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Updated on 2023-07-01

Morningstar Solar LLC Overview

Morningstar Solar LLC Inc. is a solar installations company with its headquarters in Missouri, USA. The company was founded in 2016 and has expanded to the State of Kansas. They primarily provide solar design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems, but they also handle utility-scale solar projects and install energy storage systems for their clients.

The company offers its services to residents, business owners, and also government facilities using a full-service, turn-key approach to providing its services. 



Morningstar Solar LLC Services and Specifics

Morningstar Solar LLC provides the following services


Solar PV Installations

Morningstar Solar LLC provides solar designs and specifics for customers based on the energy needs of their homes.


Energy Storage Systems

For grid-tied solar systems, grid failure could mean solar failure. Morningstar Solar also offers energy storage systems, or standalone solar power systems, which would take a customer completely off the grid and produce electricity even when the sun is unavailable.


Solar Repairs and Maintenance

Customers can also request repairs and maintenance for old or faulty solar panels and inverters.


Community Solar

Morningstar Solar handles utility-scale solar projects such as PVpower stations (solar farms) or concentrated solar plants that produce electricity greater than 1 MW.

Morningstar Solar LLC services have received very few reviews from customers. In their reviews, they said Morningstar Solar LLC provides high-quality equipment and services.



Solar Panels and Services offered by Morningstar Solar LLC

Based on our findings from external databases, Morningstar Solar installs solar products from the following solar manufacturers:

  • SMA America – They are producers and manufacturers of solar inverters for photovoltaic systems with grid connection, off-grid power supply and backup operations. 
  • Unirac, Inc. – Is a North American solar power infrastructure provider that has a 30 percent share of the North American solar racking market.
  • Canadian Solar Inc. – They are a publicly traded company that manufactures solar PV modules.
  • Solaredge Technologies – Is an Israeli company that develops and sells solar inverters for photovoltaic arrays, energy generation monitoring software, battery energy storage products, as well as other related products and services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • Civic Solar – Innovative solar distributor that offers a full selection of modules and balance-of-systems from manufacturers.


Specific Solar Panels Offered

Based on our research about Morningstar Solar LLC, they install solar panels from Canadian Solar. Canadian Solar produces varieties of panels with different specifications depending on the solar system’s design. This means Morningstar Solar clients can choose from the following Canadian Solar panels: 

  • BiHiKu7 – power range of 635-665 W, 21.6% efficiency.
  • HiKu7 – power range of 640-670 W, 21.6% efficiency.
  • BiHiKu6 – power range of 520-550 W, Up to 30% more energy yield from the back side.
  • HiKu6 – power range of 530-555 W, 21.6% efficiency.
  • HiHero – power range of 416-440 W, 22.5% efficiency.
  • KuPower – power range of 200-355 W, for old module replacements.
  • BiHiKu – power range of 390-445 W, Up to 30% more energy yield from the back side.

These solar panels have high efficiencies, all above 20%, flexible power ranges, and excellent hot spot performance.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Morningstar Solar LLC offers grid-tied and off-the-grid installations. They handle the following types of solar projects;


Rooftop Residential Solar

In this service, Morningstar Solar LLC installs a complete rooftop solar energy kit customized to the electricity needs of a resident’s home.


Ground Mount Residential Solar

Morningstar Solar LLC also offers ground-mount solar installations for residents due to the following benefits:

  1. Flexible panel orientation to maximize the amount of sunlight.
  2. Ease of maintenance.


Commercial Solar

This service is designed for business organizations. It targets business owners who wish to opt for more economical energy-saving strategies to maximize profit long term.


Community Solar

This service is high-cost and targets governments and utility companies. Morningstar Solar LLC handles building solar farms or PV plants and hands them over to a government agency or utility company for power distribution to the consumers.



Installation costs and process


Morningstar Solar LLC did not disclose its pricing system, and there is no price quote in any customer reviews, but the average cost of going solar in Missouri is estimated to be between $2.35 and $3.17 per watt before any solar incentive.

There are also solar incentives available in Missouri that cut these costs to very affordable levels.

Some of the solar incentives available in Missouri are:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC
  • Missouri solar rebate programs
  • Missouri Solar Property Tax Exemption
  • Net Metering in Missouri

Taking advantage of the solar incentives in Missouri can reduce the cost of Morningstar Solar’s installation services by more than 50%.

We have made extensive attempts to get a quote from Morningstar Solar, but their contact details are not available on any platform, and the company has received no review based on the cost of their services. Anyone interested in doing business with Morningstar Solar should use the estimates above to tell if they are getting a competitive price from them or not.



  • Morningstar Solar LLC is not registered and licensed to operate in the states of Missouri and Kansas.
  • The company does not have an official website.
  • The company’s contact details are not publicly available on any platform.

All information about Morningstar Solar has been obtained from external databases, and none of the information found is verifiable. Based on our analysis of these findings, Morningstar Solar barely presents itself as a legitimate company for potential clients to do business with.



Based on information obtained from external databases, Morningstar Solar LLC offers solar repair and maintenance services and a one-year warranty for parts and labor, but there is no customer feedback about how well the company handles its maintenance. 


Customer service

There is no feedback on Morningstar Solar’s customer service. 



The SolarEmpower View

Morningstar Solar LLC is a solar installations company based in Missouri and Kansas, USA, with its headquarters in Independence, Missouri.

All our findings of Morningstar Solar point to unseriousness and inexperience before incompetence or fraud. The biggest problem with the company is that it does not own a website and its contact details are not available online. All information about the company is obtained from external databases, which does not speak well of its integrity or legitimacy.

Therefore, we do not recommend Morningstar Solar for any of our readers to go solar with.

The table below is a summarized review of Morningstar Solar LLC:

Locations served Headquarters at Independence, Missouri. Also operates in Kansas.
Services Solar PV Installations, Energy Storage Systems, Solar Repairs and Maintenance, Community Solar
Solar brands used SMA America, Unirac Inc., Canadian Solar, Solaredge Technologies, Civic Solar
Cost (Expected, not confirmed) Range of $2.35 and $3.17 per watt (before solar incentives)
Legitimacy Not registered, no website, no contact details available
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Morningstar Solar LLC recommended?

Morningstar Solar LLC has not been recommended by any of its customers.

Are Morningstar Solar LLC trustworthy?

Based on our analysis, Morningstar Solar LLC barely presents itself as a legitimate or trustworthy company.

How long has Morningstar Solar been in business?

5-6 years.

Morningstar Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
1 year parts and labor
3100 N Miller Dr
Independence, MO

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