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Updated on 2023-07-01

King Solar NM LLC Overview

King Solar NM is a small solar PV system contractor based in Carlsbad, New Mexico and serves the surrounding areas of Roswell, Artesia, Hobbs and Cloudcroft. They have been in business since 2013 and have a small team of around five people. 

Most of their clients buy residential systems, but they offer commercial installations as well. They work with their clients to provide high-quality services at affordable rates. In addition to financing options, the company offers to help customers with paperwork to take advantage of state tax rebates and energy credits. 



King Solar Services & Specifics

Equipment & Services Offered

Inverters & Panels Used

For the power inverters, King Solar uses four different brands: EnPhase, Solaredge, Fronius, and Sunny Boy. These brands are all great, but also come with drawbacks. It is important to go through each one before deciding. EnPhase is considered the best inverter manufacturer on the market but it is the most expensive of all the brands, so if you are planning on installing a system with a lot panels, the cost will balloon in size due to the number of inverters you will need.

Solaredge inverters perform great too, but these converters are not the best for small systems or systems in areas with a lot of shade. Fronius is another great choice, but due to supply, they can be very difficult to acquire. Lastly, Sunny Boy is the most cost-effective, but has the most negatives around it. Their inverters cannot be blocked by anything (trees, poles, etc.) to run at optimum efficiency. In addition, all panels need to face the same direction. 

King Solar uses monocrystalline panels, which are commonly agreed to be the best panels you can buy thanks to their power capacity and efficiency. These panels can have over 20% power efficiency, which is higher than other types of panels on the market. 


Types of Systems

King Solar LLC installs both residential and commercial systems. Each system is specifically designed and installed based on customer needs, so they have experience dealing with grid-tied and off-grid systems. Most of their business is residential systems, but they have installed commercial systems in the past with great results. 



Installation Costs & Processes


King Solar’s expert staff will provide you a detailed plan and invoice listing all the equipment used. Customers are free to make any changes if they are looking to cut costs or even spend more, but King Solar focuses on getting the best system at the best price. Previous customers have said that they paid a fair price and that they were offered different financing options. 

Installing solar is an expensive investment, so a company that offers financing options and is open to negotiating parts is always a good sign for prospective customers. Not everyone has $10 or $20 thousand dollars sitting around, so having different payment options lets customers have peace of mind when making the transition to solar. 



King Solar is licensed as a Domestic Limited Liability Company by the Secretary of State in New Mexico. The company owner has listed his name and picture all over company social media pages and can be contacted directly if necessary. They are transparent with their costs and practices and often post their final products on the company page for prospective customers. 

There are not any apparent company red flags with the company, so it is safe to say that the company operates completely legitimately and provides customers with top-notch service. The reviews do not lie, and the company has many satisfied customers who had no problem recommending King Solar. 



Post-installation consulting is available to customers if they are having any issues with equipment. All the parts they use come with long warranties and they will send a technician to have a look and repair anything that is within the warranty. They reply quickly and will usually provide a solution or repair service within 24 hours.

All the technicians in the company have been working in solar since 1983, so they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to make the process simple and smooth for customers. They will explain parts in detail and answer any questions in a prompt manner. With all of this said, King Solar is a good company to work with for those in New Mexico looking to make the switch to solar.



In Summary

King Solar has been in the industry for a long time, and that experience shows with their service to customers. All the equipment used is top of the line, but customers don’t have to worry about paying top of the line prices. For those around Carlsbad, New Mexico that want to switch to solar, King Solar is an excellent option.

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is King Solar LLC trustworthy?

Yes, the company is a licensed business in New Mexico and has a great track record with previous customers, all who would recommend them. In addition, they are transparent and easy to get in contact with.

Does King Solar LLC provide good service?

Yes, all the customer reviews are 5-star reviews and praise the company for their prompt communication and expertise in handling their installations. They also provide financing options for those who cannot pay all at once.

Is King Solar LLC recommended

Yes, based on market research and customer reviews, King Solar is recommended for anyone who wants professional and affordable solar installations.

KingSolarNM Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
2 Years
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1107 N Canal St
Carlsbad, NM

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