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Updated on 2023-08-27

Lightwave Solar Solution Overview

Lightwave Solar Solutions is a medium-sized solar company with less than 50 employees. It was founded in 2006 by Steve Johnson. It is located in Kansas City, United States. Lightwave Solar Solutions has grown considerably since its establishment 16 years ago. They have installed thousands of solar systems with over 70,000 kilowatts. 

They are famous for providing turnkey solar solutions, and they have a lot of professional staff to help them with this. They are focused on residential solar systems, but they also do commercial and municipal solar installations. Also, they do utility solar, which enables you to use energy without paying much electricity bills. 



Lightwave Solar Solution and Specifics

Solar Panels

Lightwave Solar Solutions specifies making turnkey solar systems. Their solar panels are made with the best materials from top-notch engineers. They design their solar panels to harness the energy and make the best of it. Also, their solar panels are durable and can last decades.


Solar Products

Lightwave Solar Solutions has different services to help them with its mission of producing clean energy. Here are the services offered:

  • Battery Storage: Lightwave provides a solar battery that stores energy for future use. This offers reliable backup in case of a weather disruption or system failure. 
  • Solar Parking Canopies: Another service that Lightwave delivers excellently is the solar airport. These carports are multifunctional. It provides shade for cars while generating clean energy for your property. 
  • EV Charging Stations: Lightwave Solar has capable electricians to help install electric vehicle charging ports. 
  • Microgrids: Another service that Lightwave provides is the installation of microgrids for people who do not want to rely on the general grid. 



Installation Costs and Processes


The cost of installing solar depends on many variables. These variables include purpose, size, and location, among others. For example, Lightwave Solar for a residential building can cost between $50,000 to $80,000. However, the federal government tax credit of 30% will make it cheaper. This price includes everything required to provide and install a solar system. 

Compared with the cost of not using solar, solar is more affordable. Also, the government is providing incentives to encourage people to embrace the use of solar energy.


Lightwave Legitimacy

Lightwave Solar is a legitimate and accredited solar company in the United States. They are a company with good reviews, and you can trust them. Some of the reasons for which you can trust them include:

Solar Energy Industries Association accredits them
They are also certified by the Better Business Bureau
Also, they are licensed by the American Solar Energy Society
In addition, Lightwave Solar is accredited by the Solar Power World
Lightwave has 8 NABCEP professionals on their staff. This is more than any company in the United States has.
They have installed over 250,000 solar panels over 16 years
They are a founding member of Amicus Solar Co-Op and Amicus O & M Co-Op
They have received the Solar Power World Magazine Top US Contactors’ ward for 11 years. These years from 2011 to 2022
They ranked 177th on the list of 400 solar power companies across the US
They also ranked 72nd on the list of top solar EPCs
And they ranked 56th on the list of top solar + storage installers
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Maintenance and Warranties 

The company’s relationship doesn’t end after the installation. Lightwave Solar provides after-installation servicing and inspection for their clients. You can get your solar system servicing done two to three weeks after placing a request. The long wait is because Lightwave is a bustling company due to the quality they provide.

Lightwave solar has a product warranty of 25 years and a product performance warranty of 25 years. Even after the 25th year, the solar panel’s performance output is still expected to be up to 80%. 

Lightwave Solar Solution has an excellent customer track record. They have been known to be responsive and prompt. Speaking to the Lightwave Solar Customer Representative, Solar Empower deduced that their customer service is professional. They offer detailed explanations in a very courteous way.


Secret Shopper Analysis

We reached out to Lightwave Solar Solutions, a medium-sized solar company based in Kansas City, United States. Established in 2006, Lightwave Solar Solutions has installed thousands of solar systems, totaling over 70,000 kilowatts. They specialize in turnkey solar solutions for residential, commercial, and municipal installations, offering services such as battery storage, solar parking canopies, EV charging stations, and microgrids.

Lightwave Solar Solutions uses high-quality materials, durable solar panels, and has received certifications and awards from reputable organizations. They provide maintenance, warranties, and have a dedicated customer service team.

Customer reviews generally reflect positive experiences, highlighting professionalism and quality solar panel systems. Overall, Lightwave Solar Solutions is a reputable company offering comprehensive solar solutions.

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Review Analysis

LightWave Solar has garnered a strong reputation in the solar industry, maintaining an impressive average review score of 4.7. Positive feedback from 51 customers highlights their professionalism, solar panel systems, and the overall performance of the company.

However, it is important to note that there have been 3 instances of negative feedback. One customer expressed disappointment with receiving a call from a referral service at an inconvenient time, while another highlighted a lack of communication and receiving a different system than requested.

The latter experience also led to a significant period of downtime for an existing array, resulting in lost revenue. These frustrations demonstrate the need for improved communication and adherence to customer specifications. Despite these challenges, the majority of reviews reflect positively on LightWave Solar’s expertise and the quality of their solar panel systems.

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The SolarEmpower View

Lightwave Solar provides bespoke solar energy systems for homes and other properties. They have different services they offer, and people have the opportunity to pick what works for them. Also, they have excellent customer reviews due to their stellar performance. 

Cost: 6/10
Customer Service: 9.5/20
Quality: 8.5
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Contact details

Phone Number: 615.641.4050

Address: 3026 Owen Drive, Suite 104, Nashville, TN 37013

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
Solar Power World
Solar Power World

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


How long has Lightwave been in business?

Lightwave Solar Solutions have been in business since 2006. They have been providing excellent solar services for close to two decades already.

Who is the founder of Lightwave Solar Solutions?

Lightwave Solar Solutions is owned by Steve Johnson. He is a certified member of the NABCEP. He is also a PV professional. Steve Johnson is an experienced electrician who used his previous knowledge to create a solar company.

Can Lightwave Solar Solutions be trusted?

Lightwave Solar Solutions can be trusted. They have a lot of excellent reviews, and users rate them about 4.8 over 5, showing how impeccable their performance has been.

Does Lightwave Solar Solution make its panels?

There is not much information about their solar panels. However, they partner with competent solar companies to provide durable solar panels for their customers.

LightWave Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


3026 Owen Drive Suite 104
Nashville TN

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