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Updated on 2023-04-13


Lightspring Solar is a large solar company based in North Dakota. Catering mostly towards businesses, the company boasts a team of highly experienced individuals. The company does charge more than its competitors, however this is due to them prioritising quality – all installations are carried out using products from renowned companies such as Tesla.

The company has mixed reviews online, and it is legitimate, however it cannot be found on the BBB’s website.



Solar Panels and services offered by Lightspring Solar

Specific Solar Panels Offered

The company does not install one specific type of solar panel. The panels installed are dependent on the type of system and environment – as Lightspring Solar believes in maximising efficiency by adapting to different environments. All products installed are of a high quality, as they come from renowned companies such as Enphase, Tesla and Jinko.


Specific Types of Solar offered

Lightspring Solar offers solar systems which fit within three different categories: Commercial Solar, Rural Solar, and Community Solar.

Commercial Solar:

The company boasts high levels of experience in this sector, having installed the largest commercial rooftop system in Fargo, North Dakota.

Rural Solar:

Lightspring Solar is one of the few companies to work on both large commercial projects alongside more rural projects. The company has been working with rural business owners for years, to assist them in reducing energy bills along with their reliance on the local utility.

Community Solar:

In addition to keeping itself going as a business, Lightspring Solar uses its profits to help benefit the community by investing in community solar systems – however this does contribute to the company’s higher pricing.


The company provides thorough consultations, which are supposed to help you understand your property’s energy potential before investing in a solar system. This consultation is rather unique in the sense that it implements both conservation and innovative power generation methodology.


Installation costs and process 


Lightspring Solar conducts all of its services in-house, which allows it to save money. Despite this, the company does price its services above its competitors – however the pricing is still reasonable.

This is because the company prioritises quality over pricing, which is why all of its products come from renowned companies such as Enphase and Tesla.

The company offers assistance when it comes to taking advantage of tax rebates, which will allow you to subsidise 26% of the total cost of your solar system.

When SolarEmpower asked Lightspring Solar about costs, the company told us: “We believe in quality workmanship and quality products. We prefer to install industry leading brands like Enphase and Tesla and Jinko because we know these manufacturers are the most likely to remain in business over the warranty period. We also offer a 25 year workmanship warranty on all our work.”
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This was a great sign. The clear emphasis on quality is very attractive. 

The company also offers a wide range of financing options for different customers. For example, agricultural producers and rural small businesses will receive guaranteed loan financing and grant funding for renewable energy systems or to make energy efficiency improvements – which is done through the REAP Grant.



Lightspring Solar is a legitimate company:

  • The company has customer reviews online.
  • The company is transparent with its contact details.
  • The company is transparent about its reputation.
  • Many of the company’s larger projects in the past are known to the public.



Maintenance: the SolarEmpower enquiry
All services conducted by Lightspring Solar are done so using in-house staff, meaning the company offers high levels of flexibility with regards to scheduling.
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The company offers maintenance for its systems, meaning customers do not need to rely on third party organisations to maintain their systems.

The company is very efficient and pleasant to deal with when it comes to emails. There is also a contact form on their website, making it easy to have questions answered in a quick and easy manner.

The company offers 25-year workmanship warranties on all of their products. In addition to this, the company prides itself in delivering durable products. For instance, they claim that some of their solar PV systems have lasted over 40 years.


The SolarEmpower View

Evidently, Lightspring Solar are a legitimate company that can offer great service. They offer warranties on their installations and we had no qualms about their transparency. Furthermore, reviews online seem generally positive, which is always a good sign. As solar companies in ND go, you won’t go far wrong with Lightspring Solar.

Service Areas

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Are Lightspring Solar trustworthy?

Yes, the company is transparent about its reputation and displays examples of previous work on its website.

Will Lightspring Solar provide proper maintenance?

Yes, the company will provide proper maintenance for all the systems they install.

Can you cancel a contract with Lightspring Solar?

No, North Dakota Law states that you cannot terminate a contract after signing it.

Lightspring Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

#: 000043917

1002 N 5th Street
Bismarck, ND

Lightspring Solar User Reviews

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March 24, 2023
Lightspring Solar installed an off-grid…
Lightspring Solar installed an off-grid system at my workshop in North Dakota. The company employees are all passionate about solar as an alternative energy source. They worked through some major hurdles onsite and worked the long hours to get my system up and running. I would recommend them to anyone serious about alternative energy solutions.
Mark Enget
Mark Enget
January 14, 2023
Lightspring Solar is a professional…
Lightspring Solar is a professional and caring organization. When things went wrong, they were quick to respond and rectify the situation. No complaining, no excuses, and genuinely concerned about providing an adequate response. If you want a well thought-out solution for your solar energy needs, give Lightspring the opportunity to deliver. They care about your satisfaction and the final product delivered to you.
Gregg “GTR14” S
Gregg “GTR14” S
September 18, 2022
The crew at Lightspring was…
The crew at Lightspring was prompt and professional in the quote and the installation of the solar system. There were some issues with the manufacturer's reporting software - it didn't affect the actual electricity production. Jim worked with the manufacturer on at least 3 different occasions to get the issue resolved. He was always professional and kept me informed. Overall a good experience and I would recommend Lightspring Solar.
Jerry Caufield
Jerry Caufield
July 28, 2022
The Lightspring crew put up…
The Lightspring crew put up a new system at my store and they did a fantastic job. They were professional, organized, and efficient. They sized my system perfectly, and Lightspring went beyond my expectations. Just hire them you won't be disappointed.
Mike Kambeitz
Mike Kambeitz
July 20, 2022
LightSpring installed 5 solar thermal…
LightSpring installed 5 solar thermal collectors on my shop on Morrison Ave in Bismarck. I went from $195.00 a month in gas.... Down to $42.00.

We now keep our 3,600 sq foot shop at 72 degrees year round with very little cost to me. The difference in comfort is indescribable. The floor is now comfortable and laying under vehicles is a dream.

The air comes out of the wall at about 165 degrees on average and the makeup from opened overhead doors is MINUTES.

Simply incredible!

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