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Updated on 2023-03-17

May Electric Solar Overview

May Electric Solar is a small enterprise founded in 2006 and based in Hudson, Florida, with a 25-person team including admins, sales reps and panel installers/electricians. However, revenue appears to have dropped since late 2020.

The company posits itself as Florida’s leading solar panel installer for commercial and residential properties. Though most reviews appear to be four or five-star, there were some one-star ratings. The average price is not included on the website, though online customer reviews point towards competitive pricing from May Electric Solar.

May Electric Solar possesses industry certifications from the American Solar Energy Society, the Solar Energy Industries Association and an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.



May Electric Solar services and features


Solar Panels: May Electric Solar makes use of LG solar panels, which are rated among the best in the world, and offer a choice of five different types of panels:

  • NeON® 2 Panel, which is a worldwide best-seller for LG
  • NeON® R Panel, which is high-performance
  • NeON® R Prime Panel, which is highly efficient
  • NeON® R Prime ACe Panel, which provides high power
  • NeON® H+ Panel, which is also high-powered and offers maximum efficiency

Solar Battery Storage System: For the grid-tied system that May Electric Solar offers, a battery storage system is needed for customers to store and use energy in case of a blackout. This company uses the Enphase Energy system, lauded as one of the top brands in the industry across the globe.

Here, Enphase offers microinverters and IQ batteries. Microinverters are perfect for grid-tied systems, as they can keep producing energy as long as there’s sunlight. The energy produced should also meet the demands of the home or business it’s connected to.

On the other hand, IQ batteries can store energy for the customer to use at night or when needed. Solar panels typically produce more energy than is actually required, energy that can either be stored, as mentioned, or be sold back to the grid. Such a system can provide power for 10 to 20 hours, depending on usage and unit size.

The company also offers new home wiring if required along with generator installations and can provide system service on installations that aren’t their own but are in their area.

May Electric Solar offers its services across all of Central Florida.


May Electric Solar costs

May Electric Solar was one of the first electric companies to transition and focus their business primarily on solar energy in Florida. Over the years, judging by customer reviews, they’ve paired low prices with quality workmanship while offering loan payment systems and encouraging customers to use the various Florida credits and exemptions when it comes to solar panel installations and power.

Free consultations and surveys are also provided, with no obligations to buy.


May Electric Solar Legitimacy

May Electric Solar is highly legitimate, being one of the first companies to enter the industry in Florida, established in 2006. It earned its BBB accreditation in 2014 and is currently rated A+. It is also a platinum-rated solar installer by LG. The majority of customer reviews support this legitimacy.

Company owner William May has worked in the electrical field since 2000, becoming a master electrician in 2006 and founding May Electric Solar. Until a few years ago, he was on site for as many installations as possible, although he now visits around half of them when possible.

Contact details such as opening hours, contact number, address and e-mail address are easily retrievable on the company’s website.


May Electric Solar maintenance

The company offers 30-year no-cost and labor warranties, while LG solar panels, Enphase microinverters and roof mounting with leak protection come with standard 25-year warranties.

Though most customers appeared happy with the service, a few reviews indicate numerous missed appointments or failure to show up at an agreed time and place. This applied to surveys, installations and system check-ups after installation took place. The vast majority of reviews around the web, however, point towards stellar service before, during, and after consultation and installation took place.



The SolarEmpower View

The high-quality products certainly make a case for opting for May Electric Solar, and the reviews also indicate competitive prices and work to match the product levels. One must be wary, however, of the few negative reviews which suggest the occasional mishap in terms of sticking to agreed meeting dates. Most, however, appeared happy with the service received and recommended it to others. The company’s longevity in a field where new competitors are born every other day is also a very good sign.



Contact Details

Phone number: (727) 819-2862

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: May Electric Solar, 8721, Casper Avenue, Hudson, FL 34667

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is May Electric Solar good to work for?

This appears to be the case, as the company insists that it only looks for experienced and technically adept professionals. According to their Yelp description, the management team also consists of solely US military veterans, dubbing themselves the Navy SEALs of solar.

Is May Electric Solar trustworthy?

For the most part, this appears to be the case. However, there are a few cases of missed appointments that might not reflect the true culture of the company but probably shouldn’t be ignored entirely.

Will May Electric Solar provide good maintenance?

The company states that in the unlikely event of maintenance being required, the monitoring system will notify the customer and May Electric Solar about any issues. That being said, they are reachable by phone or e-mail too.

May Electric Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


8721 Casper Ave
Hudson, FL

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