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Updated on 2023-01-31

Moore Energy Overview

Moore Energy is a small enterprise located in South Hampton, Pennsylvania. They provide their service to all Pennsylvania communities and the nearby states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Barry Moore founded the company in 2008 due to the lack of local businesses that designed, analyzed, and installed solar energy systems. Moore Energy has a revenue of almost $5 million.

Moore Energy is a renewable energy firm specializing in solar systems for residential, farm, public school, military base, and municipal government properties. For their customers, they offer a single source service that combines design, cost-benefit analysis, installation, and system maintenance. According to Moore Energy, they are committed to providing customers with great services, to be done only by trained technicians.



Services offered by Moore Energy

Roof Repairs (Removals and Resets): Moore Energy offers roof repairs, upgrades, and temporary removal of solar systems. This is done by disassembling solar panels and components, storing modules, racking, and wiring to prepare for reinstallation. 

They’ll assess the system’s overall functionality and reinstall or repair it accordingly. The newly installed system would be ensured to be fully operational and functioning according to its design. For a smoother customer experience, Moore Energy coordinates work with roofing contractors and material manufacturers.


Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs: Aside from installing solar systems in homes and businesses, Moore Energy also specializes in repair and maintenance. With every client, they set up a regular system evaluation to ensure the installed systems are functioning and safe. Moore Energy also provides cleaning services and module connection repair if necessary. 


Warranty: With their manufacturer’s warranty program, Moore Energy evaluates and replaces failing components. They also service installations for manufacturer’s recalls, upgrade meters, storm damage, and process paperwork connected to warranty claims.


Evaluation: Moore Energy measures actual power output vs. rated performance. They also check modules for power output, as well as check inverters and connection points. 



Installation Cost and Process


Moore Energy does not have publicly available prices. However, customers can get a free solar quote on their website by filling up an inquiry form. According to many customer reviews, Moore Energy’s prices for their systems were very good. They delivered what was quoted, despite having challenges to work around on. Furthermore, the performance and quality of the panels reflect (and sometimes surpass) the cost. 

However, they also receive a significant amount of negative feedback. Some customers report that Moore Energy is a terrible company to do business with. They are also reported to sell solar systems with inflated forecasts, projecting future rates and returns at unrealistically high prices. Apparently, Moore Energy puts on a good act with their sales presentations but sometimes doesn’t deliver on it.



Moore Energy serves the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and New York. It was unclear whether they have licenses there. They have been nationally ranked as a Top Solar Contractor for three consecutive years. Their website shows positive client testimonials, which suggests they are transparent about their reputation. The website also doesn’t show any partnerships with any other company, despite Moore Energy stating having connections to manufacturers. Furthermore, their credentials aren’t shown on the website. Their accreditations and licenses are not evident. 



Moore Energy has high ratings from most customers regarding their scheduling, after-sales support, and installation quality. According to customers, Moore Energy does a good job with initial installations, with their solar panels working well even after years of operation. They are also described to be very responsive and communicate well.

However, their responses are refuted by some customers. Furthermore, a few customers report delays in the permitting and inspection process. One customer shared that they spent large amounts of money with Moore Energy, but when a mistake was made on their part, they didn’t take accountability and refused to act on it.



The SolarEmpower View

Despite being a small company, Moore Energy offers its services to 5 states. They claim to provide excellent work done by trained technicians. For the most part, this is true. Most customers highly rate them for their installations and repairs. In terms of cost, they were reported to offer good prices but also said to project future rates at unrealistically high prices. Moore Energy’s legitimacy isn’t obvious, but its maintenance is good. However, their customer service isn’t all too good. This makes their claim not entirely true, as evident in their mixed reviews. Due to these factors, SolarEmpower gives Moore Energy the following ratings:

💲 Cost: 5/10 ✅ Legitimacy: 5/10
⭐️ Quality: 8/10 📞 Customer Service: 7/10
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ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

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Does Moore Energy provide a free consultation?

Yes. Moore Energy provides a free quote through its website. Customers can avail of this by filling up a submission form.

Is Moore Energy recommended?

Moore Energy has mixed reviews. They are recommended by most customers, who gave the company high ratings based on cost, installation, repair, and maintenance. Some customers rate them lowly based on the same criteria.

Is Moore Energy trustworthy?

According to most customer reviews, Moore Energy seems to be trustworthy. They have a relatively simpler website, and their legitimacy and public relations need more improvement.

Does Moore Energy provide a good service?

According to most customers, Moore Energy provides good services and is highly rated with installation, repair, and maintenance. However, they have negative reviews that suggest they are not always consistent.

Moore Energy Solar Details

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