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Updated on 2023-08-20


Infinity Solar Solutions is a small solar system installation and electrical services provider in San Angelo, Texas. Founded in 2010, the company has based its business model on diversifying its services. This strategy has helped it weather the policy shifts in the solar industry. 



Solar Panels and Services

Specific Solar Panels Offered

LG: Before ceasing production in 2022, LG solar panels were a popular choice for Infinity Solar’s residential clients due to their high efficiency ratings of up to 22.3%. Made of monocrystalline cells, these panels offered greater energy conversion and produced 90% of their initial output at the end of their lifespan. It is unclear if Infinity Solar still installs LG panels after their discontinuation.

Panasonic: Panasonic now outsources solar panel production to an undisclosed third party yet maintains impressive efficiency ratings of up to 22.2%. Slightly cheaper than LG panels, Panasonic modules come in blue and black models for different esthetic preferences. Featuring half-cut solar cells, these panels remain efficient even in high temperatures. Infinity Solar customers with Panasonic panels have reported satisfactory electricity generation.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Residential solar: Infinity Solar Solutions is proficient in installing solar panels on the rooftops of homes and connecting those solar systems to the electrical grid.


Commercial solar: Businesses can rely on Infinity Solar to procure and install high-quality solar panels tailored for commercial use, arranged in a nice-looking manner. However, the company appears to have a more extensive background in serving residential customers than commercial ones.


Solar trailers: A solar trailer is a portable solar power generator that can be transported from one location to another, often utilized in off-grid areas, such as remote villages. However, it’s not clear whether Infinity Solar Solutions will construct the trailer and install solar panels on it or buy the trailer and install the panels on it. Further clarification should be sought regarding the company’s approach to providing solar trailer services. 



Installation Costs and Processes


Installation Process Description
On-site Evaluation A consultant from Infinity Solar Solutions conducts an on-site visit to the client’s property to assess their energy requirements. The consultant assists in determining the appropriate size of the solar system needed based on the client’s unique needs.
Proposal Presentation After the evaluation, the client is presented with a comprehensive proposal. This proposal outlines the cost of the solar system and the projected energy savings.
System Design and Permit Acquisition Upon acceptance of the proposal, Infinity Solar proceeds to design the solar system. The design takes into consideration the building’s roof layout and its orientation relative to sunlight. The company also obtains the necessary permits required to connect the system to the grid.
Installation Following the design phase and permit acquisition, Infinity Solar Solutions installs the system on the client’s property.
Post-installation Monitoring After the installation is complete, Infinity Solar Solutions does not end its services. The company continues to monitor the system’s performance to ensure that it operates within the estimated output range.
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Infinity Solar Solutions offers quotes that are more competitive than the industry average. Most customers have reported that their solar systems are highly efficient, generating a surplus of electricity to meet their requirements. As a result, the costs associated with systems installed by this company are justified by their performance.

For clients unable to make immediate payments for their solar systems, Infinity Solar Solutions provides a convenient financing alternative. These customers have the option to apply to the Foundation Finance Company for solar loans. 



Infinity Solar Solutions has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and was recognized as a Great Place to Work in the United States from 2018 to 2019. However, the company does not provide additional information about its memberships in professional associations or licenses. Despite this, Infinity Solar Solutions maintains a considerable level of legitimacy based on the accreditations mentioned above.



A 30-year Solar Insure warranty accompanies solar systems installed by Infinity Solar Solutions. However, the company does not specify the coverage details of this warranty. While Infinity has been praised for its prompt response to customer complaints and resolution of issues, there have been occasional criticisms regarding the maintenance of certain solar system components for some customers.


Secret Shopper Analysis

C.C. Campos, a Solar Pro and Master Electrician at Infinity Solar Solutions LLC, emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality and in-house expertise. Campos confirms that all their installers are employees of the company, assuring customers that there is no outsourcing of jobs to subcontractors. This not only guarantees the consistency of their services but also provides peace of mind to customers about who will be working on their property.

The company demonstrates a robust team with varied expertise, including master electricians, journeyman electricians, solar pros, and apprentices who are Enphase certified installers. This demonstrates a deep pool of knowledge within the company, showcasing their technical capabilities in various aspects of solar installation.

Addressing the inspection process, Campos ensures their presence during city inspections, and explains the involvement of the utility company. This highlights their commitment to transparency and smooth communication during the project. Finally, Campos communicates their focus on top-tier modules and inverters, aligning with their quality-first approach. They offer a clear price point of $3.50 per watt turnkey, providing upfront transparency to potential customers about their pricing structure.

Overall, Campos’ response positions Infinity Solar Solutions LLC as a provider with deep technical expertise and a strong commitment to quality and transparency.

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Review Analysis

Infinity Solar Solutions LLC has garnered a positive reputation in the solar industry, boasting an average review score of 4.6. They have received feedback from 9 customers, who have highlighted the company’s knowledgeability and quick response times. However, there is one review of 3 stars or less expressing concerns about post-installation issues and unfulfilled promises.

While Infinity Solar Solutions LLC demonstrates strengths in being knowledgeable and quick to respond, it is essential for them to address and resolve the problems reported by customers to ensure a satisfactory experience. By providing effective solutions and fulfilling their commitments, Infinity Solar Solutions LLC can further enhance their reputation and continue to serve customers with expertise and responsiveness in the solar sector.

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The SolarEmpower View

Infinity Solar Solutions is a reputable solar company that provides high-quality products and services at reasonable costs. With a dedicated customer service team always ready to assist, the company enhances its offerings by including maintenance and monitoring services for its customers, adding value to their experience.


💲Cost: 10/10 ✅Legitimacy: 8/10
⭐️Quality: 9/10 📞Customer Service: 7.8/10
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Contact Details

Phone: (432) 272-0631

Address: 2314 Kermit Hwy, Odessa TX, 79761


Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar


Does Infinity Solar Solutions provide a good service?

Yes, it provides good solar panel installation services.

Will Infinity Solar Solutions provide proper maintenance?

Customers can count on Infinity Solar Solutions to rise to the task when their solar systems need to be maintained.

Is Infinity Solar Solutions recommended?

Infinity Solar is recommended by many pleased customers.

Infinity Solar Solutions Solar Details

2314 Kermit Hwy
Odessa TX

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jason alaniz
jason alaniz
June 12, 2023
This company will hound you…
This company will hound you in order to make the sale, but after they will give you the run around to fix any issues. I have 2 issues with the panels and a the breaker panel catch fire. I had to hire a contractor each time to fix it, because they would not show up to fix it.
April 25, 2023
Be very warefull of this…
Be very warefull of this outfit. I have tried numerous times to get them to complete the array setup and they refuse. I gave up on them & climbed up on my roof today to get the serial numbers but the only numbers I find on the panels don't line up with the ones they entered into the Enphase portal. So I guess I never will get the array set up. I ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT USE THESE FOLKS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! If they will help me get the array set up I will up date this review. But this has been going on for several years now. So you can't find d anyone worse than this if you try a different place.
Alma Najera
Alma Najera
February 26, 2022
Very great experience with Aaron…
Very great experience with Aaron he was very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions we had.. took time to get generator due to back order but other then that highly recommend

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