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Updated on 2023-08-12


Johnson Melloh Solutions is an energy service Company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company was founded in 2019. With its 501-1,000 employees team, the Company’s projected revenue exceeds $1.2 million. Although the Company reduces costs by cutting intermediaries, its installations are Avoidable.

The Company’s business model maintains and builds long-lasting relationships with its customers, who recommend and keep the Company. The databases of reviews show that in just two years, Johnson Melloh Solutions gained more than 50 Five rating customer reviews on a single site with a 100% five-star rating and only one negative review. According to the state department of commerce, the Company also has accreditation status for a business with the state of Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona.



Johnson Melloh Solutions Services and Specifics

Johnson Melloh Solutions specialize in energy efficiency services, Performance Contracting, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Geo-Thermal, Solar, Battery Storage, Building Optimization, Energy Master Planning, Improving Learning Environments, and smart building technologies intended to resolve facility infrastructure challenges while optimizing building performance and reducing energy consumption. The Company specializes in the assessment and implementation of energy conservation projects. It optimizes performance through infrastructure upgrades of major systems to achieve better energy and maintenance savings potential, enabling the clients to generate better energy usage, resulting in positive cash flow.



Johnson Melloh Solutions companies offer Solar Panels and services like

HVAC/Mechanical: Johnson Melloh Solutions also provides HVAC and air conditioner replacements, saving customers money on their electricity bills in the long run.


Smart Building & Systems Integrations: Smart buildings are the construction industry’s future. By integrating various systems, they can improve efficiency and increase occupant comfort. In addition, smart buildings can help reduce energy consumption and improve Building management.


EV Fleet Infrastructure: E.V. fleet infrastructure is crucial for the success of electric vehicles. Such infrastructure includes batteries, charging stations, and maintenance facilities. A lack of these components can severely hamper the adoption of E.V.s. Therefore, governments and businesses must invest in all aspects of E.V. infrastructure.


Building Envelope: A building envelope is a system that separates the interior and exterior of a building. Maintaining the indoor environment and protecting the outside from the elements is important. There are three main building envelope systems: enclosure, shell, and barrier.


Solar Equipment: Using state-of-the-art panels with long life-cycles solar installations can be placed on rooftops, carports, or any open areas around a facility. Once installed, solar typically has low maintenance costs, and the power generated can be used, put into the grid, or stored for later use.


The Sun Connection:  The sun showers the Earth with more energy every minute than the human race uses in a year. By capturing a tiny portion of this energy in the form of sunlight, electricity can be pulled from thin air. Depending on the time of year, solar energy can provide a significant portion of a building’s energy needs reducing reliance on the grip and saving money on energy costs.


Solar/Battery Storage: Solar energy is a renewable resource that can generate electricity or heat and cool buildings. Solar power is also becoming increasingly cost-effective as technology improves and economies of scale are achieved. Solar/battery storage is a way to store solar energy when the sun is not shining. 



Installation costs and process

The average solar installation cost ranges from $7,500 to $12,000. Some factors that affect the cost of installing a solar system include the size of the system, the type of system (P.V. or C.S.P.), and whether the installation is on-grid or off-grid. The most common solar system installation method is through trenching and wiring, but other mounting and racking systems are also available. Installing a solar system typically takes four to six weeks. They also offer solar financing options to make going solar more affordable. Once you’ve decided to go solar, their team will handle all the paperwork and coordination with your utility Company. They also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your solar system to ensure it’s always operating at peak performance.


Johnson Melloh Solutions Costs

Customers of Johnson Melloh Solutions declare that the Company offers reasonable pricing for its items. The business emphasizes that it prioritizes quality over the expense and is dedicated to containing high-quality solar panels. On the other hand, local solar panel prices are the acting wonder in Phoenix, Arizona. This business offers competitive prices, excellent services, and well-trained staff. For those who cannot afford to purchase solar panels entirely, Johnson Melloh Solutions offers financing options. Federal tax credits may be available for solar panels.


Johnson Melloh Solutions Legitimacy

Johnson Melloh Solutions is a legitimate solar energy Company that has been in business since 2019. The Company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and has installed over 3,000 solar systems across the Midwest. Johnson Melloh Solutions is a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association and the Phoenix, Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association. The Company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Johnson Melloh Solutions Maintenance

Johnson Melloh Solutions provides excellent solar panel repair and maintenance services. They are easily accessible and respond quickly to customer requests. The Company resolved one complaint by rescheduling an installation date. Johnson Melloh Solutions provides ongoing technical support and guarantees, a 24-hour monitoring system, and free quotes.




Johnson Melloh Solutions appears to be a promising Company. Their focus on customer relationships is admirable, and they’ve received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. In addition, their projected annual revenue is remarkable. However, certain things could be improved. For one, their systems are not a possibility. This means that they are making more efforts to reduce costs and allow their panels to be less expensive for their customers.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Are Johnson Melloh Solutions trustworthy?

Johnson Melloh Solutions is a reliable Company with more than 4 decades of expertise. They provide free estimates and consultations so that you'll have a clear estimate of what they'd charge for the project. They're also accredited by Better Business Bureau, which is a great sign they're a reliable Company.

Do you think Johnson Melloh Solutions is good to be a part of?

There isn't a universal answer to this question because everyone's opinions on Johnson Melloh Solutions will likely differ. Yet, Johnson Melloh Solutions seems to be a great Company to be a part of. The employees have high levels of satisfaction with their jobs, and the Company is well-known within the solar industry.

Can you terminate an agreement with Johnson Melloh Solutions?

By the F.T.C. With the cooling-off rule, clients in Phoenix can opt to terminate the contract of sale under certain circumstances within three days of concluding the deal. If the contract includes an express clause allowing the customer to withdraw from the contract within certain timeframes, parties cannot end the contract without signing and accepting the contract.

Is Johnson Melloh Solutions recommended?

Johnson Melloh Solutions is an excellent Company that provides various products and services to its customers. They are highly recommended since they can provide their clients with the best quality products and services.

Johnson Melloh Solutions Solar Details

5925 Stockberger Place
Indianapolis IN

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