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Updated on 2023-04-13

Independent Green Technologies Overview

Founded in 2008, IGT solar is a mid-size solar system engineering company headquartered in Roanoke, Texas. 

The company offers solar system engineering, procurement, and construction services in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, with a primary focus on the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and its surrounding areas.  

IGT Solar’s business currently serves residential, corporate, government, and agricultural clients and bases its business model on top recommendations from the great services it renders.



IGT Solar Products and Services

Solar Installation: IGT Solar offers solar panels installation services for homes, businesses, and government properties. Customers report that they have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to ensure solar installation is done right the first time.


Solar Construction: IGT solar specializes in building affordable solar energy systems for homes and businesses throughout the states it is located in


Roofing: IGT solar roofing services include leak detection, repair & replacement, and maintenance services. We also offer a variety of shingle options so we can find the best product for your home’s specific needs.


Electrical Contracting: IGT solar electrical contracting services include installation, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair. The company offers complete electrical installations from start to finish, including planning, permitting, wiring diagrams & permits if needed.


Solar Repair & Maintenance:  IGT Solar offers high-quality solar repair and maintenance services for homes and businesses it is located in. 


Community Solar: IGT solar has extensive experience in commercial solar construction and can help design an energy-efficient infrastructure that works for your budget.


IGT Solar Costs

One interesting thing we found about IGT is the free quote services they offer on their website. 

Most customers find their pricing service of high quality, according to their reviews. The company doesn’t have a standard service fee, but our experts expect it to be on the high side. The company believes in delivering excess quality than what their client pays for.


IGT Solar Legitimacy

Because it has been in the business of installing solar energy for the last 14 years, IGT solar has built a high reputation across the states it is present in. As a result, IGT is a highly legitimate company. 

Below are some reasons our experts view them as a highly legitimate company.

  • IGT solar is a member of the American Solar Energy Society
  • Member of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners and North Texas Renewable Energy Group
  • Member of the Solar Industries Association
  • The company is a certified partner of Sungage Financial 
  • The company had a general insurance liability of $1MM, as well as an auto liability of $1MM


IGT Solar Maintenance

IGT Solar provides excellent maintenance service for their customers’ solar panels. They are usually viewed as a highly respected solar installation company in the solar company sector across the cities in which they are located. 

The organization provides high upkeep and ongoing care for your residential and commercial solar panels. Customers typically find them to be very efficient and easy to get in touch with, even when in need of after-service support.



The Solar Empower view

Our experts view IGT solar as a company that takes pleasure in offering prompt and dependable service and high-quality services at a fairly reasonable price. One aspect of their business that impressed their clients was their after-sales assistance. 

The upfront payment mode for individuals who struggle to pay is another great service the company offers.  Overall IGT seem a great solar installation company you can bank on.



Contact Details:

Phone: (850) 576-7657

Address: 3954 W Pensacola St, Tallahassee, FL 32304

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Independent Green Technologies worth it?

Our analysis found Independent Green Technologies to be an excellent solar panel installation provider. This is based on the several positive reviews made by their customers

Is Independent Green Technologies a reputable company?

Is Independent Green Technologies accreditation by several industry agencies makes the company a highly reputable one. The company’s headquarters, emails and contact address are also listed on their websites and several other credible websites.

IS Independent Green Technologies good to work with?

Even though much isn’t known about the number of employees IGT has, the general perception is that the company based on several customer review is that it has a smooth working relationship with its employees

Can I cancel a contract with IGT?

According to California law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it.

