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Updated on 2023-08-27

LGCY Power Overview

LGCY Power is a leading solar panel company located in Lehi, Utah, United States. The company was founded in 2014 and has grown considerably since then. They are available in other US states, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, and Alabama. The growth is quite visible as they have over 3000 employees. Their annual revenue is over $541M.

LGCY focuses majorly on catering to residential power needs. It is pretty popular among homeowners in the nine states where it exists. The database we reviewed showed that the company has a professional and good customer relationship. Their rapid growth can be attributed to these facts. 

Although solar panels can cost quite a bit, LGCY solar panels cost 20 – 50% less than their counterparts. 



LGCY Power and Specifics

LGCY Power is a company that prioritizes every home’s power needs. They are quite interested in green sustainable energy, hence their dedication to making every home go solar. Some of the services that the company offers to tend to people’s solar needs include:


LGCY Power Solar Panels

LGCY Power is committed to making every home’s best residential solar system. They are in collaboration with the largest solar industry in the US, Sunrun, to give state-of-the-art solar panels. LGCY solar panels are not a one-way fits-all system. Instead, they make solar panels based on the need and specifications of your home. 

They start the process by visiting the home and checking the energy requirement. They take their time to answer the question their clients have. 



Installation Costs and Processes

LGCY Power Solar Cost

On average, LGCY solar systems are affordable. However, there are varied prices for installing solar in different homes. The first thing that can affect your solar system’s price is the brand you wish to buy. Different brands have different prices, and choosing the brand can push your cost towards being high or low. 

Also, the solar price can depend on your location. Different states have different incentives for people using solar. For example, some states can subsidize solar use by up to 50%, while some can only subsidize it by 20%. The incentive can be in the form of tax deductions up to the percentages mentioned. Some states can even offer a rebate to people using solar power in their homes. 

Also, LGCY has multiple options for payment. There are other options for people who cannot pay to buy their solar panels outrightly. For example, you can get a solar system on loan. Solar loans help people get solar panels and inverters on credit and then pay them off in installments. Similar to the loan is the solar lease. This does not grant you ownership of the solar product. However, you can use the solar products on lease for a stipulated number of years. 

Another payment option available for the purchase of LGCY products is the use of equity. You can open a credit line with the equity you already have stored in your home. 


LGCY Power Legitimacy

LGCY Power is a legitimate company that is registered and licensed. They have received positive reviews from people and can be trusted. Although there are concerns about the misdemeanor of some staff members, people’s guarantee of their services is relatively good. Here are some points about the legitimacy of LGCY:

  • LGCY is certified by NAPCEP. NABCEP is the North American Board of Certified Power Providers. 
  • LGCY is a certified partner of Sunrun. Sunrun is one of the most credible solar power companies in the US. 
  • LGCY has many branches in different states, and their business keeps booming. 


LGCY Power Solar Maintenance

The company offers comprehensive warranties on all new products, including panels and inverters. There is also an option for monitoring and maintenance. This is optional and can be chosen or rejected by the customer. However, if the damage comes from carelessness or deliberate acts, the warranty does not cover it. 

There have been complaints about LGCY scheduled maintenance. These complaints include unresponsiveness from their side. 

There have been complaints about LGCY customer service. There have also been complaints about their unresponsiveness. Some customers complain of not being able to reach them when needed. In addition, poor communication from the company has raised concerns among some of their clients.


Secret Shopper Analysis

We reached out to LGCY Power, a leading solar panel company based in Lehi, Utah. They offer customized residential solar panels and have expanded their services to multiple states in the US. LGCY Power provides various payment options, including loans, leases, and utilizing home equity.

They are a legitimate company with certifications and partnerships with reputable organizations. While they have a generally positive reputation, there have been some complaints about unresponsiveness and poor customer service. LGCY Power should address these concerns and improve their communication and responsiveness to enhance their customer service and maintain their positive reputation in the industry.

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Review Analysis

LGCY Power has received positive feedback in the solar industry, with an average review score of 4.3. Based on feedback from 6 customers, there is 1 review of 3 stars or less indicating areas for improvement. While specific quotes are not available, the highlights of their strengths include timeliness and friendliness. LGCY Power is recognized for their ability to deliver services in a timely manner and maintain a friendly approach.

It is crucial for LGCY Power to continue focusing on these strengths while addressing any concerns raised by customers. By providing efficient and friendly service, LGCY Power can enhance customer satisfaction and solidify their reputation as a trusted provider in the solar industry.

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The SolarEmpower View

LGCY is a good and reputable solar company whose growth over the years has not been accidental. We will rate them 5/10 in total. This score is because of some factors. Even though the company has been around for a while and is a partner with reputable companies, there are some concerns about how well they respond to complaints. 

Their legitimacy is, no doubt, 9/10. Their quality is also top-notch and can be rated 9/10. There has been no complaint about the quality of their product. Also, their cost can be rated 8/10, as it is affordable and offers many payment incentives. Their customer service, however, can only get a score of 6/10. 



Contact details

Phone Number: (855) 282-1750

Address: LGCY Power, 3333 Digital Drive #600, Lehi, Utah 84043

Website: www.lgcypower.com

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar


Who owns LGCY Power?

LGCY Power was founded by Doug Robinson in conjunction with Luke Toone. Doug Robinson is currently the CEO, while Luke Toone manages the operations.

Which states does LGCY Power operate in?

LGCY is licensed to operate in about 30 states in the US. These states include Alabama, Arizona, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, Utah, South Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Nevada, New Jersey, and Ohio, among others.

Does LGCY Power provide a free consultation?

LGCY provides a free consultation. You can contact their staff members to make your inquiries. You can also get a free consultation from their website.

What solar panels does LGCY use?

LGCY is a certified partner of Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the US. They use solar panels from Sunrun.

How long has LGCY Power been in business?

LGCY power has been around since September 2014. They have installed more than 300 megawatts of solar for over 40,000 customers.

LGCY Power Solar Details

16260 N 71st St
Scottsdale AZ

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