maintenance service to their customer.

Will Nerd Solar Power provide free consultation?

Yes, Nerd Solar Power provides a free consultation.

NERD Power Solar Details

2065 W Obispo Ave #102
Gilbert AZ

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