IGT Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 Years
Licensing Information

TECL: 89683

4317 Green Teal St
Roanoke, TX

IGT Solar User Reviews

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Sharon Liebrich
Sharon Liebrich
January 12, 2023
When I contacted IGT they…
When I contacted IGT they were easy to work with, never felt pressured to buy anything, they explained permitting and installation. This made me feel confident in this purchase decision...highly recommended!
lisa waxman
lisa waxman
January 4, 2023
IGT is a very professional…
IGT is a very professional group that is local. They are extremely knowledgable about sustainable practices and their interest is solar is motivated by concern for the environment. We had solar installed for about 9 months. Our last two bills for electricity have been $0. Even in the heart of summer, we were only paying about $60 per month.Highly recommend them.
Pamela Flores
Pamela Flores
January 2, 2023
The service was great. They…
The service was great. They didn’t pressure us into the purchase like some other companies, and they worked with us on the best purchasing option for us (no hidden agenda-completely upfront about the 0 down solar pros and cons). The employees were all around helpful and friendly. 10/10 would recommend.
Tom Chalmers
Tom Chalmers
November 3, 2022
Please read the updated review…
Please read the updated review at the bottom of this post.

I have waited awhile to post my review in order to see how the IGT system functioned over several months. When we were considering installing solar to our roof we interviewed 3 different companies. IGT was the most expensive of the 3 and recommended the greatest number of panels for our situation. Despite the greater cost I prefer to support locally owned businesses and Toby was very congenial with his presentation.

Unfortunately our experience did not go well.

First, from completion of paperwork to completion of work and turning the system on was over 5 months, not the 3 that was projected. There were multiple excuses for the delay, difficulty with the engineering, work crew delays or the electrician not available when needed. To IGT’s credit, they did give us a credit for 1 months expected power generation because of the delay.

Second, communication about timelines and when work would be done was very poor and inaccurate. I was told that work was to be done on a certain morning but no one ever came by. It wasn’t until I called that I was told someone was sick and the team would not be by on that day or that the crew was working on another installation that morning and would be coming in the afternoon. I absolutely understand that things happen, workers get sick, other projects have unforeseen complications but you need to at least let the client know. I wasted several mornings waiting for them to arrive and it did not feel like IGT considered my time to be valuable once they had a signed contract.

Thirdly, I withheld full final payment until the system was turned on to see how it was running and indeed one of the panels wasn’t working. Toby had recommended the Silfab solar panels over the LG which other companies were using. After I had signed the contract, the higher grade panels in the original bid were unexpectedly not available. Toby said the lesser rated ones were just as good but still the same cost as the ones he originally recommended. IGT did replace the nonfunctional panel fairly quickly.

Lastly, 2 of the panels will occasionally show a reduced power production which I asked IGT to explain or troubleshoot. Enphase (the micro inverter brand recommended by Toby) did a software update but the problem continues to happen. Because it is an intermittent, relatively small detail I have given up trying to get an explanation from IGT.

I would have given IGTa rating between 2-3 but that wasn’t an option. The system appears to be working close to what was promised by IGT but the miscommunication, lack of communication and, except for Francesca, lack of accountability from the office personnel to take some responsibility made the experience much less than hoped for. Unfortunately, I would recommend one of the bigger name installers if you are considering adding solar power to your home.

Since posting this review I have been in contact with IGT and believe that some of my comments need to be updated.

First. The quoted cost from the 3 different companies were for 3 different systems. IGT proposed a greater number of panels therefore greater power production which means a greater expense. To this date the system has produce more energy than we have consumed on a monthly basis. Stating that IGT was the most expensive is a reflection of the larger size they recommended.

Second, IGT has apparently moved some of their work in-house which should prevent delays related to outsourced contracted services used for our installation.

Third, after a review of the numerous changes to engineering documents and permit submissios(5), the longer timeframe from my signing a contract to project completion does not seem unreasonable.

Lastly, I do feel the communication when these delays occurred could have been handled better. I hope that IGT will continue to improve in this area.

I still prefer supporting locally owned and operated businesses and with this in mind would recommend considering IGT as an option. I would change my rating for IGT to 4 stars.
Awoken Hunter
Awoken Hunter
August 6, 2022
I called this company because…
I called this company because an ad appeared on my screen, im looking to work with a local solar company and when i mentioned i was not trying to buy solar for the third time, i was hung up on, and my questions about their panels or service was not answered.

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